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  1. Curt, I had a plumber friend who owed me a favor who core drilled thru my foundation. Even so, he mentioned it would have been quite inexpensive. ~50.00 to perform the deed. (power tool investment to do this as a one time item would have been prohibitive, in my eyes). Of course, I had to get a short piece of dryer ducting with the associated exterior venting, and DIY the install. Ain't nutnfancy about it. Anyhow, I don't know your home layout (basement or not, location of dryer vent (if so equipped), but perhaps a location could be found that could support such an install?
  2. I don't remember the melting of straws during the '70's. perhaps the new paper straws are missing a coating that was used "way back when".
  3. I have had very good success using the online form here: 1. my m4a3e8 was missing polycaps. and they took care of me in short order. 2. an example of a "longshot": one of my pets, knocked over my half opened jar of extra thin onto my 1/48 p-51 cockpit floor part, trashing it. I asked them and they hooked me up with a clean part also in a extremely fast timeframe. Great service. https://www.tamiyausa.com/contact/
  4. You are luckier than I. Our town's refuse directs us to not recycle type 6. so, for some items (in this example styrene), we are threatened with fines for "contaminating" the single stream recycling! This "contamination" is the reason we are told that Chinese recycling firms are rejecting the recycled materials. So, for me, it's off to those folks who will actually recycle it. So much for going green. On to the paper bags: I would think that this would adversely affect the packaging QA by slowing it down tremendously, as the QA folks would have to open the paper bag to look inside to ensure what those contents are, Increasing the costs even more than the possible increase by using paper. Guess we will have to wait for Scotty to give us that formula for 100% transparent aluminum paper.
  5. If you are in the US, one can find a recycling location that not only takes plastic bags but sprue as well here I assume other locations around the globe do the same. At least one manufacturer (academy) asks modelers to inspect the parts BEFORE opening the bags, for them to honor any warranty, so a separate bag per sprue seems appropriate. For me, I feel just fine making the small effort taking my modeling plastic waste to the recycling center once a year or so. Niart17, too funny!
  6. my two for my F-2's came in today. they look nice! thanks!
  7. Curt, I have a dayton 6fhx9 fan attached to the top of the booth. (I am not a lawyer, but a Electical Engineer) I investigated, and I decided the chances were small for any ignition of "fumes" with this type of fan. I didn't use their mount but use the following video for inspiration: I will post a pic, after I get GIMP installed. Stay tuned.
  8. Curt, I rolled my own using MDF. My only regrets were not making it deep enough, and leaving it (stupidly)unpainted (this is easily changed though) . MDF also made it a touch heavy, which, may not work well in your rollaway scenario. If you go the DIY route, also consider installing led lighting, as well as an easily accessible short power strip/switch.
  9. one more link to a no-name brand: https://spraygunner.com/portable-hobby-spray-booth-by-no-name-brand/
  10. Curt, Take a look at this product on ebay as a possible guide for your solution. I didn't check CFM specs on the fan, but it seems like it could be something you could be looking for. I would think there are other, better units out there. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VIVOHOME-Airbrush-Spray-Paint-Booth-Kit-w-LED-Exhaust-Filter-Hobby-Painting-Set-/293349538518?hash=item444cfebad6
  11. Just shot my Tamiya M4A3E8 with Stynylrez. I used my .5mm needle Iwata Neo (dedicated primer AB) at 30 psi, and spray straight from the bottle. It dries pretty quickly and self levels wonderfully. Straighforward to clean too. It is an acrylic, and needs to cure fully to sand properly. I am quite happy with it. I have not had problems with tamiya, Mr Color , AK interactive Real Color, or Extreme Metal paints adhering. Check this thread out: plus, these two videos sold me a while back. and A nice online hobby store to purchase it!: http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_product=3758&controller=product&search_query=stynylrez&results=18
  12. Wow! All of your builds look magnificent!
  13. holy crap, thats nearly one a week with superlative skills! Amazing! Where do you find the time?
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