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  1. Hi all Have any of you been able to order modelling items from Russia? I haven't. If you have, how did you do it? I noticed that Sprue Brothers recently and HobbyZone more often have been restocking Quinta Studio interior sets which is in Russia. Please let me know. Thanks, j
  2. I don't know if shipments from Russia are allowed, but payment is a problem. I have tried to order from Amigo Models or Arma Models in Russia and they cannot accept any western way or payment like PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. Arma Models has a lot of things I would love to order. Temp-Models website states that they can take PayPal again but I am not sure if that is just and old notice. Too bad. j
  3. I am definitely interested. Now, the question is how to buy it when is available? j
  4. I thought this was an isolated case for me. I also was charged for items in back order he never sent me. I send few emails about it and although he answered a couple of them at the beginning telling me that he was having trouble restocking those items, he never followed up or issued any refund. My last experience with that store was this year. I placed an order for some paints and then tried to cancel it within an hour or less by sending several email before it was processed (my PayPal account hadn't been charged yet) but he never answered and then I received the order few days
  5. Hi, Although I also would love to see the Su-27M (Su-35/Super Flanker), on my previous message I was asking for the Su-27SM, an upgraded version of the Su-27 with the off center IRST. Thank you. J
  6. Hi Haneto, What are the chances that GWH do a Su-27SM? Thank you. J
  7. I second that, bring more Flankers. What about a Su-35 Super Flanker. I won't complain if GWH brings us a Su-15 family either. J
  8. Thank you Dave and Sergei for your responses. J
  9. Hi all, One question on the Su-57 now that I am building the Zvezda kit. Can it carry external and internal missiles at the same time? I know I can use both if I want to, but I am curious about it. Thanks in advance. J
  10. Thanks Gabor for the detailed comparación. Indeed, I think I was deceived by the Eduard 3D illustrations and purchased one set for the Tamiya F-4B and one for the Su-27. When I got the sets, I was really disappointed. It hasn’t happened with any of the Quinta Studio sets, they are really great. Red Fox 3D sets are better than Eduardo’s, but not as nice as Quinta’s. I haven’t seen the sets offered by ResKit, so I can’t compare. j
  11. Completely agree. The best in the market. As per the price, I believe it is just fine if you consider the time you save and the realistic 3D look you get. Eduard still lacks in color and I believe it doesn’t look 100% 3D. j
  12. Hi, Has anybody placed an order with this seller? I tried multiple times to place an order and it's not letting me. I sent a message to him, but he hasn't answered yet. Let me know. Thank you. J
  13. Thank you Sergei, I tried to place an order with them for the wheels and other interesting items I found, but I couldn't. Has anybody placed and order with them directly from the website or using email? Any help would be appreciated. J
  14. Thank you Berkut. I knew someone will come to the rescue. I guess I will have to use the kit's wheels then which are not that bad. Juan
  15. Hi, About to start the 1/48 Zvezda Su-57. Does the Su-57 use a completely new set of wheels or does it use same as another Sukhoi aircraft? Thank you in advance. Juan
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