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  1. Good loving this! I'm currently building 2 in 1/48 and 2 in 1/32.. Already completed a 1/48 2 years ago.. What will I do without aftermarket to save me time and painstaking effort. Will be getting a bunch of the 48s, and 32 if you release them.. Also, I believe Mark@ Gb_Madcat_Sl has shown you some good reference pictures. Take a note of the production serial code decal at the air intake. That needs some fine printing as well.
  2. Finished painting Now for the details of the Sg parts that so many of you like.. Tigereye pylon and sniper he additional intake scoop tailplanes masked with yellow and black checkers underneath.. wing pylons with the lau 129 pylons from drpepper resin
  3. The tail blips made using aluminium foil and trick epoxy sanding the small intake scoop along the side Of course, extending all 6 CFT pylons with the inner spars. This one takes some magic guts of placard and epoxy, I've casted 1 set for my next 1/32 SG.. primed and preshading
  4. well, time for some real updates... Scratchbuilt lots of Sg- relevant portions over the months.. its all coming together.. Modded the tail with raw epoxy and muscle used the 1/48 tigereye as reference for a upscaled 1/32 version
  5. another 1 to add to the swarm. this one is my first single seater from hasegawa in 1.72nd. box kit is assembled, puttied on the seams after quick sanding down(not shown for boring), i sprayed the grey blues. black skunk stripe on spine was masked off some light weathering achieve using lighter shades of main colour
  6. and primed! the curious reinforment plates around the rio's crew ladder didnt exist until late production A, B and Ds. need to check references and sand off the numerous atennae - the tallest 1 the tacan should be removed, as only the Ds and Bs had them. If u are making a A. glove pylons went on without hitch, and showing the main carraige bay detail front is sanded and primed
  7. quick assemble the fuselage with no major issues the nose gear doors are moulded in open postion.. ease of assembly, but tricky for painting and masking cockpit is well furnished with details and decals then the usual mayday of fit seams comes underside of wing has a long seam bcos of 2 part assembly exhaust area is lacking indetails and fit clean up the nose area step wing fences have some excess before the primer!
  8. some sprue shots carapace fuselage BOL rails on a f-14a kit?! great! extras for my fleet of Ds close up of instrument panels and the D ecms weapons sprues f-14A specific sprues and exhausts
  9. the low viz 102 retirement paired with the hi viz retirment bird 100-103 Also, started on number 35th, the hobbyboss kit. which since being new, warrants her own thread.
  10. up up and away!! painting has been done some decalling cag bird tail recieved the 'just win' from revell kit, on top of the hasegawa cdr101
  11. thanks guys for comments! I have not updated this thread for a long time.. here are some. when i was converting the kit, the 2 seater had not yet come. Oh well, since the Sufa was released, and with the 2nd spare canopy, i ditched the vacform method. Scratchbuilding the cockpit also became very easy. Hence, now i will build 2 twoseaters instead of just 1.. Here are the 2 kits, taken out. Both will be converted to RSAF machines, Blk52D+ and blk52D. 140 and 145 squadron. IE- a longtail spineback and a singaporean 'Sufa' all the missile bombs had been assembled, a few of them going over to
  12. My goodness its been 3 years already that has gone by, so much modelling in between those years and I'm back in familiar cat land! Last I left the GB, was building 2 vf-31 wing forward and a vf-2 beat army jet. took them out and dusted them off to prepare for the road to completion after so long. in addition, while they may be number 29, 30,31, it seems another has jumped the number train and finished earlier. This is the Revell final flight, complete with WIP video, and an epic last 1 minute showing the 30tomcats in the stash then. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.yout
  13. The revell kit is also taking shape at a fast pace. Major probelms i met were the fitting of the front fuselage to the main wings joint area. The step was duly filled by epoxy and sanded down. Also, the prominent mould ridges and seams along the front had to go! thts all the updates. probably have more over the weekend, stay tuned
  14. Have sanded down the intakes, refilled seams, sanded down again, for 3 weeks! Every putty in the book save for superglue. I put a foundation of epoxy putty. Then tamiya white putty. Then thickened Mr Surfacer. In between each session is a cursed sanding round.. the forward fuselage is also assembled and sanded filled up the seams of the ldg bay doors with liquid putty one's time waste not!! Using rubber mould I casted 24 pieces of the GE-110 exhaust nozzles, using the Academy F-16 Sufa kit.
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