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  1. A-6E Intruder

    I echo Joel’s sentiments on the Bondo glazing putty. Once I started using it, I’ve never looked back.
  2. 1/32 Mosquito Tamiya wip

    I’m utterly speechless and stunned 😳 This is some of the most intricately detailed work I have ever seen!
  3. 1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MK2 Venezuela AF

    Beautiful work overall!
  4. GWH Su-35S building

    The detail is outstanding! This is the best I’ve seen yet. Truly amazing. It will be a joy to build.
  5. SBD Dauntless (from scratch)

    Amazing work Witold. I’m learning Blender now so a lot more of what you are doing is making more sense. Just a question—how do you like Blender?
  6. SCRATCHBUILT DEWOITINE D510 in 1:48 scale

    Beautiful work! I know from experience how painful these scratbuilds can be. This looks awesome!
  7. Academy 1/72 Super Etendard

    We’re the kit panel lines raised or recessed? Hard to tell from the pics. i really like the camo scheme and the weathering! Can you post some close up shots?
  8. 1/72 Matchbox Lancaster... with Extras

    I love this! You’ve done some very intricate styrene work there. This is going to be a stunner when finished
  9. New 1/144 project!

    Un cappo lavoro!
  10. A-6E Intruder

    Good body work! Puttying and sanding is always a challenge and difficult to get right. Looking good
  11. F-23A Black Widow II

    Now that’s what I call plastic surgery! Great engineering work—I especially like the deplorable nose gear. I’ve nevr seen that done before
  12. Venezuelan Sukhoi SU-30 MK2 (pics restored)

    Good grief!! At first glance I thought it was a picture of the real McCoy. Outstanding job sir!
  13. I’ve always loved the Navy’s three tone paint scheme but have never been good enough to pull it off. You did it flawlessly!!
  14. ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    All I can say is Ooohh!!! Love it!! I’ve never been a fan of the B-2 TBH. But seeing what you are doing—the bird is starting to grow on me.
  15. Monogram/Koster P4Y-2 Privateer

    Beautiful seamless integration between vacuform and kit parts. Outstanding weathering!