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  1. Thanks very much Ben, cheers, Pappy
  2. Thank you all, I had a gret experience building this kit. I have an Italeri A-6E in the stash and by comparison although quite a nice kit, the detail is a little less sophisticated e.g. the panel lines are a little deeper and wider and the cockpit is less detailed. On the plus side it is much more widely available. however, It would be nice if the Fujimi A-6 family of kits was re-released by H2K as I would love to build a few more of these cheers, Pappy
  3. G'day people, Here is my recently 1/72 Fujimi EA-6A Intruder built for the Britmodeller Salty Sea Dog GB. Based on the earlier A-6A, the EA-6A was adapted for the role of Electronic Attack/Warfare during the Vietnam war. The nose was extended to accommodate additional avionics and the top of the tail (the 'football') was also enlarged to house jamming equipment. Even though the EA-6A remained capable of carrying all the weapons that the A-6 was cleared for, in practice stores were typically limited to the external fuel tanks, ALQ-76 ECM pods and the ALE-32 F
  4. G'day Ed, I agree that Eduard, Reskit et al do amazing weapons but I think their decal sheets let them down a bit. Also, as good as these weapons look, you are also on your own regarding fit as they are typically not designed to work with the kit suspension parts which can be frustrating. Additionally, some of the reson weaps will need careful cleanup to get the parts aligned properly. Thinking a little left field, perhaps consider buying an Academy 1/48 F-15E kit. I have the F-15I boxing and the box is crammed with an abundance of weapons that go together very wel
  5. G'day, Thanks very much for the confirmation, cheers, Pappy
  6. G'day people, I have a question regarding the forward avionics bay (FAB) colours. I have the Verlinden Lock-On No.4 for the F-15C and it has a colour pic showing the FAB as a metallic green/blue colour similar to Bay 5. I know that the Bay 5 colour can vary due to fiscal year build, which changed over from the green/blue to white around FY 80. Some people have started that Bay 5 was repainted following MSIP but I do not think that this was true. Some jets may have had their bay repainted but the majority retained their original paint colour post MSIP. My question is:
  7. G'day, Thank you to all who replied. CTD, thank you for the link, some great reference pictures and details. I am going with white for the Y launcher and grey for the fuselage pylon. It was interesting to see a pic of both the LAU-3 and earlier Aero-3B fitted to the same Y adapter, cheers, Pappy
  8. G'day people, What colour were the USN fuselage pylons? ,I am referring to the fuselage mounted pylon that could have the missile rail (Aero 3B?) attached to it and the ' Y' pylon that could have twin missile rails attached. It is hard to determine if it should be gloss white like the missile launchers or light gull grey like the fuselage. I am leaning towardd white, cheers, Pappy
  9. G'day, I believe that that the articles you mentioned were authored by Dave Aungst over on Hyperscale given the timeframe (4-5 years agao). Also very worthwhile reading is the In Progress section thread started by Lucio Martino (Improving the Hasegawa 1/48 Tomcat) which deals with the kit assembly sequence as well as improvements for accuracy, cheers, Pappy
  10. Yup! I am thinking mid retract for a more dynamic pose. Will take some surgery though🤔
  11. G'day Sernak, I agree, this one goes together really well. G'day people, it has been a little while but managed to get back to the bench. I have added a nice turned brass pitot I will add the alpha probes when all the painting and weathering is done, they are tiny and will be too easy to lose during handling. I have finished blocking out the main upper side colours to go under the decals A quick dry-fit just because cheers, Pappy
  12. G'day TT, I fully concur, thanks very much for the authoritative advice, cheers, Pappy
  13. G'day again and thanks for all the replies. The consensus seems to be for a white fuselage bay but the wing underdside not so much. I actually found some pics in a response by the late 'Superheat' which clearly show a white fuselage bay. The red front wing section is typical, although some units used this as an oppoprtunity to apply some squadron art and painted it in different colours but the uinderside in red I did not see. I am not doubting it but it seems white was more typical? cheers, Pappy
  14. G'day people. What colour was the underside of the variable incidence wing and the fuselage bay immediately below it painted please? I am finding it a little hard to find pics of these areas. I am guessing either Z.C Green or gloss white? cheers, Pappy
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