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  1. I know the discount was applicable ibetween 2013-2016. Thathow I got mine for40% off. Though I thought the sticker price was higher, near 180:
  2. I am sure hobby lobby was told by iwata to not allow the 40%. Can’t blame iwata on desiring to maintain their floor pricing. It was a nice loophole while it lasted.
  3. sprue brothers sell eduards "overtrees" essentially, ONLY the kits sprues, no boxart, decals, instructions. they do have this one in stock: https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/edu08221x.htm
  4. Steve, Can you post the link to your wife's channel here?
  5. Couldn't find a SA but did find a SG in 72nd. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-02092-f-15sg-strike-eagle-singapore-air-force--259133
  6. I am unsure if you have seen these. I would speculate that these links might help a little bit: https://www.migjimenez.com/en/acrylic-colors/2722-wwii-imperial-japanese-army-set-8432074072294.html contains A.MIG-0070 Medium Brown Dark Earth (BS 450) A.MIG-0194 Aluminium A.MIG-0258 IJA Grey Green A.MIG-0259 IJA Light Grey Green A.MIG-0260 IJA Kawasaki Green A.MIG-0261 IJA Nakajima Green https://www.migjimenez.com/en/acrylic-colors/2443-wwii-imperial-japanese-navy-8432074072300.html contains A.MIG-0046 Matt Black
  7. Yes, I have been using my N95's that I had purchased to paint my garage a few years ago for my most recent modeling endeavors. As your link refers to P100, a rough equivalent to HEPA, you should be good to go. 1. Make sure the size is correct for you. 2. Given the current Covid-19 issues, be aware there may be cartridge replacement issues for the near term. Be prepared with $$$. 3. Stick with authentic 3m.
  8. this is already available as a "feature" https://www.youtube.com/red or, if you are a chrome user, ublock origin works well blocking ads on YT.
  9. here is thread from a few years ago, it might offer a few options:
  10. Picked one of these up from Zactoman a few weeks back. Smooth and quick! Thanks Chris!
  11. How about a 1/48 A-10A to A-10C update set for the Hobby Boss and/or Revellogram A-10A's?
  12. Historically, on youtube, the maxsmodels channel has interesting and quite well researched historical videos about a number of model companies. Like 11bee said, no common denominator.
  13. For the Kinetic 1/48 Su-33 check below. Chris, not only a forum sponsor, is a superlative source of info here at arcforums:
  14. You can try sourcing Revell Contacta. It seems to be quite popular amongst those youtuber's from Europe. Also, I would assume that hobby lobby's across the USA when they do re-open, with either have the glue on the racks as normal, or on clearance.
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