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  1. coneheadff, as always, thank you very much for continuing to be a loyal follower of this build. I'm glad you like the updates even though they don't happen very often. crackerjazz, thanks for your feedback. I really do put a lot of effort into replicating what I see in the reference material to the best of my ability so the end result is often worth the time spent. A-10 LOADER, thanks for stopping by again; always nice to hear from you.
  2. Thanks Loki_v2, janman and kike, much appreciated. Loki-v2, you're absolutely right, fabricating the small and complex pieces is very challenging. However, the talent needed most is simply "patience". I don't get all parts right the first time around, some require multiple tries. Thanks again for your feedback. janman, yes, 48th scale so inherently challenging to detail. However, I wouldn't be able to do the work without a magnifying lens and strong reading glasses, both at the same time. My "eagle eyes" I was once so proud of because I used to have 20/12 vision are no
  3. Thanks to all of you loyal followers for your comments and for sticking with this build over the years, your patience is admirable! RichB63, I didn't realize how complex the A-6 nose gear is until I was too far into it to turn back. However, you're absolutely right.....very complex! The end result is not totally accurate but better than what I started with. I honestly felt like I was never going to finish it and it taxed me more than the instrument panel which took longer to build. As far as what's next, most likely the ejection seats or painting the model. To paint it
  4. Well, it looks like the issue has been resolved, however, I did nothing to fix it other that wait a while so who know what the issue was. Anyway, here we go. Acuity, before I forget, as far as i can tell all the pictures I've uploaded recently are viewable. If there is anything specific you'd like to see please let me know and I'll do my best to share. Besides installation, all gear related components are pretty much done other than a few minor tweaks here and there. For th
  5. Acuity, Mr.Happy and the rest who've left messages, thank you....always appreciated. My plan was to upload some pics today of the finished gear but once again, experiencing issues with pic links converting to an image. The fun never ends.......I'll try and figure out the issue and post once able to. Thanks, Elmo
  6. Awesome work Steve! I just finished a quick catch-up on your build as I have not been spending much time on the forum these days. All the work you've done is really paying off and your results are nothing short of impressive. The topcoat grey looks really good; what are you using Model Master? Looks like now that you've laid down a coat of gloss you can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck with the rest of your build. Elmo
  7. Thanks for the comments! Steve, no tricks or wizardry here......basic tools are used to hold parts such as tweezers. One thing I typically do to make it easier when making the tiny parts is start with a larger piece of styrene, shape it and finally cut it to the correct size. -Elmo
  8. I think I figured it out. The yellow tape is there only to prevent the wires from coming loose.
  9. Hello Larry, Thanks for checking in and Happy new Year to you and yours. You're not far off regarding an update; the build continues at a very slow rate as I've been splitting my free time between the A-6 and an old z-car I purchased last year. The past few months I've been focusing on the landing gear. I decided to re-do what I initially completed over 10 years ago as I was no longer satisfied with it. As expected, It's coming about slow due to all the tiny bits and pieces that I'm scratch building......not to mention all the work is really excercising my p
  10. Hello Steve, Seems like we can't get away from issues affecting image uploading. I finally threw in the towel with using PB/Google Pics and now using Imgur per the advice of RichB63.........It works great and is user friendly. Much like you, I'm not great with computers so if I found it easy you should too! -Elmo
  11. Hello ascomt, Thanks for the extremely kind words; I'm glad that you enjoy my work! And thanks of course to all the others that continue to stay interested in this build. As important as I feel it is to acknowledge folks for their comments, I typically wait until my next update to say thanks as I'm not a fan of having my thread make It back to the top without having new pics to share. However, I really appreciated your feedback and that of others so just wanted to say thanks!
  12. Hello Rich, I'll either be using MRP (Mr. Paint) which is lacquer based or acrylic Aqueous Hobby Color by Mr Hobby. They both spray nicely and have a slight sheen when dry which kind of throws me off a bit considering both are supposed to yield a flat finish. The decision may have actually already been made as I used MRP for the gear doors. However, I think the shades are so close that I can still go with the Mr Hobby line for the rest of the model if I so choose. Thanks, Elmo
  13. Thank you guys for the feedback! Time for a quick update. Gonna keep with the landing gear components theme and will most likely stay on it until I complete all gear related parts, including assembly of the gears and painting. I recently focused on finishing the other two nose wheel bay doors. Each door received a bit of detailing but nothing as time consuming or as intricate as the forward nose gear door. I added only what I felt was necessary to enhance their appearance such as the hooks along the bottom edge of each door, mounts for the actuating arms, hollowing out
  14. Hello all, Time for a quick update. As always, thanks for the replies and for taking a look. I've finally reached the point where I can paint the fuselage and wings; whew, what a journey. However, since my painting skills are beyond pathetic, especially for something like the Navy TPS scheme, I've decided to finish up some other small items while I practice the techniques to pull off an acceptable paint job. That said, I recently completed re-scribing and super detailing the nose gear door. Monogram did an exceptional job at representing the door's detail and dimensions
  15. Thanks again gentlemen for all the comments. I realize I don't post very often so I really appreciate you guys keeping interest in my build. Some of you guys, you know who you are, have been following along for years....Thank You! RichB63, I apologize for the late reply to your question; I was out of town this past weekend and just got home today. Regarding your question about using Future, no, I did not use it on either the windscreen or canopy. The nice finish you see in the pics is more of an illusion I suppose as the clear parts look much nicer in the pics than in person.
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