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  1. Historically, on youtube, the maxsmodels channel has interesting and quite well researched historical videos about a number of model companies. Like 11bee said, no common denominator.
  2. For the Kinetic 1/48 Su-33 check below. Chris, not only a forum sponsor, is a superlative source of info here at arcforums:
  3. You can try sourcing Revell Contacta. It seems to be quite popular amongst those youtuber's from Europe. Also, I would assume that hobby lobby's across the USA when they do re-open, with either have the glue on the racks as normal, or on clearance.
  4. The Best of Times - Dream Theater. John Petrucci's guitar solo does so much justice to Mike Portnoy's lyrics of Mike's fathers passing.
  5. For those in the Baltimore MD area, it looks like Saturday will be flyover day there. https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2020/04/29/blue-angels-scheduled-to-fly-over-baltimore-saturday-healthcare-heroes-day/ (excuse the WJZ callout for the "Army Thunderbirds" I am sure it was just a typo........)
  6. I will offer a "I second that" for sprue brothers. For paints, look at hobbyworld usa. Quite the nice selection! If you are very patient (shipping from hong kong does take a little longer), you can look at lucky model for quite nice selection of kits, as well as decent pricing (shipping price isn't too bad, but the timeframe can be staggering).
  7. Trade with confidence with goondman. Kurt gets the job done!
  8. Jackman, I would suggest reading the Clancy books sequentially up to (and including) red rabbit. Though written for the most part in the "old" millennium, they do have a certain applicability to modern times. Including the "ring of fire" geographical setting you are looking for. Most certainly to me, these books demonstrated his mastery of the genre. Well worth the time invested. I don't have much of an opinion though, after red rabbit. Sub wise, (if you liked HFRO) you could take a look at Kilo Class and Nimitz Class introducing you to Patrick Robinson. Aircraft wise, check out Dale Brown, . Flight of the old dog!
  9. I was fortunate. I picked up my Eclipse HP-CS back when hobby lobby was still extending the 40% discounts for airbrushes. Parts, still seem to be available for that discount, so it is possible that pricing for long term maintenance can be less pricey than others (depending on how close one may be to hobby lobby). I really like the ease of disassembly of the eclipse, helping the cleaning immensely. The cone shaped nozzle (assembly) makes cross threading the nozzle virtually impossible (when compared to my Neo CN).
  10. Vark, it was Nova. Seems to pop up occasionally on youtube suggested video's. "Battle of the x-planes" is the title.
  11. This does "make sense". It seems (multi angle close ups of surface before, and after hand polishing would be extremely helpful) to work ok.. However, It would seem to be extremely labor intensive to work an entire kit. Gloss coats and this type of flat paint "polishing" are making the case to use a more satin, or full gloss paint so that these steps could, for the most part be skipped.
  12. Curt, I had a plumber friend who owed me a favor who core drilled thru my foundation. Even so, he mentioned it would have been quite inexpensive. ~50.00 to perform the deed. (power tool investment to do this as a one time item would have been prohibitive, in my eyes). Of course, I had to get a short piece of dryer ducting with the associated exterior venting, and DIY the install. Ain't nutnfancy about it. Anyhow, I don't know your home layout (basement or not, location of dryer vent (if so equipped), but perhaps a location could be found that could support such an install?
  13. I don't remember the melting of straws during the '70's. perhaps the new paper straws are missing a coating that was used "way back when".
  14. I have had very good success using the online form here: 1. my m4a3e8 was missing polycaps. and they took care of me in short order. 2. an example of a "longshot": one of my pets, knocked over my half opened jar of extra thin onto my 1/48 p-51 cockpit floor part, trashing it. I asked them and they hooked me up with a clean part also in a extremely fast timeframe. Great service. https://www.tamiyausa.com/contact/
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