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  1. Do you have a link to share with us?
  2. All good! You and your wife have a good heart rescuing pets, i commend you both for that! Everything i have read has been "moisture traps closer to the airbrush are better". However, given an eye on the budget, I would try the bigger trap/regulator (two functions in one unit) first, and see if that setup sputters spraying onto newspaper. I would also try this on days of highest humidity, to see what happens. If the trap/regulator doesn't work, you can either limit your paint times to when it is drier, or add the trap that attaches to the airbrush. I live in "amish country" here in PA, which, i am sure does not have anywhere close to the humidity of the Philippines. So, with my advice goes the caveat, "your mileage may vary'!
  3. What Mstor said! Plus, to help out even more, inline after my compressor and before my airbrush lines, I have one of these: https://www.amazon.com/PointZero-Airbrush-Compressor-Regulator-Water-Trap/dp/B004KNAHF6/ref=sr_1_8?crid=15R15EZ5IMUBB&keywords=iwata+moisture+trap&qid=1555345352&s=gateway&sprefix=iwata+moisture+%2Cbeauty%2C144&sr=8-8 then on my airbrush hose before the quick disconnect, I have the iwata version of what mstor posted (it was part of my iwata eclipse purchase at hobby lobby here in the states) https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Model-Kits/Airbrushes/HP-CS-Eclipse-Airbrush-Kit/p/848. Placing the QD on the output side of the hand held moisture trap allows me to swap airbrushes for different applications. my eclipse for fine painting, and my neo (with a 0.5 needle set)for single coat thicker paints like duracote. Sorry, didn't mean to seem stingy. I know i mentioned to photograph my setup, but given my work area, I cannot get a decent picture. I will try again to take a snapshot.
  4. Anthony, I agree completely that having the driest air is the best. Water traps(the way that I do it), a vapor condenser (as you mention), or alternate gas sources like a CO2 or Nitrogen tank are all good ways to mitigate the slop. 👍
  5. Anthony, Indeed, I read your earlier (from april 1) comment the way you just explained your point. However, I think the comment(habu2, correct me if I am wrong), was more of a comment on semantics. The moisture (water vapor, humidity...and so on) was already there, as part of the ambient air, so it couldn't have been "created" (by the compressor). JoeB
  6. Yes sir! Fortunately, I work in Maryland, and enjoy ~.20 cent per gallon break on gasoline when i fill up there. My only (very slight) concern about the tax is that an amount of the tax is used to fund the PA State Police. Yes, they do a wonderful job patrolling our highways here in the keystone state, but they ARE (way) more than traffic cops here. For those that cannot afford a police department, the State Police are used providing that coverage. it will be interesting to see what kind of taxing system will be put in place here in the USA for road maintenance post Internal Combustion Engine (if that day ever does come). Perhaps a separate tax "meter" in place for those who charge their vehicles at home will be put in place, by law, in addition to taxes at public charging stations, or an additional vehicle life tax at the time of purchae put in place to "generate that revenue NOW". The decline in (fuel)tax revenues WILL be made up.
  7. Rod, Your dilemma is a bit more complicated now. Others, my purchase from Lockheed2004 went superbly. Quick shipping and quality packing. Wonderful transaction.
  8. According to scalemates, it is.
  9. I am using my neo CN to shoot primers, as well as duracoat. I found it ok for this application. I was able to snag it NIB for 25.00 from a person exiting the hobby, selling it here on ARC. The CN comes with a .35 needle, and only a .5 needle is optional (std on the siphon feed neo BCN). ref: https://sites.google.com/site/donsairbrushtips/neo-for-iwata I truly love my iwata eclipse HP-CS. It is also available at hobby lobby. I purchased mine there, using their 40% discount (at the time, applicable to this airbrush) It also comes standard with a .35 needle, (with, again, an optional .5 needle, also available in the siphon feed eclipse). It is much easier to clean than the neo, and I notice that for modeling, it is more than capable and (IMHO) better than the neo. ref: https://sites.google.com/site/donsairbrushtips/iwata-eclipse-hp-cs-review
  10. I find this thread fascinating. I have been exposed to more 'inside baseball" about the scale plastic modeling industry than in most years combined by this one thread (thanks goes to all of of the ARC community for this). Sure there are some a$$-hat comments, of which one or two could be attributable to me, but overall, it has been quite educational. I do understand when things get political, the thread (deservedly so) gets a "go sit in the corner" moment. And I fully support when a 'industry parter" asks, that the thread is re-opened. Hopefully it will stay that way until the kit is released. Indeed, it is just a plastic kit, but when we see the promise that was delivered with the MiG-31, a number of us that had put faith (and hard earned cash, into unscrupulous online hobby stores) into AMK's word of the "best ever", it had a level of authenticity to it. All while blindly ignoring both their SuE and Kfir "issue". As an aside, this is reminiscent of the original lily drone, (which one of my friends did invest in). I still hope AMK knocks the ball out of the park on this. But, even though I was "in for three" with victory models (given AMK's price point), i suspect that I will be putting cash in GWH's hands, when all is said and done.
  11. hah. I am not paul. just thought the series was good enough to share, and recommend.
  12. Wow! Paul's OOB build review of Eduards most recent swing at the Tempest is excellent! Done in three parts, it does offer one the "go into this kit with eyes wide open", perspective. Part 1 is here Part 2 is here. and Part 3 is here! Paul, BTW, has great "tips and tricks" so, consider subscribing!
  13. Thanks for the great detail! much appreciated!
  14. I am getting there. had a bit of a sidetrack, in not having proper paint for my fw-190 cockpit! Just placed an order, so hopefully I can get going soon!
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