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  1. Off to a good start! Great job on that seat! Especially the seatbelts. Those are tricky
  2. Very nice would do far! Did you include an interior?
  3. It’s starting to take shape! Looking great!
  4. I have the same problem 😁Only I couldn’t even come close to that work of awesomeness
  5. How did you achieve those panel lines in Blender? I’ve tried numerous approaches that yielded less than optimal results.
  6. Thanks! I start with a bulkhead similar to what you described. I do the canopy separate as you suggested. I run into issues with the subdivision surface when putting in edge control loops. It never ends up looking quite right. I think more practice is required. At least my current results vaguely resemble an RB-66
  7. Do you usually start with a cylinder, put in loop cuts, and rough out the basic shape, or do you start with planes, extruding them along the reference pictures? Ive been struggling with an RB-66, and can’t get past the forward part of the fuselage. I can never get it to look right..
  8. That’s starting to really take shape. The finishing job is looking superb!
  9. I’m in awe. It’s difficult to believe that this will be your first finished model. Your skills are professional grade!!! I especially love the work on that pilot figure!
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