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  1. ytsejam87

    Iwata Neo CN dual action airbrush any good?

    I am using my neo CN to shoot primers, as well as duracoat. I found it ok for this application. I was able to snag it NIB for 25.00 from a person exiting the hobby, selling it here on ARC. The CN comes with a .35 needle, and only a .5 needle is optional (std on the siphon feed neo BCN). ref: https://sites.google.com/site/donsairbrushtips/neo-for-iwata I truly love my iwata eclipse HP-CS. It is also available at hobby lobby. I purchased mine there, using their 40% discount (at the time, applicable to this airbrush) It also comes standard with a .35 needle, (with, again, an optional .5 needle, also available in the siphon feed eclipse). It is much easier to clean than the neo, and I notice that for modeling, it is more than capable and (IMHO) better than the neo. ref: https://sites.google.com/site/donsairbrushtips/iwata-eclipse-hp-cs-review
  2. ytsejam87

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I find this thread fascinating. I have been exposed to more 'inside baseball" about the scale plastic modeling industry than in most years combined by this one thread (thanks goes to all of of the ARC community for this). Sure there are some a$$-hat comments, of which one or two could be attributable to me, but overall, it has been quite educational. I do understand when things get political, the thread (deservedly so) gets a "go sit in the corner" moment. And I fully support when a 'industry parter" asks, that the thread is re-opened. Hopefully it will stay that way until the kit is released. Indeed, it is just a plastic kit, but when we see the promise that was delivered with the MiG-31, a number of us that had put faith (and hard earned cash, into unscrupulous online hobby stores) into AMK's word of the "best ever", it had a level of authenticity to it. All while blindly ignoring both their SuE and Kfir "issue". As an aside, this is reminiscent of the original lily drone, (which one of my friends did invest in). I still hope AMK knocks the ball out of the park on this. But, even though I was "in for three" with victory models (given AMK's price point), i suspect that I will be putting cash in GWH's hands, when all is said and done.
  3. ytsejam87

    1/48 Eduard Tempest Mk V reviewed on YouTube

    hah. I am not paul. just thought the series was good enough to share, and recommend.
  4. Wow! Paul's OOB build review of Eduards most recent swing at the Tempest is excellent! Done in three parts, it does offer one the "go into this kit with eyes wide open", perspective. Part 1 is here Part 2 is here. and Part 3 is here! Paul, BTW, has great "tips and tricks" so, consider subscribing!
  5. ytsejam87

    Initial Impressions, Tamiya 1/48 Spit Mk I kit

    Thanks for the great detail! much appreciated!
  6. ytsejam87

    D-Day Group Build

    I am getting there. had a bit of a sidetrack, in not having proper paint for my fw-190 cockpit! Just placed an order, so hopefully I can get going soon!
  7. ytsejam87

    Can any compressor be used for airbrushing models?

    Indeed it does. Attached to the Compressor QD, I have a QD adapter on a iwata braided AB hose. This hose is then connected to the input of the regulator/trap (similar to this one). From there, the output is then connected to another iwata hose with the eventual end terminated with a AB QD. if you go down the route of a regulator/trap, get one that includes a mounting bracket (like the linked above.) I had a bear of a time finding a bracket that would work with my regulator. I will try to post a pic sometime this weekend. I haven't ever post pics anywhere on the intertubes, so it will be a good chance for me to learn!
  8. ytsejam87

    Can any compressor be used for airbrushing models?

    Like Kurt said, it is a matter of getting the right fittings/hoses. I run one of these quiet California air tools compressors for both garage work and basement air brushing. I have a dedicated airbrush hose with appropriate fitting in basement, going to a regulator/water trap coincidentally mounted with iwatas spray out pot on iwata's dual AB holder. The aluminum tanked compressor is light enough to carry around as needed. it might be on the hairy edge of professional use for nailing, but for a home hobbyist, I feel it is well rounded for a nice price.
  9. ytsejam87

    Planned Builds

    I am looking forward to the group build, so I can add some structure to actually completing a kit! I will be building up the Revell FW190d-9 oob. Though, considering it was originally Eduards moulds, I did pick up Mr. Sulc's cockpit photoetch set.
  10. ytsejam87

    D-Day Group Build

    Kurt, I would say yes. As the GB will include D-Day to VE Day, a P-51B with invasion stripes would be completely appropriate. (google fu led me here: https://olive-drab.com/od_history_ww2_ops_battles_1944normandy_invasionstripes.php)
  11. ytsejam87

    iwata eclipse / hp-c parts interchangeability

    Amazingly, with all the griping about usps this holday season I received this from Oregon, in south central PA on Christmas eve! Fits like a glove and works nicely. The concept works better for me than the triple action handle, which, wasn't my cup of tea. I do like the concept of pushing the needle "out the front" when cleaning, and the eclipse is more convenient then most AB's to support this. Pulling out the back, as the triple action handle is truly conveniently set up, seems to be counter intuitive, though, you can clean the needle much more frequently, with the triple action's quick release feature.
  12. ytsejam87

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all!
  13. ytsejam87

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Dear Tamiya Claus, I have been a good boy for the last 10 years, and have written and prayed for a F-16D from tamiya. I don't know why I keep getting coal in my stocking. Please Tamiya Claus, can you help me out by releasing just one F--16D in the next year? I know I would be on the list for one for each of these last 10 years. thank you. Joey
  14. Mstor, well said! I would also add, if you are in doubt about a vendor from"overseas" (from a USA perspective), feel free to ask us here! Believe me, the members here will be quite helpful, and give you all the facts (as they see it) so you can make an educated purchasing decision.