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  1. No problem. Miniature payload cannister engineering is much more important that visitor names. 😉
  2. Not even my mother called me Mike. Probably because they named me Kirk... ðŸĪŠ
  3. Very inventive solutions! Reminds me of our foil loft insulation.
  4. Who? 😄 Just listened to it on Spotify. I was paraphrasing Neil Peart again - though it's a similar sentiment. Perhaps the way to look at it is that it is better to be invited to 3 weddings than none. I thought the satellite was for the shuttle diorama at first but then I found your other thread. Nice work! Something else for me to follow. Cheers, Kirk
  5. No problem Manfred. I keep looking in from time to time but have been rather busy with work so haven't really been commenting much (and haven't touched any of my own modelling projects for months). As with all great journeys, the point of arrival is often overstated. I think your project is enhanced by your obvious interest in all things Shuttle related, and by the time you are prepared to spend making everything to such a very high standard. So, please don't speed up to please the audience; Each new post brings more to learn and I'm glad your Florida trip was so inspiring. It beat
  6. Happy anniversary Manfred and good luck. It is always enjoyable watching this masterpiece slowly but surely come together.
  7. Nothing on your level, Manfred. Just a scene with some Harriers, one of which will be on a road transport trailer. Your build has inspired me to be a little more ambitious on the detailing than I might have been.
  8. Looking good. I've been doing a little work on my 1:24 diorama and it seems small to me. Then I remember the scale you work in: Magnificent!
  9. Should we nod if we can hear you? Or do you need some information first? ðŸĪĢ Very, very cunning plan to make such tiny parts so accurately. Had you ever considered being a vascular surgeon?
  10. Even with the help of your giant 1 cent (😁) and the scale on your cutting mat, I often forget just how tiny all these pieces are. At the moment, my head is in 1:24 world, so please ignore any stupid suggestions I make!!
  11. Hi Manfred. I must have missed your previous idea because I'm not clear why each is four parts? Could each bracket not be made from a small section of U-shaped channel? I assume (probably incorrectly) that you don't intend to have working pivot pins - but if you did, that would still only be 4 parts per rail section?
  12. Sounds like an interesting project, Rittic. I think it's great when you have a personal connection - does wonders for motivation. Looking forward to more pics of real and digital models. Kirk.
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