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  1. The PT imagery was displayed on the Radar Indicator Display (RID) and was present before the F-111Cs underwent the AUP mods. The FOV was diivded into an upper and lower display depending on which sensor (Radar or PT) was the sensor of interest. The RID was located on the right side of the cockpit, so yeah the PT display was on the rights side (the navigator's side) although a small flap on the left could be raised to allow the pilot to view the display as well. The Has kit is not perfect but the difference in nose profile is not that noticeable in 1/72, I could certainly live with it even in 1/48 but if you are going to tool up a new mold, and given the advances in laser scanning techniques, there is no reason why it could not be captured accurately. The new Airfix kits are certainly proof that laser scanning techniques can be used to produce accurate models, Pappy
  2. It is a dark blue similar to the blue of the (full colour) RAAF roundels, insignia blue would be about right. It should be a semi-gloss finish, not full gloss, cheers, Pappy
  3. Depending on the version, you also have wrong pylon and dump mast shapes (for the FB -111A/G) , for the F-111C AUP, the cockpit details that are not correct (the Eduard PE sets do not offer AUP details), and the PT pod is also not accurate. The RAAF decals are also pretty bad (colours wrong, roo shapes awful), incorrect bomb racks, the list goes on.... The re-tooled Academy kit did update the cockpit side consoles and instrument panel to represent the AUP cockpit, and also corrected the nose gear bay which is now very accurate, however the main gear bay was not updated and is very wrong,. The HB kit was definitely a missed opportunity which may have scared off other manufacturers. I agree, it is a shame Has never upscaled their 1/72 F-111 kits, still the most accurate Pappy
  4. G'day Dio, I just pin-washed the u/c bays with thinned oils. My reasoning is that the more you put on, the more you have to remove, so less really is more in this case, cheers, Pappy
  5. G'day Scott, Funny you should bring this up as I was doing some work on this one today. The eagle eyed may notice that there is a small bit missing from the lower right corner of the outer left wing's flap. Unfortunately I a managed to drop the outer left wing panel (the breeze lifted it off whilst the paint was drying) and now I have a little repair job on my hands😠 G'day, Weeeellll, truth is I didn't do it, it is pre-painted photo-etch, all I did was stuck it onto the kit part which is bereft of any detail, cheers, Pappy
  6. Thank you very much Chris, exactly what I needed, cheers, Pappy
  7. G'day people, I am chasing some pictures of the aft cabin bulkhead and engine well housing (sorry I don't know the actual name of this bit but it is the U shaped bit that extends forward of the aft cabin wall) without the sound proofing installed, cheers, Pappy
  8. Why don't you guys try searching for images of RAAF F-111G's instead? The astro compass was removed but the fairing it sat within remained. It was a raised rectangular section in plan view which blended into the curved upper fuselage section forward of the windscreen. There were ex USAF FB-111A/F-111Gs that served with the RAAF before their eventual scrapping, although at least two airframes survived disposal
  9. G'day Vidar, That was a lucky escape, even in consideration of the severity of your injuries and given the alternative. I know that people who have used a Martin Baker seat are given a certificate and a special tie, is there any equivalent for using the ESCAPAC seat? In any case you are a member of a very exclusive club, cheers, Pappy
  10. Awesome reply, thanks Thommy! G'day Scott, Thanks very much. The SH-2G really just needs painting , I should get back to it, cheers, Pappy
  11. Thanks very much for your comments. SERNAK, I agree that Kinetic could have done more. The canopy affords a good view into the cockpit and the supplied level of detail is lacking. Wheel bay detail would have been nice but unless you pick the kit up, you cannot really see much. I don't regret adding the additional details but I suspect most people will be happy with what is provided. I think the bigger disappointment is that absolutely nothing is provided aft of the cockpit. I would have happy with just a floor and rear bulkhead but as this kit is a notorious tail sitter, this space is an excellent place to add ballast. The kit instructions suggest 50g, but I would recommend at least 75g. G'day people, work continues. I have managed to get a base white down over the main components The engine nacelles were first up and the paint went on smoothly. I used a flat white acrylic followed by buffing with sanding pads to bring up the sheen Likewise the outer wing sections I also replaced what I think are the secondary rudder hinges? The S-2 is unusual in that it has a double hinged rudder (as well as a rudder trim tab). There is a large actuator om the left side of the rudder. I suspect that this moves the whole rudder and the two smaller sections are hinges for the aft section? In any case they are evident in my reference pics so I added them. Finally, the upper fuselage aerials have been added and the canopy has been sprayed black (interior colour) before the grey is applied, cheers, Pappy
  12. Thanks Dio, but there are far deserving people on this and other forums that deserve that monniker. G'day people, A little more progress today. The wing mounted searchlight has finally been closed up The reflector dish had some PE elements added. These parts were small, it was like trying to assemble a small PE spider, but I got there eventually Next up, I replaced the kit supplied dump masts with some bent pieces of brass tubing. The kit parts are supposed to be butt glued, which means that they would sit at the wrong angle and be at risk of breaking off. I drilled a hole and used some CA to attach the tubes Turning my attention back to the fuselage, I hollowed out the rudder actuator and added a small PE part Still on the fuselage, more lumps and bumps have been added. Some of these are not mentioned in the instructions but my references show they are present Final dry fit before masking cheers, Pappy
  13. G'day people, Well, after wrestling the canopy seam into submission, I am ready to move on. This aircraft is a natural tail sitter (in real life too in the engines were removed!) so I have I have added about 15g of lead sinkers to the engine nacelles in area behind each engine I have also added about 45g of lead sinkers to the area immediately behind the cockpit. Of course I should have done this before I joined the fuselage together but I am actually an idiot. It was a tricky affair and I had to remove one of the seats to get sufficient access but I managed in the end. There is also the problem that there is no detail whatsoever aft of the cockpit bulkhead and you can see straight back to the tail if you shine a light into the cockpit. I decided to cut a small piece of black foam into the shape of the doorway but slightly oversized and then pushed this into the opening. It won't stand close scrutiny but will fool the casual observer. Finally, I had a quick rummage through the spares box to find something suitable to add as the joystick controller for the wing mounted searchlight. I found something, I dunno what it is from but it will do! The overhead panel was attached to the cockpit and the PE parts for the escape hatches were added using small drops of CA. One of the great things about dipping canopies in Future is that it resists CA fogging. A final dry fit to make sure all the bits will play nice together winning 🙂
  14. G'day fellas, I just used some thin cement but made sure the two halves were clamped better this time instead of relying on capillary action alone. It seems to have done the trick because the canopy seam has now been treated and the assembly has dipped in Future to restore clarity and shine. cheers, Pappy
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