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  1. I pre-ordered two from them. I am hoping to get two sets extra of weapons.
  2. That’s the way I understood it too. Juan
  3. To be honest, I was expecting something different although I could still probably buy one. However, to keep it secret, I was expecting a Buccaneer, a Jaguar, a Su-15 or even a Su-30. I have the Hasegawa F-104G with some goodies and the DACO sets which might putt me off from buying it. Juan
  4. Press or right click it and save photo on your phone or computer. Works for me. Juan
  5. Too bad I am one of the few than can’t access to Britmodeller for few weeks. Juan
  6. Hi, I have a Grex Tritium TG3 (0.3mm) for sale with the following accessories: 0.2mm Nozzle Kit (Still sealed) 0.5mm Nozzle Kit (Open) Crown nozzle Asking price is $200.00 shipped to USA only. Airbrush has been used two times only and it is still in original package, see photos. Still in like new condition. Thanks, Jsolo
  7. Still debating between waiting for a possible ICM Mig-25BM or buying the Cold War conversion. People who have the conversion, what do you think? Thanks, Jsolo
  8. Thank you all for all the replies. Now I now what route to take. Jsolo
  9. Thank you for the reply. Maybe I wasn’t clear on my post. I would like to know if any modeler had a good experience with any of the available mask sets for the Saab Viggen. Thanks again. jsolo
  10. Hi all, Looking for an advise for a mask set to do the green camuflaje on a single or two seater Saab Viggen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. jsolo
  11. Hi all, Have any of you used the Vallejo Air War Color Series with Soviet/Russian Color? How accurate are they? How airbrush friendly are they? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. Jsolo
  12. I realized that few seconds after I posted mine. I should have read your post a little bit slower. Anyway, I was about to spend almost $50 for it on Ebay. Thanks. jsolo
  13. Or you can try this, I just ordered one. Rafale C jsolo
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