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  1. So we've got all of the SA365F trees, PLUS 3 additional sprues from the previous IHZ kits and some extra PE? I'd love to see photos of those additional sprues to see if they provide anything that would help me get to an accurate HH-65C. Thanks Dustin! Cameron
  2. I just caught a video review of this kit on youtube and saw that it includes markings for an HH-65C out of Port Angeles. Ultimately I'm trying to build a USCG HH-65C, but I don't want to drop another $50 for something that isn't any closer than the older SA365N kit I already have. I'm trying to figure out the differences between this new release and the earlier KH80108 SA.365F kit that I already own. While it looks like much of the kit is the same...there do appear to be a few differences but it's hard to ID them all in the quick review. I do know there are at least some new etched instrument panels..and maybe a new sprue. Anyone picked this up yet who can comment? TIA Cameron
  3. Better yet, when are you going to downscale this to work with my 1/48 Italeri Kiowa? Come on, I can dream can't I?
  4. Just one I put together from a number of reference sources on notable F-105s I might want to model. Probably the single best reference is "Roll Call: Thud" from Schiffer. As much interest as there is in the earlier "Project Lookalike" F-105s in the silver lacquer...they didn't see a lot of combat before they were repainted in the SEA camouflaged schemes and Operation Rolling Thunder ended and the bombing halt began before much of the fleet began to receive the two letter tail codes. So unfortunately most of the aircraft during the F-105s most notable operations over North Vietnam were relatively anonymous looking. Cameron
  5. Model Serial Number Date Squadron Wing Pilot Paint Scheme Markings F-105D-25-RE 61-0217 April 3, 1965 67th TFS 18th TFW Lt. Col. Robinson Risner Project Lookalike Silver Lacquer 12" Yellow Nose Band, PACAF badge on tail, USAF outstanding unit award badge on nose, 12" black tailcode, light gray tail tip, yellow box and white text on pilot name F-105D-31-RE 62-4343 August 8, 1966 354th FS 355th TFW Col. James Kasler Standard SEA scheme white serial on tail, no tail code, white box and black text on pilot name, 6 inch blue/white/blue tail bands, blue radar reflector F-105D-6-RE 59-1766 September 21, 1966 421st TFS 388th TFW Lt. Karl Richter Reversed SEA scheme Red star under canopy, red box with white text "Lt.K.W.Richter", no tail code, white serial number, red radar reflector on nose gear F-105D-31-RE 62-4338 February 5, 1967 n/a 355th TFW Col. Jack Broughton Standard SEA scheme "Alice's Joy" on port nose, white USAF and serial on tail, no tail code, white box and black text on pilots name box, F-105D-31-RE 62-4284 March 10, 1967 354th TFS 355th TFW Capt. Max Brestel Standard SEA scheme White USAF and serial, no tail code, white box and black text on pilot name, blue radar reflector, white "Mary Kay" on port nose F-105F-1-RE 63-8352 March 10, 1967 354th FS 355th TFW Capt. Merlyn Dethlefsen Standard SEA scheme black usaf and serial, no tail code, white box and black text on pilot name, blue radar reflector F-105D-6-RE 60-0426 April 1, 1967 13th TFS 388th TFW Capt. John Dramesi Reversed SEA scheme Black USAF and tail code 60426, yellow box and black aircrew name, yellow radar reflector on nose gear F-105G-1-RE 63-8301 April 19, 1967 357th TRS 355th TFW Maj. Leo Thorsness Standard SEA scheme Black USAF and white serial on tail, light grey tail tip, yellow radar reflector with black stencil, black box with white aircrew names F-105D-31-RE 62-4334 April 20, 1967 421st TFS 388th TFW Lt. Karl Richter Standard SEA scheme black usaf and serial, no tail code, red box with white text, red radar reflector on nose gear
  6. Having a hard time finding anything definitive. When the aircraft is parked, cold and dark...what is the exhaust nozzle position? Most photos look like they're closed, but there are also a few that don't. TIA Cameron
  7. I've been looking high and low for a set of seamless resin intakes for the Hasegawa 1/48 legacy Hornet kits without any success. All the sets from the usual suspects appear to be out of production. If anyone has an extra set of intakes that they'd be willing to part with, I would be in your debt. Thanks for the look! Cameron
  8. Yes. The only differences in the kit were the rear deck piece and the canopy.
  9. Is there any chance this kit will include parts for the original "non-turned" exhausts? Or am I going to have to scab on the back end of my old Cobra Company resin update for the Italeri kit? Cameron
  10. I received an email from Mission Models this afternoon. Here is the email in total"Hi Cameron Ploy is a temperature sensitive product. When it ships from our warehouse it is in perfect shape. It can not be allowed to freeze or be exposed to high heat. We also do not know how retailers handle the product once received. There is nothing wrong with the product but some chemicals in the hobby or in industrial applications are temp sensitive like that of super glue and other resins. Sincerely Mission models "So basically they're saying that at some point between their warehouse and when I purchased it at the LHS it probably froze, and I'm out of luck.
