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  1. ...awesome job on that sensors turrett!!
  2. An Autoland on a Contaminated Runway is not possible. Crosswind components Limits for Autoland are less than Limits for a manual landing. And so on... And this with modern Autoflight Systems with triple or quadruple redundancy, capable of really nice and effective landings....
  3. I built this Europe 1 Phantom about 5 years ago. Is a RoG 1/72 F-4F converted in an F-4E
  4. Thank you guys! I'll buy one...
  5. Hi everyone! I'm asking opinions about this new tooling. Looking at the sprues pictures over the net looks quite impressive! It even has separate flaps.. better than the fantastic Tamiya kit. But did anyone actually build it? How is the shape/overall accuracy? How about the clear parts? The fitting? I tried to search but I found nothing at all. Thank you guys! :thumbsup:/>
  6. Here a couple of banners I did yesterday.. hope you like them! (more to come..)
  7. Mee too! Sounds interesting.. maybe I'll be in with an Intruder!
  8. ...looking at the seat.. it doesn't seem full size to me!
  9. Yep... but they are very close. If a fire that you can't extinguish develops onboard an airliner you have no more than 15 minutes to get your a** on the ground.. otherwise you and everybody else on the plane will be dead. And be sure to be on the ground with a very large margin on those 15 minutes... This is what all the statistics and accident investigations say. Remember the UPS 747 in Dubai, or the Swissair MD11 in Halifax. I don't really wanna be on a 787 with batteries catching fire in the middle of the Atlantic....
  10. Guys... the most dangerous risk on an airliner is fire. Li-Ion batteries of the 787 caught fire... fortunately on the ground while passengers were disembarking. I know about the window cracking, the fuel leaks, and also about the brakes problems. These I think can be considered normal teething problems. But Li-Ion batteries on fire in an aircraft that is flying at FL350 are really really dangerous. The FAA did it right.. The Marvelous 787 has to be grounded.. no questions about that.
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