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  1. Lookin' good Bastian. It is interesting that you apply the wash before the decals, it seems most modellers do the decals then wash but I prefer to do it before decal application as well. I have had instances where the wash has flowed around decal edges (the decals had been sealed) and doing the wash first avoids this. Also it means if you don't like the wash or if there if there is some accident you can strip and re-paint without losing the decals cheers, Pappy
  2. Thanks very much gents, that has answered my questions. I did not realise that some As were converted to Ds. Also thanks for clearing up what the canopy strips (lightning protection) actually are, cheers, Pappy
  3. G'day, I have a couple of Q's for the F-14 'experten'. I am currently building the Hasegawa 1/48 F-14 as an F-14A+/B. I don't want to type that each time so I will just refer to it as an F-14B from now. I know that the glove vanes were de-activated on the F-14A+ and were not incorporated on the F-14D. Since the F-14B started out as an F-14A, I presume that the glove mechanism was still installed. Question 1: Were these glove vanes faired over on the F-14B or did they look like the F-14A just not operational? The Hasegawa canopy has t
  4. G'day Matt, My impression is that the two greens are pretty close in colour in reality as well and itcan be hard to differentiate in certain light conditions. Looking great Bastiano Pappy
  5. Well, I entered 'Lakenheath F-111' into my browser to do an image search and I still think the pylons should be green. Although the models you have presented are very nice, I prefer to look at pics of the real thing. In the images with the pylons in good light they appear green. In several images the noses of the pylons are in good light and appear as green while the rest is in deep shadow. It may be possible that there were some pylons painted black(hence the question) but it appears that the standard practice was to paint them green. If you want to leave tham black, that is cool,
  6. G'day Bastian, Lovely work, she is really coming together now. One observation though, I thought that the underwing pylons were painted in the dark green (FS 34079) but yours are in black. Same goes for the launcher. Did the USAF paint them in both colours? In the Lock-On book mpost of the pics show them as vreen but in a few pics they look like they could be black but the pics are taken in deep shadow. Looking forward to the finished article, Pappy
  7. G'day Tank, BLUF: Zvesda kit is really good, much better that the Revell/Mono kit and builds quickly and well, has great weapons and comprehensive decals incl. stencils I also float between scales and have nearly completed their 1/72 Mi-24 ( needs paint) My 1/48 will be a Cypriot National Guard machine in the last three tone sand scheme. It will require some minor conversion as the CNG birds have shorter wing pylons and fixed undercarriage. I have already have a converted a 1/72 Has Mi-35P in all over dark grey so I want to do the other sceme in 1/48. I ha
  8. G'day Tank, Thankl you very much, that was perfect. It will be the Zvesda 1/48 Mi-35VP (Hind F) cheers, Pappy
  9. G'day Tank, Thanks for the reply. I cannot open the second pic but the Britmodeller pic suggest blacl but hardto say as the left side is in shadow. I never realised how hoard it was to get a pic of this area before now. If hope you find something in your Hind refs, cheers, Pappy
  10. G'day people, I would like to know what colour the left sidewall immediately behind the pilot would be. This is is the 'access tunnel' between the main cabin and the pilot's cockpit. The right wall on the opposite side is dominated by avionics racks and is basically light blue. The pilot and gunner cockpits are all black but I cannot find a pic of the left side, it seems that photographers favour the more interesting right side, cheers, Pappy
  11. G'day C2j, Thanks very much for your kind offer but I already have the kit decals Cool, thanks for the links, cheers, Pappy
  12. G'day people I want to build a 1/48 Hog/Frog and I have the kit and necessary conversion skills, what I don't have are decals. Does anyone know of a current source for 1/48 UH-1C decals? I keep turning up dead links or out of production/stock messages. There was not a lot of choice to begin with and the few sheets that were produced have long since sold out cheers, Pappy
  13. The boundary layer bleed air ducts were usually painted the same camouflage colour as the rest of the fuselage, I would also run a wash into them to represent the louvre openings Pappy
  14. G'day people,Well after nine months of waiting, several e-mails and little to no response (apart from automated replies) I am happy to say that my replacement canopy finally arrived and it is flawless. Very happy 🙂 Pappy
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