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  1. G'day Bastian, Lovely work, she is really coming together now. One observation though, I thought that the underwing pylons were painted in the dark green (FS 34079) but yours are in black. Same goes for the launcher. Did the USAF paint them in both colours? In the Lock-On book mpost of the pics show them as vreen but in a few pics they look like they could be black but the pics are taken in deep shadow. Looking forward to the finished article, Pappy
  2. G'day Tank, BLUF: Zvesda kit is really good, much better that the Revell/Mono kit and builds quickly and well, has great weapons and comprehensive decals incl. stencils I also float between scales and have nearly completed their 1/72 Mi-24 ( needs paint) My 1/48 will be a Cypriot National Guard machine in the last three tone sand scheme. It will require some minor conversion as the CNG birds have shorter wing pylons and fixed undercarriage. I have already have a converted a 1/72 Has Mi-35P in all over dark grey so I want to do the other sceme in 1/48. I ha
  3. G'day Tank, Thankl you very much, that was perfect. It will be the Zvesda 1/48 Mi-35VP (Hind F) cheers, Pappy
  4. G'day Tank, Thanks for the reply. I cannot open the second pic but the Britmodeller pic suggest blacl but hardto say as the left side is in shadow. I never realised how hoard it was to get a pic of this area before now. If hope you find something in your Hind refs, cheers, Pappy
  5. G'day people, I would like to know what colour the left sidewall immediately behind the pilot would be. This is is the 'access tunnel' between the main cabin and the pilot's cockpit. The right wall on the opposite side is dominated by avionics racks and is basically light blue. The pilot and gunner cockpits are all black but I cannot find a pic of the left side, it seems that photographers favour the more interesting right side, cheers, Pappy
  6. G'day C2j, Thanks very much for your kind offer but I already have the kit decals Cool, thanks for the links, cheers, Pappy
  7. G'day people I want to build a 1/48 Hog/Frog and I have the kit and necessary conversion skills, what I don't have are decals. Does anyone know of a current source for 1/48 UH-1C decals? I keep turning up dead links or out of production/stock messages. There was not a lot of choice to begin with and the few sheets that were produced have long since sold out cheers, Pappy
  8. The boundary layer bleed air ducts were usually painted the same camouflage colour as the rest of the fuselage, I would also run a wash into them to represent the louvre openings Pappy
  9. G'day people,Well after nine months of waiting, several e-mails and little to no response (apart from automated replies) I am happy to say that my replacement canopy finally arrived and it is flawless. Very happy 🙂 Pappy
  10. G'day fellas, thanks for the info, especially the correct seat. I did not realise that the Testors kit is a re-pop of the Fujimi kit, that is very helpful, thanks very much! cheers, Pappy
  11. G'day people, The 1/72 Fujimi A-7E kit is a little scarce at current time and I prefer not to to use the Italeri/HB kits. Is a conversion of the A-7D to A-7E feasible? I know that the USAF socket type AAR fairing would be left off in favour of the USN style probe and drogue bolted to the right side of the forward fuselage. The nose gear unit would be different due to the catapult launch bar (I am thinking an in-flight model so this could be a non-issue?) and I also think that the USN A-7Es had external wave guides on the rear fuselage, were there any other external dif
  12. G'day Tim, I have now added a link in my previous reply. When I attempted to add an image all I got was the URL address and no image cheers, Pappy
  13. Wot, like this Page 3, post #42 http://www.zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=29021&page=3 Sorry for the link, I cannot seem to get the images to attach to the message. I punched some discs out of some 'holographic" Christmas decorations. The decoration material is quite thin so I glue it to a sheet of clear packaging material using PVA glue and allowing to dry overnight first before punching the discs out Pappy
  14. They may not be as warlike but how about a SUU-20 practice bomb dispenser or even an MXU-648 travel pod? Both of these stores were carried and the travel pod (whose design is based upon the old NAPALM bomb) was usually a canvas for the resident unit artist and could be quite colourful as it was hidden away in the weaps bay. It wouls certainly be quirky and different to all the other F-117s on the table? Pappy
  15. I don't have a plan B, I intend to hold the manufactuerer to account Pappy
  16. G'day people, So 3 months on and still no replacement part. I have e-mailed Italeri's customer service (surely this is an oxymoron) again: "Message: Hello, I have been waiting for replacement part for my 1/48 H-21 for over three months. I cannot complete my kit because the kit canopy was warped beyond use. I first contacted your customer service department the 30 July 20. I was asked to provide pictures of the warped part which I have done. I have received an e-mail stating that the replacement part would be replaced as soon as possible but I do not think three months i
  17. G'day Jon, I am happy that you got a result. Unfortunately I cannot say the same. After two e-mails with the standard "we care and will get to you as soon as we can" message I am still no closer. This is crap Pappy
  18. G'day Jon, I only got the automated response and nothing since despite some follow up e-mails. Not impressed so far The rest of the kit is okay and looks good on the sprue however once you start dry fitting bits together it is not so great. My test fitting of the engine bay and aft fuselage bulkhead parts shows that the parts are underside. If you attach them to one fuselage half (as suggested in the instructions) they will not touch the other fuselage half as they are not wide enough. The cockpit is very simplified and it is a very visible area. Even if my canop
  19. G'day Jon, I am sorry to hear that but that was the point of my post. Hopefully the problem is limited to just a small number of kits. I have not heard back beyond the automated reply, I hope you have a better result cheers, Pappy
  20. G'day Gator, I immediately contacted Italeri's customer service dept. and received a reply (automated) within 24hrs, however nothing since. My address and contact details were included and no spares have been forthcoming however, COVIFD19 may be a factor here, but still no reply about a spare part being sent or even an acknowledgement that there was an issue. I have also contacted the retailer who is also chasing a spare canopy for me, this may be the better option
  21. G'day Jager, I think that it would be a very risky option and even if re-shaping worked I suspect that it will leave flow lines or stress marks in the material. Ordinarily this would be hidden by paint but not so in a clear part. I also find that the hot water method works quite well with resin but plastic tends to be , well more 'plastic' and develops a memory even after plunging into cold water. In any case I don't intend to make any effort to correct the part, instead I expect the manufacturer/wholesaler/distributor supply me with a correctly formed part as that is
  22. G'day people, I was playing around with the main assemblies of this kit to determine if there would be any fit issues. Well I found one and boy, it's a biggie! It appears that my canopy part is badly warped. The lower section bulges outwards too much with the result that it is too wide for the fuselage and the part is too shallow vertically to allow the top of the canopy to to reach the upper fuselage. This throws out the whole windscreen angle as well. It is like it has been
  23. This is incredibly cool! Awesome skillz Ken, cheers, Pappy
  24. G'day Steve and Gino, Thanks very much for the speedy response, that was extremely helpful. The silver looking line that rises vertically, is doesn' look like it is connected in the pic, is that correct/normal? Is this the same for both sides i.e. symmetrical? cheers, Pappy
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