  11. So a couple of months ago I purchased a bottle of Mission Models Polyeurethane Intermix after watching a couple of videos on youtube. I opened the bottle and used a little with a small project. Last week I went to use it again, but the whole bottle had turned into a congealed white sludge. It looks kind of like milk that has gone off, but with the texture of drywall patch putty. I'm a little annoyed that I bought a bottle of this stuff and got one use before it went bad. I sent a message to Mission Models, but never got a reply. Anyone else have this happen with their bottle of Mission Models Poly, or is this just a bad one? Cameron
  12. Why don't you just get a Blackdog resin one? I'm pretty sure it will be cheaper than printing one, much less the time investment involved. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BDOA72003
  13. I'm hoping I can find somebody who has the new Eduard Tempest Series 1 kit that isn't planning on using the markings for R-B JN751 that came with the kit. Thanks in advance! Cameron
  14. I've updated my for sale list. I've removed items that have sold and added a few new items. A few kits of special interest include a Hasegawa 1/48 F-16D, a Flightpath (PP Aeroparts) Firefly with a shed load of photoetch and white metal, 2 Hasegawa 1/48 Spitfire IXc's that each include the rare oop injection molded plastic Aeroclub fuselage correction. Many of the kits include extra bonus aftermarket bits. They will be in the description and are included in the price. The kits are complete and unbuilt, but perhaps have been opened, fondled. A few have a couple of parts off the sprues. Prices are pretty firm but reasonable. I might be open to a little haggling, especially if you buy multiple items. Shipping will be based on ACTUAL shipping costs. I’m not making money off of shipping, but I’m not going to take a bath. I will go onto USPS.com and use the actual dimensions and weight of the package and your address to figure out what the shipping cost will be. I will combine shipping on multiple items and its a good way to save some cash. I’m cautiously amenable to international shipping, but you will pay the shipping costs. There are a handful of countries with bad reputations that I will refuse to ship to. You know who you are. Sold items will be noted. First come first served. I take paypal. Leave a reply or PM me and I'll get back to you asap. Plastic Kits Item Manufacturer Scale Asking Contents 1959 Aston Martin DBR1 LeMans Starter 1/43 $30 1972 Ferrari 312PB Targa Florio S.R.C. Models 1/43 $65 1998 Williams Mecachrome FW19 test car Tameo Kits 1/43 $30 Alpha Jet A/E Kinetic 1/48 $30 Avro Lancaster BI/BIII Tamiya 1/48 $60 Original issue. Dornier Do-17Z "Finnish Service" Classic Airframes 1/48 $30 F-101B Voodoo "416 Lynx Squadron" Monogram 1/48 $30 Complete and unbuilt. White styrene; includes bonus resin wheels/tires F-14A Tomcat "VF-154 Atsugi 25th Anniv" Hasegawa 1/48 $40 Kit PT125; includes Steel Beech F-14 wheel bay jigs and Two Mikes resin intake inserts F-14D Tomcat Hasegawa 1/48 $40 Kit SP44; includes Steel Beach GE F110 shrouds, Steel Beach GE F110 engine faces and Two Mikes resin intake inserts F-16A Plus Fighting Falcon "Diamond Jubilee" Hasegawa 1/48 $25 Kit SP101 Includes resin exhaust, wheelwell, gear doors and wheels and tires, seamless suckers intake F-16C Fighting Falcon Hasegawa 1/48 $20 V3 kit with markings for the 86th TFW F-16D Fighting Falcon Hasegawa 1/48 $45 includes resin wheel well, gear doors, two seamless intakes, two resin exhausts, resin pylons, missiles and wheels Fairey Firefly Mk.4/5 Flightpath 1/48 $90 injected resin, cast metal, etched brass and decals. Also includes parts for TT.5 target tug variant General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon Hasegawa 1/48 $25 Kit V1 Includes resin exhaust, wheelwell, gear doors, wheels and tires, seamless suckers intake Grumman A-6E Intruder