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  1. This is very very close to turning into a political discussion. As it is, Germany has been consistently not meeting their obligations under NATO for a long time...and they've been getting a free ride courtesy of the American taxpayers. There needs to be an honest discussion about that. Secondly, the existing American base structure in Europe still reflects a strategic orientation against the Warsaw Pact...which ceased to exist almost thirty years ago. It's time to revisit that orientation and consider realigning our base structure to reflect contemporary strategic considerations. Frankly, Putin would be much happier if we just stayed in our old cold war bases in Germany rather than relocate our forces to bases in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia or the Ukraine. To suggest otherwise is a specious argument. Almost four generations of American veterans and their families have served at these existing bases in Europe. They were, by almost all accounts, great billets to be posted to. But time, and geopolitics, moves on and there isn't much value in sentimentality.
  2. Ok, after groveling and begging Roy Sutherland for several years to re-release this set under the Barracuda Resin flag without success...I am reduced to groveling and begging my friends here on ARC instead. Does anyone still have a set of these that they would be generously willing to let me purchase or borrow? I would be in your debt. Cameron
  3. Ok, I've been looking for one of these little beauties for several years. Managed to score one off of a certain auction site...but when it arrived it didn't include any of the tasty resin bits that it originally had. Now I'm trying to track down a set of the resin parts either to purchase or to borrow for a few weeks. If anyone has this set, or knows where one is, and would be willing to help me out...I would be appreciative. Cameron
  4. The 552nd "College Eye" and "Big Eye" EC-121s based in Thailand wore much of the same markings that they wore in the states and Europe.
  5. Thanks guys. Very helpful. Particularly the photos and links. Now I just need to make sure that the ADC logo was being carried when the aircraft was deployed to Korat. Just seems wierd that aircraft deployed in Thailand in support of College Eye during the Vietnam war...would be carrying an Air Defense Command emblem. Cameron
  6. I'm trying to track down a photo of the emblem on the tail of the USAF Museum's EC-121D 53-0555 I suspect it's a 552nd Wing badge, but I'm not sure. I'd really appreciate it if anyone has a good quality shot of the tail emblem would be willing to share it with me. Thanks in advance. Cameron
  7. I thought you were going to include 888? Will that be on another sheet? Cameron
  8. I'd love to see A-1H 52-139738 "The Proud American" which probably has one of the most amazing combat records of any aircraft of the war. It was used on a Medal of Honor mission, an Air Force Cross mission and was the last Skyraider shot down in the Vietnam War. On September 1st 1968 while assigned to the 602nd SOS out of Nakhon Phanom, 738 was being flown by Squadron Commander Lt. Col. William Jones on a SAR as Sandy 01 escorting rescue helicopters trying to locate and rescue Capt. Wilson, the pilot of a downed USAF F-4C Phantom with the callsign "Carter 2". The Phantom had gone down 20 miles NW of Dong Hoi in North Vietnam. The backseater had already been captured, but although badly injured, the pilot had not yet been found by the enemy surrounding him. While locating the airman, Lt. Col. Jones engaged in a gunnery duel with a multi-barrel NVA AA gun nearby. 738 was struck behind the pilot's seat setting off one of the rockets of the Yankee seat extraction system and setting fire to much of the fuselage from the cockpit aft. Jones attempted to bail out using the Yankee system, but only managed to jettison the canopy. Unable to bail out, Jones was also unable to communicate because the aircraft radios had been damaged in the fire. Badly burned, Jones returned 738 to NKP where he belly landed the aircraft and then insisted in providing accurate location information on the downed pilot before receiving medical attention. Jones died in a civilian plane crash in Virginia in November 1969...a year before his widow was presented with his Medal of Honor by President