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  1. Are wish lists still allowed?-in 1/48

    Pleeeez Tamiya. Just even the sprues to make your 1/48 f-16c into a family model, even if a full kit is not on your horizon!
  2. Does anyone know if there is a 3rd party bracket for the badger air pressure regulator/gauge/moisture trap? I ordered the regulator, but did not see a bracket in the box. I want to attach the regulator to my airbrush "station", not directly to the compressor. Thanks!
  3. Well, I was able to purchase a "parts only" Hasegawa F-16D (v6 aka 6106) kit that was missing a "few" parts, relatively inexpensively. After a bit of research, I see that there are a goodly bit of parts that hasegawa includes in most family model kits that could possibly be unused. Does anyone have these parts lying around in your spares bin available? I am looking for the following parts. Sprue B B1 B2 B9 B10 Sprue D D47 Nose wheel Sprue E E1 smoke or clear canopy Sprue F F1 F9 F10 Sprue H (all) Sprue K (all)
  4. Special Scheme 4th FW F-15E

    thank you for the info! I failed to mention "a business opportunity to make a current revellogram USAF SE". Frankly, I have stopped searching for wolfpack "not in stock" items months ago. I even reached out via email to them enquiring about this, as well as other "not in stock" items, late last year, and have not heard back from them. Greatwalls kit looks fantastic, but at a price point I am unwilling to invest, given my current skill set! It is a lot easier making mistakes on a $15.00(US) kit versus a over $100(US) kit! Perhaps I will be up for that level of investment soon.
  5. Special Scheme 4th FW F-15E

    Looks like a business opportunity, not just for decals, but possibly a resin update kit to make a modern USAF strike eagle!
  6. shake and bake for a returning noob

    thanks! they did seem a bit pricey. I do have to get in there and paint inside the wheel hubs anyhow.
  7. shake and bake for a returning noob

    ok, so I was able to "score" the academy m1a2 for a nice price (under $30.00 US shipped). After nearly 20 hours of construction, I am getting ready to paint! I am intrigued by the quickwheels masks. BUT unfortunately, they do not seem to make a set for the Academy kit. However, they do make them for nearly every other m1a2 kit. Quickwheels has a mask set for rye fields, tamiya, and meng. Would anyone have experience or take a venture which of those three mask sets would be the best fit for the academy road wheels?
  8. Photobucket Fix?

    works like a champ in chrome! THANK YOU!
  9. Giving up beer for a month

    I had given up beer previously, but I have gone ahead and, in my view, expanded that by really cutting carbs down dramatically, by practicing a ketogenic diet for the past 8 months, shooting for less than 30 carbs per day. I have lost a bit over 50 pounds, and am off of my blood pressure meds per doctors orders!. I have felt (after the first week) fantasic, with great energy levels. My work is 50 miles away, and I work 10 hour days. There are tons of online resources about this, and I would recommend, if you feel it is something you are interested in, read up as much as possible. it is actually pretty simple, ONCE you get past the idea of giving up on carbohydrate-based foods!
  10. Meng F-35 available

    Mr. Matt, try this link: http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/galleries/f35a48bg_1.htm
  11. shake and bake for a returning noob

    Viper, thanks for the recommendation! just ordered the Leopard 2a6 for a nice price of 39usd. Anyone have an opinion on meng's t-90? Is is too much for a "rookie"?
  12. shake and bake for a returning noob

    Getting back into modeling, after a number of years off. I will be building modern jets once I get my Ventilation squared away in my basement. However, I would like to build a few modern armor kits in the mean time. painting using rattle cans in my garage. Are there any modern armor kits, that have the reputation like the Tamiya f-14 and f-16c, where they are highly accurate, and easy to build?
  13. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Would that be a f-16 or a f-14? If f-16, i think AMK will beat Tamiya to the punch....
  14. Meng 1/48 F-35A coming?

    Is this Meng's first 1/48 scale modern jet?
  15. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I would defer to the list that AMK released. For the USA, it was either Stevens International, or Victory Models. Sprue Brothers aren't on the list.