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  1. Sir, that is awesome ! Many thanks for both pic and link ! What a great site that is…
  2. Over on prime portal, ship 60-5385 and ship 61-0086 provide some views, but always side shots. Moreover, ship 60-5385 had a lot of panels missing in that area, just like the krakow bird linked through cybermodeler. I need to rescribe the entire area after replacing the fin with the much thinner quickboost one. Ideally, someone takes a picture of an intact plane laying on the back right under that area. I know, it requires devotion to the Thud to do that…[i caused a small step between the fuselage halves because of fin attachment reinforcements efforts. I sanded away the detail along the entire
  3. Hi all, i am looking for detailed pictures of the f-105d/g between the ventral fin and weapons bay. For the bottom rear end there is sufficient material on the web, but the harder to photograph area mentioned is lacking. tx
  4. Poly as you know is createx 4030. I have kept mine at room temp and in the dark for a year and still good. Do not follow thd mm instructions and mix poly with mm thinner, it may gum up completely. Createx had discovered the problem of gelling when adding 4012 and 4030. They have discontinued 4012 probably for this reason. I discovered when i was following one of the “guides” on the web and mixed poly and thinner, it gummed up the airbrush. But when using the paint with either poly, either thinner alone, it worked really well. Then i experimented a bit. I added poly to the paint first, mixed, n
  5. We need new versions of likely all versions. Is there an area of the a model that does not have an issue ? I have hobby boss f-111 and f-105. There is so much wrong with both, i decided to blacklist hb as a vendor. No more kits from them.
  6. Has anyone already primed them ? I am in the test fit stage of my “A” and there is quite some distortion all over the different surfaces (ripple like). Wonder if it will go away under some paint. As for the metal, i figured out what needs doing with the 2 armed shapes, but the rods, that is still not clear. Instructions are vague in that area. Tx never mind, i understand the rods, they attach from the actuators to the petals. For each petal that is directly neighbouring an actuator. The links attach petals in between. This is slik engineering of the real thing ! Now, this of course
  7. The Gourley book pic on p83 of the FB does not show the AMP upgrade as described by Mr. Vark earlier in the thread and per the pic over there. The Gourley p83 pic is much aligned to the crew station alignment. But none of the crew station alignments i have contain the AMP upgrade (crew station doc i have i believe was not updated beyond the seventies). And of course D was different animal altogether as stated. The driver's seat is very similar to A from, WSO is a different thing for all models. That thing sticking out for the WSO is one issue already: some had it, some had roundish
  8. But when home, i will check my pictures. So far, i would say the F-111A comes closest. D was quite digital. But both A and FB have seen evolution in the layout. Yet i think A comes closest. Mr. Vark is best placed i think (allthough he is probably an F-type mainly). I checked the new Gourley book and indeed above seems correct, based on p33 and 79. I suppose posting pics here would infringe copyright, so won't
  9. On top of the pit, with canopy, add bru-3 and the gun in weapons bay for the A. Decent pave tack for f. And for those of us who want to paint cockpits, decent non 3d decal stuff....so resin option please... looking forward to it. My 16 suu 30 are close to final coating, as are 2 alq-87. And perhaps pylons for the latter too they can provide ? and while at it, why not an accurate weapons bay alltogether ? Academy has nothing, hb is so far off... and a ventral fin i could go on for a while...
  10. Could someone post a pic from the can removed and cleaned up, from the connector side and not the rear view. I think i went a bit to far with removing the pins and part of the ridge. Just curious how you are going about it. tx
  11. I bought it from the site eventually, by the time it reaches hannants they are behind brexit walls. The HB A has gun nor bulges for the gun. The academy kit has the bulge, but crude. My A is progressing (slant 4 with suu 30), will be ship 037 from sheet mentioned. Suu and alq 87 from eduard, bru from oz. I won’t fix the canopy, gun i’ve not made up my mind yet. They were carrying that missle all the time ? I just wish tamiya made a vark...
  12. I will buy that set when it becomes available in EU. And i have 2 stalled vark projects, vietnam A and Cardinal 7-2; one due to missing gun, the other due to missing PT cradle...
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