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  1. Viper, thanks for the recommendation! just ordered the Leopard 2a6 for a nice price of 39usd. Anyone have an opinion on meng's t-90? Is is too much for a "rookie"?
  2. Getting back into modeling, after a number of years off. I will be building modern jets once I get my Ventilation squared away in my basement. However, I would like to build a few modern armor kits in the mean time. painting using rattle cans in my garage. Are there any modern armor kits, that have the reputation like the Tamiya f-14 and f-16c, where they are highly accurate, and easy to build?
  3. Would that be a f-16 or a f-14? If f-16, i think AMK will beat Tamiya to the punch....
  4. Is this Meng's first 1/48 scale modern jet?
  5. I would defer to the list that AMK released. For the USA, it was either Stevens International, or Victory Models. Sprue Brothers aren't on the list.
  6. I used an older technology to contact Victory models. It is called a telephone! Anyhow, I left a voicemail with Bob, and he then called me back with the following info: 1. yes Victory Models will be taking pre-orders. 2. The price is $55.20. 3. In order to make it easier on all parties, Victory is not taking pre-payment. They are only looking for a committed count to provide to AMK. 4. To place your pre-order, use bob's email address from the Victory models website, and provide your name, address, telephone number, and how many F-14D's from AMK you will commit to pre-ordering. I committed to three. I apologize, I know, I am a lightweight. I only have 35 kits in my stash. 5. If/when the 5000 unit mark is reached, further instructions will follow. Thats all I have. Hope this helps.
  7. indeed, thank you Berkut. I see this as an opportunity to benefit from a vendor who produces an exemplary product and and opportunity to help that same vendor expand it's product line!
  8. I did reach out to sprue brothers a bit ago. their email reply (paraphrasing) was that all they know is what we do, No one (inferred amk, or otherwise the supply chain) has reached out to sprue brothers at the moment.
  9. Nice recovery! Don't give yourself a rough time! Dry fitting and masking both take goodly amounts of practice. Given this is #4, I am sure your clue bag just got a bit bigger, so that you can put to good use those "do's and dont's" you picked up!
  10. nice video! did anyone see any sprues of 1/48 f-16 family models lying about?
  11. venom, though not a direct block 60 to block 60 comparison, this link compares hasegawa's and kinetic's Sufa. it might prove helpful to you!
  12. Same here tonight. Saw it at Hobby Lobby in South Central PA. With this kit in one of the Box stores here in the USA, I would hope some resin manufacturer (cough wolfpack cough) would see this as a business opportunity to bring this "ole reliable" kit up to snuff with a re-release of their MSIP II resin kit!
  13. Thanks for the tip. I will follow your advice!
  14. 4th model? except for the color, it looks great! I agree with Darren. you already have masking techniques down that I would die to have!
  15. Indeed. It does sound like a business opportunity, though. I believe that I am getting back into the hobby a number of years too late for my subject matter taste. I am using this "new" revell kit as a "lets get aquainted to the hobby again" kit, so I should just leave it at that! Then when my chops are better, invest in the GWH kit.