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  1. Will they be doing Hawk 75A-2s and 75A-3s? Very excited to be able to get rid of the old HobbyCraft kit. Cameron
  2. This is going to be a "must have" sheet. Can't hardly wait. Cameron
  3. A Mustang with a Chevy engine? Sacriledge.
  4. Part 2 1/48 F-86A is sorely needed 1/48 Mystere IV 1/48 Super Mystere 1/48 G3M Nell 1/48 Ki-21 Sally 1/48 Mirage F.1c
  5. 1/48 A-10A and A-10C 1/48 AH-1G Vietnam Cobra 1/48 F-80C Shooting Star (deserves better than HobbyBoss POS) 1/48 Blenheim IV 1/48 Halifax 1/72 B-29
  6. Most high quality clear casting resins are very touchy. They are easily inhibited (fail to cure), most often by Tin Cure silicones (the most common). You need to use Platinum Cure silicone for the mold. The problem there is that Platinum cure silicone is pricey...and itself is easily inhibited by anything that even touches tin cure silicone. So you need to very carefully segregate everything you use in mold making...tools, mixing containers, etc. In fact, if you plan to make some platinum cure molds I would buy brand new mixing containers and spatulas and keep them separated from your oth
  7. I finally got a reply from Buffalo Airways about the color they use on their aircraft. They sent me this and said, "Closest to the actual thing would probably be what you can see here (as a good guess): Something between forest green and jade on this scheme." They then attached this:
  8. Anyone find period photos of James Jabara's FU-513?
  9. I've got a "Full meal deal" for the 1/48 Monogram B-26C Invader glass nose. I'm asking $80 plus shipping. Located in USA. Prices are firm-ish but I might be open to a little reasonable haggling. Shipping will be based on ACTUAL shipping costs. I’m not making money off of shipping, but I’m not going to take a bath either. I will go onto USPS.com and use the actual dimensions and weight of the package and your address to figure out what the shipping cost will be. I will combine shipping. I’m cautiously amenable to international shipping, but you will pay the additional shipping costs. T
  10. I'll take what's left of the Caracal 1/144 C-5 sheet. Cameron
  11. This is very very close to turning into a political discussion. As it is, Germany has been consistently not meeting their obligations under NATO for a long time...and they've been getting a free ride courtesy of the American taxpayers. There needs to be an honest discussion about that. Secondly, the existing American base structure in Europe still reflects a strategic orientation against the Warsaw Pact...which ceased to exist almost thirty years ago. It's time to revisit that orientation and consider realigning our base structure to reflect contemporary strategic considerations
  12. Ok, after groveling and begging Roy Sutherland for several years to re-release this set under the Barracuda Resin flag without success...I am reduced to groveling and begging my friends here on ARC instead. Does anyone still have a set of these that they would be generously willing to let me purchase or borrow? I would be in your debt. Cameron
  13. Ok, I've been looking for one of these little beauties for several years. Managed to score one off of a certain auction site...but when it arrived it didn't include any of the tasty resin bits that it originally had. Now I'm trying to track down a set of the resin parts either to purchase or to borrow for a few weeks. If anyone has this set, or knows where one is, and would be willing to help me out...I would be appreciative. Cameron
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