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  1. Will the iwata hp-c i1556 cutaway preset handle will work with a iwata eclipse hp-cs? I picked up their triple action handle, without realizing how that stop worked. I was looking for a stop on maximum allowed, not a stop on minimum paint allowed.
  2. ytsejam87

    1/48 Tamiya F-16N

    Looking Good! Beautiful scheme you picked. Looking forward to your next update! 1. How did bombshell brew behave for you? Work has been getting the best of me, ironically around the time my order from BSB came in, so I haven't had much air brush time. did you thin it? what air pressure did you use? 2. I see you found the "workaround" to the "MLG being installed too early". 3. what did you use on the model contact surfaces of your dh 4801 stand?
  3. Gary, Thanks for the information. Do you have an ETA? Joe
  4. ytsejam87

    Tamiya New Tool 1/48 Spitfire I?

    The new spitfire does seem to be a more quick build with superb detail. price-wise, after looking at msrp's I would expect it would eventually retail in the low 30's, quite a bit lower than the lowest I have seen the gustav sold at.
  5. ytsejam87

    Tamiya New Tool 1/48 Spitfire I?

    Is this a (small) step backwards for tamiya in 1/48? their gustav set a high bar by giving the modeler many more display options (with the cowls, engine and machine guns) than this does. Sure, it will build itself in the box, but it doesn't cry out to me like the gustav does.
  6. ytsejam87

    Obsession with FS 36170: Who Got It Right?

    As am I! one interesting note. for all of the AK real color AIR that I looked at, they included the FS number. For the have glass, they only refer to it by name, not by FS number. https://ak-interactive.com/product/have-glass-grey-10ml/
  7. any updates? 2019 is just around the corner.
  8. ytsejam87

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    I would be in for at least 1 set. what would the set comprise of?
  9. ytsejam87

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    "idiots" is a bit harsh. I prefer: "believed the hype". Possibly "misguided support for a up and coming company that is still experiencing growing pains".
  10. ytsejam87

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I guess "sleepy time" is over.
  11. ytsejam87

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Entertaining is one way to put it. Could a possible compromise be that we: 1. ask the mods to rename the thread to AMK 1/48 F-14D pre-release discussion, with all of still posting to this thread, then 2. after AMK releases the kit,(whenever that may be) we ask the mods to lock this thread. Maybe even archiving it (if there is enough archive space!!!!!) 3. a new thread called "AMK F-14D release analysis" is then started for the "in the hands of modelers" kit ?
  12. ytsejam87

    Air compressor question...

    indeed. the 40% coupon at hobby lobby does make products there enticing. I would steer clear of these types of compressors though.
  13. ytsejam87

    Air compressor question...

    What do you want to do with it? I multitask with mine, as I wanted to be able to not just "hobby airbrush" but also use it as a general purpose home/garage compressor. I picked up one of these. https://www.amazon.com/California-Air-Tools-CAT-5510A-Compressor/dp/B01G75OULG It works superbly (in my view) as a hobby compressor, and quite nicely as the all around compressor, even running a framing nailer in a pinch! It is light weight, making it easy to carry up and down steps. The tank does buffer the airflow, so there isn't any pulsing, while I am brushing. and most importantly to me, super quiet for my use! Pressure wise, I shoot as low as 10psi, but have brushed as high as 35psi. it truly depends on paint, thinner, desired effects etc.
  14. ytsejam87

    Airbrushes. need advice on

    I don't think you will at all be disappointed with the eclipse gravity feed. in my opinion, it is much easier to clean than the neo series.
  15. ytsejam87

    black multicam FS595 color approximations

    Whiskey, thanks! Unfortunately, I am finding that out now. I was hopeful to have a standard to follow, as opposed to depending on my "not so sir-mix-a-lot" ability to repeatedly mix paint colors!