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  1. Thank you all for leaving your feedback and for sticking around for so many years while I try and finish this build. Once I install the seats the only major thing left is detailing the wingfolds! Once those are complete It's off to the paint shop and finishing her up......so maybe by 2023 if I'm lucky. Wow, only like 25 years to finish a model.....not too bad! -Elmo
  2. Nice job sir, especially when coming from figures. The A-6/EA-6B family of model aircraft are said to be rather difficult builds so you did exceptionally well. Most manufacturers, with perhaps the exception of the HB A-6, suffer from either incorrect shape or fit issues on these airplanes. If I remember correctly, Kinetic designed the canopies in 2-pieces to try and get the shape correct. However, most people believe that decision turned out to be a horrible idea.
  3. crackerjazz, the stripes on the pull rings were created by winding a thin strip of yellow decal around black wire. There's no way I'd ever be able to paint lines of that size and achieve acceptable results. And for those of you sharp-eyed modelers out there, you'll notice the yellow stripes are angled in the wrong direction; they actually angle in the opposite direction on the real thing. I did them this way because it was easier for me to handle the wire while wrapping the decal and I figured in the grand scheme of things, it didn't really matter too much. The decal stripes were made by spray
  4. More pics. Aires ejection seats. Here you can see a seat with the sides sanded off and the scratch-built sides. I purposely kept adding details to a minimum to ensure they'd fit in the narrow Blackbox tub. Black rivets on the sides are from Archer. Plastic coated wire (.015) used for the pull rings with yellow decal strips wrapped around. Amazing how much trial and error I went through to accomplish this seemingly simple task. But even after figuring out a suitable process, wrapping the decal around the wire and trying to maintain a constant angle and width between
  5. The last pic was loaded to confirm the issues I was having loading pics was resolved. Below are the rest of the pics. MK20s attached. The bombs have a bit more weathering than what shows up in the pics. I also used different shades of white for contrast. Fuel tank showing the black basing technique. Used various shades of gray, white and even brown on top of the black. Quite satisfied with the results considering it was my first time trying it. You just have to take it slow and be careful not to cover too much of the mottling. The topcoat also consists of various shades
  6. It's that time once again. As always, thanks to all that have left some feedback. A big thanks also to YF65_CH53E; always nice to receive feedback from those who've served and know the equipment well. On to the update. Finally completed a few more chapters in this never-ending saga. The ejection seats that for so long had me up against a wall are finally complete. Rather than scratch building seats, which at one time I believed was my only option, I ended up modifying a set by Aires and got them to just barely fit the Blackbox cockpit tub by sanding off the seat-sides completely an
  7. I'm having the same exact problem trying to update my WIP.
  8. Thank you all for the generous feedback! Should have the seats done in the next couple of weeks. Like I mentioned earlier, not very happy with the belts I've completed so far as they lack realism. Hoping the lead foil method yields better results. Cheers, Elmo
  9. Than you all for your replies, much appreciated. In the next few weeks I'll post something a bit more meaningful as I've made some good progress over the past few months. Ejection seats should be done soon although I'm not diggin the seat belts I've made so far and may have to come off. Been using Tamiya tape for the belts but it does not play friendly. May switch up to lead foil at the suggestion of my friend Cyrus who has had good results with it. Cheers, Elmo
  10. Hello Acuity, thanks for reaching out. Model is still in progress; I have been working on the ejection seats (finally) and they're almost done. Also, finished up the 2nd fuel tank and the aerial refueling store, aka buddy pod. All tanks are painted/weathered and I'm actually quite satisfied with the weathering results considering it was my first time trying out the black basing technique and some other methods. I plan on adding a comprehensive update once the seats are finished up. However, I'll try and a couple of teaser shots now, if I'm able to actually upload them. Otherwise, expect an upd
  11. haneto, beautiful work and extremely well executed! Your attention to detail is without compare. Still not sure how you got the color separation on parts so crisp and clean. Keep up the great work. Elmo
  12. Steve, just caught up again on your build(s). Great progress you're making and the weathering effects look really convincing. I especially like the dirty look of the engines and their nacelles. Considering you're rather new at weathering naval aircraft, your results are very impressive. I just recently started practicing weathering myself and It's not as hard as I thought; however, there is much to learn but that comes with practice. Good luck as you progress forward.
  13. Great work and coming along nicely, Steve. Can't wait to see this project finished! What's next??
  14. Very impressed with your work and I certainly appreciate the time and effort you're putting into this build! So much work in the gear and avionics bays, It's gonna look awesome once painted.
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