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  1. Hello Rod, Thanks for your comments; glad you like the build. The wash I used is Panel Liner for grey and blue from AK, see pic. I used the product directly over MRP paints which dry to a semi-gloss finish. Hope this helps. However, to provide a bit more depth and interest, I used Abteilung oil paint washes of slightly different colors in select areas. -Elmo
  2. Hello Rich, I'm not sure I have enough left in the tank for such a project. I plan on keeping it simple for the next few builds, although I'm not quite sure what'll be after the A-4. Cheers, Elmo
  3. utley, I appreciate your perspective, thank you. Cheers, Elmo
  4. Gunny Dan, Always a pleasure to receive feedback from those that "know"; thank you! From the onset of this project, I wanted to capture as much detail as possible in all areas of the Intruder. I chose this path because the A-6 provides ample opportunity to do so, from the huge cockpit to areas like the pylons and extensible equipment cage. What I didn't foresee was just how much work it's actually taking to complete it at a level I'm satisfied with. If I would have known beforehand, I would have never embarked on the journey. That's why for my next project, I'm going with something
  5. Thanks to everyone else for the positive feedback! RichB63, Thank you as well for your feedback. I fixed the peeled paint on the windscreen the best I could; the end result left a bit to be desired but overall, it's as good as it's gonna get without a massive amount of rework, and potentially causing even more damage. Matter of fact, while repairing the center frame, a piece of masking tape inadvertently attached itself to another section of the frame and lifted the paint. It was after that incident that I decided to leave well-enough alone. Thanks again for your
  6. Thanks Steve! The paint job is not perfect but I'm quite pleased with the results given it was my first attempt at the TPS scheme which is somewhat of an involved process. I learned a lot along the way too, especially what not to do. My next project after the A-6 will most likely be the Hasegawa A-4M, and will also have the TPS scheme. -Elmo
  7. A few more random pics. Hopefully in a few months I can share some better pics.
  8. Hello everyone, As requested by a few ARC members, It's time to make a quick update. Progress has been slow because I've been focusing on the tiny details that need to be addressed before I attach the larger items. Reasoning is, once I install the larger pieces, it's too risky to go back and address those smaller details without breaking stuff off. I'm including a few "random" pics of where the build is currently. I'm hoping that in another month or two, I can start installing the gear, doors, wing pylons/tanks and whatever else is left. Again, thanks for
  9. Hello Acuity, yes, I've made some progress on a lot of the small things that have been lingering. Unfortunately, in pics it may not seem like much. I'll post some pics this weekend. On the bright side, I believe I'll have the model done some time next year. I'm really close to attaching the landing gear, wing tanks and outboard wing panels so it shouldn't be too much longer. -Elmo
  10. Amazing stuff, Rich. The 3D printed accessories are real game changer. Unlike resin casted parts, I'm guessing there's no shrinkage to worry about. Can't wait to see what you do with these. -Elmo
  11. Stellar work, Rich! Again, your craftsmanship and attention to detail are unmatched. I can't wait to see what you have planned for the front office; whatever it is, I'm sure It'll be amazing. -Elmo
  12. Hello, utley, I'll have an update soon; I'm actually about 3/4 done now, not bad considering It's only been 20 years, LOL. I should be able to upload an update this coming week. Thanks for inquiring. -Elmo
  13. Always a treat for the eyes, Rich! The techniques and workmanship are beyond next level. I knew when you started this build it was going to be amazing. -Elmo
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