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  1. Wow Steve, outstanding build you have going here. Just now catching up on your build as my time has been consumed by other life interests. Keep up the great work and what you're doing here is really inspiring. -Elmo
  2. Steve, Awesome work on the wings; I like the added strengthening pins to secure the join. Seems like you continue to kick it up a notch with each new build.........Looking great so far!
  3. Excellent attention to detail and even better execution. You are really taking this cat to the next level. Good luck and I'm hoping to see another update soon.
  4. Thanks again for the comments gentlemen. If my work serves as inspiration to some then that's definitely something I can be proud of. coneheadff, been a while since we've chatted; I work in the aerospace industry as well so definitely hard times for us as it is for the majority of us. Hope you are well. Going forward I foresee having more bench time available so It shouldn't be 8 months before the next update. I'm hoping maybe weekly at this point. Before I start applying paint to the model, which is the other part of the build I'm dreading as I've only painted two models in the past twenty years, I decided to tackle the canopy. This needs to be done so I can paint it at the same time as the rest of the model. It's at the beginning stages right now but nonetheless, It's progress. I plan on fully building up the interior so it will take a bit of time. Luckily, it won't be anywhere as difficult as the windscreen. I decided to build up most of the details on the canopy structure because the piece I have from the Blackbox kit was riddled with tiny air pockets and has a rough surface texture. Here are the boxes that are placed on the rear shelf of the canopy. I should have a lot more to show by next week. Note: I edited the pic link out of this update as I couldn't get it to load. If the pics I upload from this point forward aren't visible as standalone, they'll all be in the album link I provided in one of my previous posts. I also included a pic of the car I bought 8 months ago which was the reason for my modeling hiatus. This is my second 240z I've owned and the other hobby that takes up some of my time. Thanks again gentlemen, -Elmo
  5. Thanks to all for the encouraging comments; you guys have been sticking with this build for a long time so your continued support is much appreciated. The Underdog, thank you as well for looking and It's never too late to join the party. Seems like you're a new member so make sure you take a look at all the other great work being done by ARC members. I'm not quite sure why some pics are viewable and some aren't. I just checked my phone and couldn't view most of them, even though I could see all of them last night and can see all but one on my laptop right now. To make things easier, those interested can view the pics in link provided below. It has all the pics I posted last night and a bunch of others that are very similar to what I posted. I'm hoping the link will be more trouble free. https://photos.app.goo.gl/oUnt78FfSfRJXLGE9 -Elmo
  6. Hello Larry, It's been a while........hope all is well with you and yours. Yep, times are definitely crazy at the moment but I'm hoping we'll see some semblance of normalcy in the very near future. So I'm not sure why you can't see the pics. For some reason I always experience issues with the pics being viewable. I used my wife's cell phone instead of mine to confirm I could view the pics and I was. I'll try and T/S to see if I can figure out what the problem is. Nice hearing from you....TC. -Elmo
  7. The rest of the pics now that I confirmed they're viewable. Here the windscreen is shown after blending and prior to Its first primer coat. I ultimately spent many more hours filling/sanding to get it to the point in the next few pics. All primered up. The refueling probe attaches in a way that Its aft section contacts the windscreen so it had to get blended in as well, along with the rain removal vent. I decided to split the probe where the upper, narrower section meets the base making it the perfect place to divide it. This was done to preclude inadvertently breaking it off and making a mess of that area. That's it for now. Minus a few touch-ups along the windscreen's base, this beast is ready for paint. The outer wing sections are done as well so the only other item I may build which should be painted at the same time to avoid paint mismatch later is the canopy. Again, thanks for looking. -Elmo
  8. After an 8 month hiatus, I've finally gotten back to working on my labor of love.....and as always, thanks to all that have kept interest in my build and have left comments along the way. As stated in my previous posts, it was time to move on to the part of the build I've been dreading the most; attachment of the windscreen. For Its age, Monogram got a lot of things right with the A-6; unfortunately, fit wasn't one of them. The windscreen, at least on my example, fit nothing short of horrible. I believe I exacerbated the condition with all the modifications I made in the cockpit area which consequently widened the fuselage a bit. I proved this as the windscreen fit much better on the spare fuselage sections I have in my stash. To enlarge the windscreen at Its base, I installed a spreader bar made of styrene on the inside from end to end and dipped it water that was a few degrees shy of boiling. Repeated sessions of this technique seemed to work except for the expansion stress marks left behind on the windscreen's entire surface which resembled thin-line cracks. Intense sanding/polishing eventually removed the marks but at a cost. I tried preserving the raised frame section best I could but ultimately lost a bit of Its definition. Once polished and certain I was committed to using it, I began building up the structure on the windscreen's underside. This took a lot of work and of course, time. Complicating the build-up was the fact I using white glue to attach the styrene bits. Clean up of the excess glue was done with lightly moistened Q-Tips to not disturb the fragile glue. Bits & pieces added were a compass, grab handles, Archer Rivets and a few other items. Once complete, the windscreen was carefully glued in place with super glue and blended to the fuselage best I could. Although not perfect, I'm satisfied with the results. As my main concern was blending it to the fuselage, I decided to mask the canopy and only paint the section where it was blended and paint the rest of it when I paint the entire model in Its final color. There is still a bit of work to do in the area where the mask was lifted and where the macro camera shows a few issues that are imperceptible to my naked eye. Enough talk.....time for pics. I'll start with one just to see if it loads as I always seem to have problems. One last note, I want to give a special thanks to Steve (A-10 LOADER) who provided me the spare windscreen I needed to get to this point!
  9. Hello Steve, Looks like you've embarked on another ambitious project; good for you! I'm really diggin on what I've seen so far, keep up the good work. -Elmo
  10. Steve, She turned out great; definitely worth the wait. The base really brings it all together too. Bummer that you experienced so many issues with your post. Glad It's all fixed now. Good luck on your next build. -Elmo
  11. She's looking great for sure. I'm glad you never abandoned the project, especially since you were so far along. Good luck as you head towards the finish line. Elmo
  12. Looking real nice Steve; and for a 30+ year old model, not too bad at all! -Elmo
  13. Not sure why the pics aren't showing up when I initially load them here. Each new pic I take is saved in my Google Photos first and prior to sharing on ARC I always transfer them to the shared folder. Anyway, I created yet another new folder as that seemed to work the last time I had this issue. If they're not visible now, my apologies.......maybe I'll have to find a different service to share pics. Cheers Elmo
  14. To continue with the latest theme of Intruder and Prowler WIP updates, here are a few pics of the work I recently completed on the outboard wing panels. The panels are now as complete as they are gonna be at this stage of the build and include the modified speed brake hinges and the ECM antennas. The speed brake hinges received a slight modification from the ones shown in my previous update. All eight hinges had their top sections tapered which at first I decided to forego for fear of screwing them up. Now that the O/B panels are done I can concentrate on the windscreen. A couple of pictures of the top wing sections. And a few pics of the bottom. Here is a closeup of a top/inbd hinge completed prior to paint. That's all for now. Cheers E
  15. Great work so far! I like all the extra work you're doing which will pay off at the end. -Elmo
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