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  1. Hi, Has anybody placed an order with this seller? I tried multiple times to place an order and it's not letting me. I sent a message to him, but he hasn't answered yet. Let me know. Thank you. J
  2. Thank you Sergei, I tried to place an order with them for the wheels and other interesting items I found, but I couldn't. Has anybody placed and order with them directly from the website or using email? Any help would be appreciated. J
  3. Thank you Berkut. I knew someone will come to the rescue. I guess I will have to use the kit's wheels then which are not that bad. Juan
  4. Hi, About to start the 1/48 Zvezda Su-57. Does the Su-57 use a completely new set of wheels or does it use same as another Sukhoi aircraft? Thank you in advance. Juan
  5. Not surprise only one reply in ARC and about 90 in Britmodeller being a English subject. I hope it is a nice kit. I sold the previous offering long time ago since they were very crude and required a lot of aftermarket.
  6. Sprue Brothers finally has the GWH Su-27 in stock. A little bit pricey though. I still haven’t received mine from Lucky Models ordered in July and shipped on September.
  7. I ordered two from Lucky Model. Anfter waiting for 3 to 4 months, they finally shipped on September 23 via surface mail. The ETA is 1/1/1990. Of course is a mistake but my guess is that I will get them by the end of December or middle of January 2022. I”m OK with that. I paid $138.00 total for both which is not bad. Juan
  8. Hi, Does anybody have access to this link again? It is not available anymore Juan
  9. Hi Ruiz, Because I used surface shipping and they say it is 2-6 months. i just got my Tamiya F-4B. It took three months using the same surface mail. Juan
  10. Hi Guys, Lucky Model finally shipped my GWH Su-27 kits. I expect to see them on Christmas time since I have been waiting for the Tamiya F-4B for 3 months already. Juan
  11. Hi all, Still no sign of the 1/48 GWH Su-27 in Lucky Model. When then? Juan
  12. Five weeks have passed since my post above and the GWH Su-27 is still in back order. What happened? It seems like the kit has been a hit and was sold out everywhere. In the meanwhile, still progressing with my Kitty Hawk Su-30SM and Trumpeter Su-24M. Raymond, do you have an idea when you will have the GWH Su-27 back in stock in Lucky Model? Thank you all. Juan
  13. Hi Haneto, I wonder how much a set will cost. Do you know?
  14. Hi all, Here is my last finished model. A 1/48 Hobby Boss Mig-31M. I used Amigo Models exhaust nozzels, Reskit wheel set and borrowed R-77 missiles and pylons from another Hobby Boss Mig-31 since for a "strange" reason, the M version kit does come without them. I used Akan acrylic paints. Photographs taken by my good friend Mark Brady from Mark Brady Fine Art. I hope you like them. Juan
  15. Hi, What brand and color did you use on your Flanker? They look great. Let me know when you can. Juan
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