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  1. That's nice and interesting being asymmetrical.. thanks!
  2. BTW... what about the internal intake color? In these pictures looks almost white, while in other I've seen seems to be very dark, almost black. Any more info on that?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to find some infos for the upcoming Hornet GB. I'm gonna build a VFA-192 Legacy Hornet, assigned to USS George Washington in 2008-2009. In that timeframe the carrier conducted various exercises in the Pacific, like the Talisman Saber in 2009 with the Australians. So what will be a realistic loadout for a Legacy Hornet not in wartime? I was thinking about 2 x AIM-9, 2 x AIM-120 and 2 gas tanks. Any other suggestions?
  4. Yeah I know that ☺️, bad choice of wording.
  5. Maybe the wings were based on the -124 design but the wingspan was bigger.. if I remember at least 10 meters more. Whatever Antonov said, looking at the photo I really doubt they are gonna rebuild it. Aircrafts are scrapped for far far less damage..
  6. If you mean a true water based acrylic, Vallejo makes it in their Model Air range. Code is 71.010
  7. Yeah.. but we are speaking about a normal production aircraft versus a “one off”, I think it’s normal that the 225 was considered more “special”
  8. I’ve just bought two 1/72 Academy legacy Hornets, a C and a D. Sounds like a great excuse to build at least one of them…
  9. ...awesome job on that sensors turrett!!
  10. An Autoland on a Contaminated Runway is not possible. Crosswind components Limits for Autoland are less than Limits for a manual landing. And so on... And this with modern Autoflight Systems with triple or quadruple redundancy, capable of really nice and effective landings....
  11. I built this Europe 1 Phantom about 5 years ago. Is a RoG 1/72 F-4F converted in an F-4E
  12. Thank you guys! I'll buy one...
  13. Hi everyone! I'm asking opinions about this new tooling. Looking at the sprues pictures over the net looks quite impressive! It even has separate flaps.. better than the fantastic Tamiya kit. But did anyone actually build it? How is the shape/overall accuracy? How about the clear parts? The fitting? I tried to search but I found nothing at all. Thank you guys! :thumbsup:/>
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