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  1. Andy does his typical sprue walkthru on a production kit
  2. Sweet! you might like to repost in the appropriate forum yourself. Moderators time is nearly unobtainable recently here.
  3. Check daves scalemates link below, he has listed what you are looking for!
  4. Title says it all. looking for the f-16d arctic scheme portion from the twobobs 48-170 decal sheet. thanks!
  5. Look at Dave’s scalemates page, he has the test vipers sheet listed.
  6. At least here in the USA, Revell has been a price based value leader. Sometimes one gets a gem like their F-22 and sometimes you get a clunker. I expect this will be under $20.00 at hobby lobby soon. I don’t think either GWH’s or academy’s excellent offerings would ever be available at that price.
  7. I find it disappointing that Revell went the way they did with the stores. If we consider that they have a “standard stock” of weapons from earlier kits, I guess they forgot that they have had amraam’s in their F-16c kits since 2002 and AIM-9x’s since their F-18e kits since 2009. Though, to be fair to Revell, the aim-7’s aren’t called out in the instructions. They even mark them as unused. However, the instructions do call out AIM-120’s in the paint and decal section. Just a a bit of a head-scratcher that they chose this route. Just a few corrections, and it would h
  8. iirc, it was early boxings only. if you ordered the "kinetic gold" kit, you should be ok. here is a link to scalemates for the original boxing.....https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k48031-f-a-18c-hornet--956117. Raymond from Luckymodel, might even chime in with specifics!!!!! HTH.
  9. Preorder from luckmodel: 39.99 usd https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=ZVE-4807
  10. twobobs website says 3/22! https://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p744_48-277-F-15C-Grim-Reapers-End-of-an-Era.html
  11. janman, I know it has been a few years, but, just in case you didn't see this kit. check here for a mp4/2c. http://www.nunumodelkit.com/mclaren-mp4-2c-86-portuguese-gp/ and https://reviews.ipmsusa.org/review/mclaren-mp42c-86-portuguese-gp
  12. I would think that a guitar fret cutter would work, though, as mentioned above, the hardness of the metal pin that you mention could damage the tool straight off. Perhaps this dental with tungsten carbide blades would work? https://surtex-instruments.com/product/flush-cut-hold-distal-end-cutter/
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