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  1. Hi, I have a 1/48 AMK F-14D and one 1/48 Kinetic Su-33 "Flanker D" for sale. They are both in brand new condition. I am asking $135.00 shipped within the U.S.A. only. Thank you. Juan San Francisco, CA
  2. Hi, I have a 1/48 AMK F-14D and one 1/48 Kinetic Su-33 "Flanker D" for sale. They are both in brand new condition. I am asking $135.00 shipped within the U.S.A. only. Thank you. Juan San Francisco, CA
  3. Yes. They are still open. Matt responded to my query in a matter of minutes. I asked him about some back ordered items, that by the way, he is still waiting for. I think he will respond to you as soon as he can.
  4. I found something. Here is for everybody. Read section about Mig-31M. Mig-31M Thanks. Juan
  5. Thank you madmanrick. The kit I am building is the M, that never went into production, not the BM or BSM which I know use the turquoise blue. Juan
  6. Thank you Mstor, but I believe the Mig-31M used a different color in the cockpit, I believe it is a gray color, but unfortunately, I haven't found any clear photos on the Web. I'll keep looking. Juan
  7. Question for Russian aircraft experts: What is the best match for a Mig-31M cockpit. I am about to start the Hobby Boss kit. Thanks in advance. Juan
  8. I’m interested, what do you do to prepare the surface for decals? Juan
  9. I believe something is going on with those deals. I have tried multiple times to get the kits at prices that low and in the end nothing happens and don't get the kits. The only reason I keep doing it is because I know my money back is guaranteed. I actually couldn't order the Fury this time because I previously ordered another kit from the same seller and he doesn't allow you to order more than one kit in 10 days. Juan
  10. I think it looks great! Good job in an unbuildable kit.
  11. I took a look to the kit last night and I have to say that it is very impressive. If we only focus on the kit and everything that offers out of the box, I think this is a superior kit than Tamiya kit. The panel lines are not as petite or uniform as on Tamiya kit, but they actually work better for me. Regarding accuracy, there is a difference between both kits on the rear as already discussed multiple times, but I don't think that is totally a deal breaker for me. Regarding detail of the parts, like cockpit, wheel wells, AMK is superior as well. The optional canopy and optional wings are also a plus on the AMK kit. Just the decals themselves are worth $20-$30 dollars if I buy them from any of the decals makers and I paid $45.00 for the kit plus shipping, In general, I am very happy with the two kits I waited so long to have. Now, when will I be able to build it? Time will tell. Juan
  12. HI All, I was nicely surprised yesterday when I got home. Three boxes were on my porch, two containing the AMK F-14Ds and one with the two bonus weapons. I got to say that I was surprised because it took only two weeks to get them from the day the order was shipped. I was expecting to wait at least two months. I haven't gone through to the boxes yet, but for me the wait was worth, $140.00 for two kits and two set of weapons shipped to my house from Hobby Easy in China. I ordered the kits on May 28, 2017 and two years later I have them on my hands. I really haven't built many kits on those two years, so it really didn't hurt. I will definitely get my hands on them tonight. Juan
  13. I pre-ordered two from them. I am hoping to get two sets extra of weapons.
  14. That’s the way I understood it too. Juan
  15. To be honest, I was expecting something different although I could still probably buy one. However, to keep it secret, I was expecting a Buccaneer, a Jaguar, a Su-15 or even a Su-30. I have the Hasegawa F-104G with some goodies and the DACO sets which might putt me off from buying it. Juan
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