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  1. tool box recommendations

    So, I see direct and indirect mentions as to what goes INTO a tool box, but what I am looking for, is a recommendation for the tool box itself to put my tools into! I work between the "paint room" in the basement, and my home office table, so I need to cart knives, snips, glues etc, between floors. The only caveat I have is that I need to be able to store a few medium sized super glues vertically in the box, of course in addition to the rest of the typical kit (two knives, nips, sanding sticks,, glues, etc). I don't want it overly huge, potentially something along 12"-14" in width. Any recommendations?
  2. Another New Line of Paints

    I found the exact opposite when ordering extreme metal from AK interactive. It was cheaper to order and ship from Spain, than the most inexpensive US retailer. Essentially, when comparing orders with AK and US online or US LHS it was "buy 7 and get 3 free".
  3. Redstar Scale Models

    check this link out! I believe they are updating their website.
  4. best online vendor for AK interactive extreme metal

    ok, so I took your advice and contacted scalehobbyist.com. I did ask my lhs for pricing, as well as scalehobbyist. I then checked out ak's website. prices were as follows: lhs: 11.99. per jar. scalehobbyist: 8.99 per jar. AK 6.11 per jar. Transportation wise: to purchase from my lhs, I have to drive an hour. scalehobbyist was reasonable in their shipping. AK was only a bit more to ship from Spain. So, I was, in essence get 3 tubes of oils from AK for free in comparison to scalehobbyist. I want to give folks here my business, but geez, it sure seems the US distributors are shooting themselves in the foot in their margins they charge.
  5. Easy airbrushing of camouflage schemes

    thanks! This makes camo painting look easy. I will try it out over the weekend! I hope to master this technique.
  6. Exhaust fan for my spray booth

    Steve, I used the fan recommended by the Vent-works folks. I don't think 265 cfm is overkill at all. I also concur with David on using vent-works' adapter, even if I used a "cheapo-equivalent by hacking a exterior dryer vent hood into an adapter. If I did it all over again, I would have also added room for a LED light bar at the top of the unit. I just don't have room for one now, in mine.
  7. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    B.Sin, I WORD, your WORD! It is good to hear from AMK concerning all of this. I am patiently waiting for the release, whenever that may be!
  8. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Jeffrey, Yes, you are correct that no one will die, because AMK did release, or will not release their Tomcat. And, in my opinion, you are quite correct on model making, as well as model creation. Time (as well s given and acquired skill, and of course money) is what we put into our kit-building, and we all typically enjoy when vendors put extra time and effort into making their kits that we consume. The more time they put in making their kits easy to build and ensuring that their kits are accurate, the more we typically purchase, and subsequently, purchase on reputation. It is also my opinion that, there are a few of us out here, that answered the call when AMK asked us to "pre-order". This request also came with the thought that if they hit that 5k preorder mark, that the kit would be produced and available In December 2017. We all did not make up these dates and numbers, AMK did. Given their reputation with the quality of their previous kits, alot of folks said "I am in, I will buy (at least) one". I speculate that there were more than 5000 kits that were pre-ordered. Then, we hear, essentially, nothing from AMK concerning the preorder. Frankly, since I did not put cash out for my pre-order, I am not at all concerned, and only commenting about the circumstance. But, as I have said before, I would like to add their kits to my stash! I don't (nor do I believe anyone here) wants AMK to rush thru and put out a sub par product. I want AMK to succeed. As this is a modeling forum, speculation on new kits, as well as discussions about companies that support our hobby will continue. Building beautiful models (of which I cannot say I can do just yet) is a goal we all have. Additionally hits as well as props to reputations of companies will continue, and I think demonstrate that this forum is still alive and well. It is all quite fun!
  9. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Given Uwe's thoughts: I would expect that they would NOT let us know if they hit the number. If they acknowledged reaching the 5k pre-order mark, and did not deliver in December 2017 they would take a huge hit in their reputation. A hit they could possibly never recover from, as theirs is a premium product sold to a discriminating audience. My speculation is that they did hit the 5k pre-order mark, and for whatever reason, could not hit their production date commitment. Given the trickle (to be kind) of communications, from AMK all that we have IS speculation. I am still in for my commitment. Hopefully AMK will come thru soon.
  10. best online vendor for AK interactive extreme metal

    thanks viper. I will check them out. gonna give my lhs a try, even though they are ~50 miles away!
  11. Spray Booths - Input for Artograph vs Paasche

    If you are handy beyond modeling, take a look here for an idea for a DIY: https://vent-works.com/blogs/the-ventilation-blog/15945741-diy-hobby-spray-booth. I actually built my spray booth last year, out of mdf, then saw the above video and took their advice and bought the fan. materials were total under 140.00.
  12. As the title says, I am looking for a decent online vendor (competitive pricing decent shipping, good inventory) for the Extreme Metal product from AK Interactive.
  13. just placed mine!
  14. Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    Jake, Thanks! Filled in my "Jake Collection" with a book and two decal sheets! Awesome! Joe
  15. Airbrush question

    Christian, If you like your Revolution CR and have mastered it, then I think it will be fine for larger scales. From what I see it has a .5 needle set. with the only upgrade being the .3 needle set. I understand that to mean the ability to spray a finer smaller line. Take a look at this video on youtube. I do have a Eclipse hp-cs, that i have about 20 hours thru (painting 1/35 and 1/48) as well as a new yet-to-be-used iwata neo-cn. I mention the neo, as it seems to have a similar structure as the revolution. I find the Eclipses nozzle assembly to be quite easy to clean, as it is much larger. With the head cap used to clamp the eclipses nozzle assembly in place it seems to be much less fiddly to disassemble than the microwrench method the revolution or neo use. That neo nozzle is SMALL!. I would imagine it COULD be susceptible to over torque-ing when reassembled. The eclipse can be reasonably had at hobby lobby especially with their "once a week" 40% off regularly priced item coupon. Enough of my fan-boy enthusiasm of the eclipse! If you like your revolution, and spray well with it, you should keep your revolution!