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  1. I'm looking for someone with the Classic Airframes Meteor NF.11/13 kit who would be willing to let me borrow the resin for a couple of weeks. After the Special Hobby NF14 kit came out I sold mine, and only now realize that the cockpits were almost identical and the resin from the CA kit would go a long way toward helping with the Special Hobby kit. Of course now I can't buy the kit for twice what I sold mine for. If possible, I'd like to borrow your set of resin and pressure cast a copy, then send back the originals to you. They'd be undamaged and I'd be happy to talk about some sort of co
  2. There was actually a very detailed discussion about the Blues transition from Hornet to Super Hornet on the Fighter Pilot Podcast featuring a former Blue Angels "Boss" who was also in charge of the transition team. It's a fascinating discussion and talks about all of the work that went into the project. The "Spring" is the Artificial Feel System. Prior to the F-18 all of the aircraft the Blues flew had manual trim...which allowed the pilots to dial in trim that would push them away from the formation if they relaxed the pressure on the control stick. This provid
  3. I understand and appreciate all the deficiencies in the Hobby Boss f-111 kits. That's why I haven't ever bought one. I was just struck that Reskit put in the time and effort to produce a cockpit set for a version of the F-111 that Hobby Boss never appeared to have released. I was planning on waiting for their cockpits for the Academy kits...for which I already have the full meal deal. Dmold TP II intakes, Reskit Exhausts, Scaledown wings and mainwheel well. I've got the old Verlinden update (yes I know), the Flightpath Pave Tack pod and picked up a lovely Eduard Brassin Pave Ta
  4. Did Hobby Boss actually produce a 1/48 F-111F kit? I've looked all over the webs and found no evidence of one. I've seen the F-111A, FB-111, F-111C and F-111D/E, but no F-111F or EF-111A? Just making sure I didn't miss something. Keenly waiting for Reskit to release cockpits for the Academy kits I've collected all the fixings for. Cameron
  5. I know that I'm tilting at windmills here, but I'd love to see reprints of the 1/144 C-5 Galaxy sheets and the 1/144 C-133 Cargomaster sheet. I've had an alert on ebay for them for almost two years (maybe a little longer) and have NEVER seen one come up. Even the really obscure retailers don't have any. They are unobtanium. Keep up the great work. Cameron PS any word on that 1/144 B-58 Hustler sheet?
  6. I need to update this. Matt Bole did in fact send a refund last week when he said that he had. Unfortunately he sent it to an incorrect email address. So some other guy on gmail has spent the last week wondering why in the hell he just got $31.50 from Hobbyworld USA. After trading a couple of messages last night...Matt sent me a full refund for the balance of my order this morning via Paypal. So we're good at this point.
  7. Many of you saw, read or commented on my post last Tuesday, May 24th regarding Matt Bole and Hobbyworld USA. I’m not interested in re-hashing that whole thing. But I am going to provide an update. First of all, there were some who doubted the veracity of my story…attached is a scan of the original invoice that came in the box with my order. For those not familiar, Matt highlights the items on the invoice that are on backorder. I didn’t do that. I did however write Matt’s phone number on the bottom of the invoice so that it was easier when I tried to contact him later to inquire about the
  8. FYI, Matt Bole posted on FB that a "refund is on the way" a couple of hours ago. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt, and when I receive that refund I'll consider the matter closed.
  9. You must not have been paying attention to the world in the last 30 months. Getting stuff from one side of the blue marble to another right now has been harder, slower and more expensive than you can believe. So you order something that is from Europe and the UK... in the middle of COVID, in the middle of Brexit. The guy says he's getting a shipment in a few weeks. You say ok. Weeks turn into a couple of months... It doesn't take all that long to hit your Paypal 90 day window. Unless of course you are an a**hole.
  10. June 27, 2021 I placed an order (#026737) with you for a number of items, mostly MRP paints. I paid for the complete order using Paypal. You shipped the bulk of them, but three bottles of MRP (MRP032, 197 and 198) were put on backorder...along with a bottle of Zero Paints Vintage Jaguar Opalescent Light Maroon. The total for the three MRP paints and the Zero Paint was $31.50 I called and spoke with you a couple of times last fall...where you said you were variously either just about to place an order or an order was expected shortly from either/both MRP and Zero Paints. I was p
  11. Looks lovely. All she could use is some help in the cockpit. Cameron
  12. If anyone has this piece left over from their build, or doesn't plan on using it for a future build. I'd love to track one down. Thanks in advance. Cameron
  13. Look great! I'd be in for a set. Throw up a link when they become available.
  14. Anybody ever do a set of rivet decals for the new 1/48 Hind kits? Seems like a must have.
  15. Probably one of the most spectacular sheets I've seen in awhile. Even if you don't love the Peacemaker...this is a must have sheet.
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