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  1. Could someone post a pic from the can removed and cleaned up, from the connector side and not the rear view. I think i went a bit to far with removing the pins and part of the ridge. Just curious how you are going about it. tx
  2. I bought it from the site eventually, by the time it reaches hannants they are behind brexit walls. The HB A has gun nor bulges for the gun. The academy kit has the bulge, but crude. My A is progressing (slant 4 with suu 30), will be ship 037 from sheet mentioned. Suu and alq 87 from eduard, bru from oz. I won’t fix the canopy, gun i’ve not made up my mind yet. They were carrying that missle all the time ? I just wish tamiya made a vark...
  3. I will buy that set when it becomes available in EU. And i have 2 stalled vark projects, vietnam A and Cardinal 7-2; one due to missing gun, the other due to missing PT cradle...
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