Richard Nixon on August 6, 1970. After being repaired and resuming combat service, on June 2, 1972 738 was being flown by Capt. Ronald E. Smith on another epic SAR mission. Capt. Roger Locher and his pilot Maj. Robert Lodge had shot down 3 MiGs, when during the swirling combats over Hanoi on May 10, 1972 his F-4D "Oyster 01" was shot down by an NVAF Shengyang J-6 (Mig-19). While Maj. Lodge died in the crash, Capt. Locher successfully ejected and evaded capture only to find himself north of the Red River only 40 miles from Hanoi and beyond any hope of rescue. After managing to hide by day and move by night, Locher covered almost 12 miles across North Vietnam in 23 days before contacting friendly aircraft using his survival radio. On June 1/2 1972 Capt. Smith was Sandy 01 in A-1H 738 leading a rescue force of 119 aircraft to bring Capt. Locher back alive. Smith located Locher's position, directed bomb runs to suppress enemy defenses and then escorted the Jolly Green Giant rescue helo that pulled Capt. Locher out of North Vietnam. Smith, and the pilot of the HH-53C Jolly Green pilot Capt. Dale Stovall were both subsequently awarded the Air Force Cross for the rescue. Locher's recovery was the deepest rescue made in North Vietnam during the war...and was only 5 miles from Yen Bai airfield, one of the MiG bases surrounding Hanoi. A-1H 738 was shot down on a strike mission over Laos on September 28, 1972 while being flown by 1 Lt. Lance Smith who bailed out and was rescued. It was the last Skyraider lost during the Vietnam war. There are several photos of 738 in combat. Unfortunately they're all too big to post here. Cameron
  9. Generally speaking the RAF was pretty consistent on their camouflage schemes. The official "Tropical" scheme used in North Africa was Dark Earth and Middlestone over Azure blue. This was found on pretty much all the aircraft the RAF operated in North Africa, the Mediterranean and into Italy. There are a few exceptions...mostly aircraft that were seeing combat very early in the time period before production and logistics firmed up on the official scheme. These were more typically found in Greece/Crete and Malta for example.
  10. I'd love to see a new Snowbirds sheet...but I've already got a Hobbycraft 1/48 Snowbirds CT-114 kit along with the Uncle Rick's cockpit. Just hasn't moved to the top of the stack. A new sheet of decals would help.
  11. What is your point? The errors and inaccuracies of the Hobbycraft/Academy kit are still the same five years later.
  12. Yes, it is one of Hobbycraft's better efforts. So what? I still own a dozen Hobbycraft kits, and used to have many more than that. But like most of the kits in Hobbycraft's catalog, the 1/48 Sea Fury kit, the 1/48 Bf 109 kits, the 1/48 F4U Corsair kits, the 1/48 P-40B/C Tomahawk, etc., they have each been surpassed. Like the kits I have mentioned, and many that I did not, the venerable Hobbycraft 1/48 T-33 kit has been eclipsed by a newer kit that is demonstrably more accurate, better engineered and better fitting. The Hobbycraft T-33 is a caricature of the real thing. It is curved where it should be straight and straight where it should be curved and once you see the error you can never "unsee" it. Is the GWH kit perfect, I wouldn't say that. Is the GWH kit more expensive than the HC kit? Yes...it's also about 25 years newer and inflation is a female dog. But in a cost/brain damage scatter plot, the GWH kit is great value for money compared to the Hobbycraft kit. We only have one shot at this mortal coil...and we can all only build a finite amount of kits before we are pushing up the daisies. It will take you less time and give you a more satisfying outcome if you start with a better kit. So save yourself more time, and more brain damage...and pick up one of the excellent GWH T-33 kits. Cameron
  13. It's your hobby. Do as you please. Here is a more comprehensive list of the problems. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234974215-uruguay-lockheed-t-33-148-conversion-from-monogram-f-80/&
  14. The old Hobbycraft/Academy T-33 is a caricature of the real thing. FOX3 IIRC sold a correction set that basically consisted of a whole new resin fuselage. Yes the GWH kit is more expensive. But if you put a value on your time, it is cheaper that dealing with the Academy kit.
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