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  1. ytsejam87

    F-35I Adir Paint Scheme???

    indeed! I would suggest to the OP to review this thread (here on ARC) from a few months ago.
  2. ytsejam87

    Tamiya Minimum Advertised Price controls?

    Am I correct in saying that Minimum Advertised Price (ing) has the net effect of (online) vendors saying "prices to low to advertise, add to cart to see price"...or "too low to print, please call for price"......? I have seen this with Asics Running shoes as well as other "pew pew" related items. MAP does not compel vendors to sell at a minimum, they just cannot advertise the (assumedly low) price, correct?
  3. ytsejam87

    1/48 MiG-15

    Beautiful OOB work!
  4. ytsejam87

    Calling Formula 1 fan Bigassham . Rise up F1 Fans

    well. I just started watching a dvr copy of the spanish gp fp2. What a joke. It seems espn hasn't paid their bill to sky sports. there isn't any commentator audio! there are interviews, but no audio from the interviews! Yes a complete joke. i do miss the old crew from nbcsn. This is bad enough to make me not watch any other up and coming events.
  5. Well, just as a follow up, I placed a small order for 3 attack squadron Polish Air Force upgrade sets for the tamiya F-16C, and am completely satisfied. I did spring for priority shipping, and received my order on time! Thanks for all of the feedback!
  6. ytsejam87

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    For some reason, I cannot find any references connecting the battle of Britain, Winston Churchill, Tamiya and their (obviously) soon-to-be released F-16D, My google-fu must be weak.
  7. ytsejam87

    So The Music Died?

    CF18, I don't necessarily think modeling is dying, I think it is fading here in North America. Where are the kits produced? Where is the aftermarket produced? It would be intriguing to see kit demographics on the eastern side of the asian rim. It seems to me that gundam has kept a bigger portion of younger folks in japan interested in the hobby. Nothing like that on the same scale seems to be promoted/popular here in the USA.
  8. ytsejam87

    So The Music Died?

    John53, I come from the same idea, my father encouraged me to model during the space race days, and I have had the bug ever since. Always circling back to the hobby. I don't think it is just necessarily computers. I feel that as time has gone by, less and less folks are doing ANYTHING with their hands, like automotive work, wood work and our favorite hobby. This also reminds me of a quote from one of my college professors (ironically, electrical engineeing wise, his initals were jwL): "when I (the professor speaking) went to college, there were 10 engineering students to every law student, now (back in the mid '80s) there are 10 law students to every engineer". It was intended to be motivational, but also in hindsight, a bit of a warning. So, I feel that your comments about the hobby are just a touch off. I hate to say it, but I feel that the hobby will die IN THE USA as the baby boomers die out. As such, I think it is natural that Revell Monogram USA has been dying the slow death it has been over the past 30 or so years. However, we get to experience the hobby at it's quality pinnacle, as it seems that other countries have taken the baton and truly run with it! Truly it is a golden age.
  9. ytsejam87

    1/48 JASSM availability?

    Not that it is a definitive source, but, according to this article on war-zone, all 19 JASSM-ER's were deployed from B-1B's.
  10. ytsejam87

    Which 1/48 SU-35?

    check out doogs models on youtube. He has a really nice build series that compares between both SU-35's you have mentioned. it is called "flankoff'. He is painting as he goes along, and the series is ongoing! Highly worthwhile, and is quite neutral (in my opinion).
  11. ytsejam87

    Hobbico goes Tango Uniform

    uh oh. need to visit some hobby lobby's and michaels today ASAP......
  12. ytsejam87

    Next 1:48 GWH kit - Su-25?

    The smooth(er) lines of the SM are nice, but the two seaters have a burly look that to me says, "I can take a hit".
  13. ytsejam87

    Next 1:48 GWH kit - Su-25?

    Okay, I will play. What variant would you all like to see first. I say SU-25TM.