Revell 1/48 $30 Includes resin seamless intakes. H-21 Workhorse "German & French" Special Hobby 1/48 $40 Hughes OH-6A Cayuse Tamiya 1/48 $30 IAI Kfir C2/C7 AMK 1/48 $30 Original issue of the AMK kit. MiG-21MF Fishbed J Academy/Minicraft 1/48 $30 includes Ciro corrected spine/tail, KMC cockpit, KMC spine/tail, KMC update set, Wolfpack exhaust and Wolfpack wheel wells MiG-29 Fulcrum A Academy/Minicraft 1/48 $25 includes Pisco models resin replacement corrected radome and resin exhaust/burner cans, fuselage taped together with scotch tape Nakaima Nigh Fighter Gekko Type 11 Late Production Irving J1N1-S Tamiya 1/48 $25 RAF S.E.5a w/ Hispano Suiza Roden 1/48 $10 RAF S.E.5a w/ Wolseley Viper Roden 1/48 $10 RF-101B Recon Voodoo Monogram 1/48 $30 Complete and unbuiltl includes bonus airwaves photoetch speed brakes, Scale Aircraft Conversions white metal landing gear and resin wheels/tires Spitfire Mk.XIVc Academy 1/48 $20 Includes bonus KMC resin Spitfire XIVc/e update, Eduard 48-179 photoetch, Squadron Vacuform canopy plus a bunch of miscellaneous resin spitfire parts Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker B Academy/Minicraft 1/48 $40 Includes Quickboost 48-116 correct resin nose and Pisco Models correct resin nose. Fuselage halves taped together with scotch tape. Supermarine Walrus Classic Airframes 1/48 $30 Tornado Navy Strike Fighter Italeri 1/48 $15 Focke-Wulf Fw190A-8 Hasegawa 1/72 $20 Includes (6) Squadron vac canopies, Hawkeye Designs resin wing replacement set, Hawkeye Designs resin cockpit set Hurricane Mk.I Late Type "Battle of Britain" Hasegawa 1/72 $10 Includes Squadron Vac canopy Kawasaki Ki-61-I "Hei" Tony Fine Molds 1/72 $10 Includes (2) Squadron vac canopies P-51D Mustang 8th Air Force Hasegawa 1/72 $20 Includes (1) Squadron vac canopy, KMC 72-2011 P-51D update set with cockpit and engine and Puget Sound Scale Models resin wing with separate controls surfaces and drop tanks Spitfire Mk.IX Hasegawa 1/72 $20 Includes (3) Squadron vac canopies, one Cooper Details Spitfire Cockpit detail set, a Hawkeye Designs prop & spinner, True Details 5 spoke Spitfire wheels and an incomplete Hawkeye Designs spitfire cockpit detail set Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Fujimi 1/24 $50 Includes Hobby Design etch set HD02-0182 and Hobby Design resin wheels HD030279 lamborghini Murcielago Fujimi 1/24 $50 Includes Acu Stion etch parts and rare OOP Hobby Design LP640 super detail trans kit. Mercedes 300SL Heller 1/24 $15 Porsche 944 Cabrio Italeri 1/24 $20 in shrinkwrap RMS Titanic Academy/Minicraft 1/350 $40 Accessories Item Quantity Manufacturer Scale Asking Contents 75mm KwK L/48 barrel Jordi Rubio 1/35 $5 turned aluminum barrel for 1/35 Panzer IV G/H/J B-29/B-50 Wheels True Details 1/48 $5 Bf 109E-1 conversion Medallion Models 1/48 $5 SOLD IAI Kfir C.2 conversion Eagle Designs 1/48 $15 for Heller Mirage IIIB/C kit Me 262 Flying Control Surfaces & Slats Cutting Edge 1/48 $15 for Trimaster/DML/Dragon 1/48 Me 262 Mig-29 Fulcrum Exhausts Aires 1/48 $15 resin exhausts/burner cans for Academy 1/48 MiG-29 Mig-29 UB Fulcrum B Hi-Decal Line 1/48 $5 decal sheet R-2800-21 P-47C/D engine Engines & Things 1/48 $5 SOLD Spitfire IX E Wing Cannon Bay Covers Ultracast 1/48 $5 B-17G Bomb Bay Eduard 1/72 $25 72516 for new Revell kit B-17G Interior Set CMK 1/72 $15 7207 for new Revell kit B-17G Radio Room CMK 1/72 $10 7208 for new Revell kit B-17G Waist Gunner's compartment CMK 1/72 $10 7205 for new Revell kit P-51D resin wing with separate control surfaces and drop tanks Puget Sound Scale Models 1/72 $15 for Hasegawa P-51D kit Books Item Manufacturer Scale Asking Contents **** Mechanic #31 DC-3 Kojinsha n/a $40 Original 1981 softcover of the **** Mechanic on the DC-3/L2D Rockwell B-1B Lancer Daco Publications n/a $30 Softcover book on the B-1B, probably the best single reference on the subject
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