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  1. LOL...ok. How much should I hold off, I'm working on it now but will hold off with most of the assembly. Does the info coming out will help with the colors or new reference and when will this new come out. thanks, Joe
  2. Building the MH-60L kit..(Wolcott's ) Can anyone shine any info on interior colors or info of the cargo area. I know the flight area is black, cargo is gray, but I read that the floors had armor blanket/panels?...if so what color would they be. How about they cargo ceiling, was it covered or open like the kit. Also info says no cargo hooks, in place was a 3in tube with rings, anyone have pics or something what it would look like. Thanks...in advance.
  3. Hey guys...I'm hoping a few of you can help me out. I need to raise a bit of money so I'm selling off a few kits priced to sell. Please if you can, and you see something you want contact me via PM with the kit you are after. Kits open but sealed bags inside. As for payment, I will take check, postal money order and PayPal As for shipping willing to pay for half the cost and I'll include the tracking number. I can take pics of the kits you are interested...let me know. Many thanks! Joe 1/48 Roden OV-1C $25 1/48 Roden OV-1A JOV-1A $25 1/35 Trumpeter CH-47D $85 1/35 Trumpeter CH-47A $65
  4. Thanks Guys, I'll post an update soon. I also started two other bikes so I have three going on at the same time. More to come! Happy Modeling, Joe
  5. Yeah what the hell Jeremy, get that man his model kits What you mean you busy...all you do is sit on you butt and fly planes call me at all hours of the day to BS ...LOL!!! No worries, Jeremy is a great man! slow from what his mom says, but a great man. Jeremy did you get settled in the house, if so then call me. Also I need to know if that VP SeaKing is still in the hobby shop you emailed me. Later man, Joe
  6. Thanks Guys...and it was a great time to be had in Atlanta. Emil we'll need to skype when you have the time. I now have video... Joe
  7. Here’s a quickie I’m blasting out for next weekend’s NorEastCon show. It’s a Bobber, a Bobber is sort of a stripped-down custom bike that was cobbled together by hand. Similar to the concept of a "rat rod," Usually there are a handful of parts that you can remove, ranging from side covers to badges and even some chrome bits that serve no other purpose but to provide a shiny surface for onlookers to stare at. This project started out with the newer 1/12 Aoshima Pink Spider Bike. I will make up a new frame with evergreen as will the Springer front forks. The seat will get a heavy cutti
  8. Thanks guys As for Atlanta... nuf said LOL! Emil the figures were brush painted...yeah it was hard. Happy Modeling, Joe
  9. Well I finished it last Saturday night in time for BuffCon, our local model show. I entered in the scratchbuild category so only the SEE was judged. I won first place in that category, Best Military Vehicle, and Judges Choice of Best of Show. I'm now packed up and ready to head out for the AMPS show in Atlanta Ga. Happy Modeling, Joe Happy Modeling, Joe
  10. Thanks Guys I had a great birthday this year, walked in the St. Patricks Parade, Kyle Busch won on Sat. and second Sunday. Wife got me a new flag pole for the yard, some small gifts from the kids and the Avengers in Blu-Ray 3D...freaking great movie. Happy Modeling Guys! Joe
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