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  1. Quick update and a little flex on what I pulled off. Basically got finished with all the decals. There was a little issue though where my reference image of 81-0988 has a word, I think "Champs," written where the crew chief's, pilot's etc. names are usually written. Don't quote me on that, but if anyone has info on what the word is, please do share. Anyways, the decals have either an empty frame with the bulldog or one full of text that isn't for my tail-number. You might notice the decal is a little cut-up and see where I'm going with this. I basica
  2. Fantastic work on this one. She's gonna be dirty alright! Can't wait to pick up the GWH Hog myself, they offer so many different options for the decals.
  3. Got the Corogard sections painted & I'm quite happy with them. The edges are obviously too big for this scale but it gets the point across! All the ordnance is done too, now everythint is just waiting for a gloss coat & decals. After that I can get down to weathering.
  4. Haha, I like using colors that stand out against gray, so I can see which sections still need paint. The chromate green was actually a happy accident, I meant to buy a lighter shade but someone had put that cockpit green in with the lighter ones. The fact that it looks like actual airplane primer is very cool though!
  5. Good to know! Any reason they don't seem to appear on most A-10s?
  6. Started work on those painted sections which would have been perfect as decals.... kind of disappointed in the decals of the kit now, when they obviously go to great lengths to recreate these specific tail numbers, but then forgo something as unique as this. Oh well, at least it'll be a nice challenge. Still need to do the thin little darker lines so you can actually make out what I'm trying to recreate here. And they really do need to be as thin as I can make them. Otherwise it'll just be comical looking.
  7. Back again with the hog. Finally got the Compass Ghost scheme how I want it. I might have to tidy up the fuselage sides a bit though, but it's getting there. Finally got Dark Ghost Gray down, as AK's rendition hasnt been correct at all to my eyes. I've always just rectified this by adding some Tamiya Sea Blue on top of it to make it bluer but this time I decided to make a proper paint mixture. A mix of Intermediate Blue & Dark Ghost Gray seemed to do the trick & I'm very happy with the end result. It was however still lightened with some Light Ghost Gray on top to simulate some additio
  8. Hey y'all. Got the cockpit together very quickly actually! Added some documents on our pilot's lap to cover up that nasty hole on the leg. Worked out quite nicely. I clearcoated everything, applied the decals and wash, and sealed everything with AK's 3rd Ultra Matte Varnish. This stuff's been working super well for me & gives me a dead flat surface. The decals were brilliant. The raised details didn't give me any issues & the instruments look just painted on! Some of the side panel switches are misaligned but you can't even tell unless you zoom in. That w
  9. Finally back! Been quite busy with work but eager to get back into it with the Hog. Folded the US flag for the cockpit. The measurements for it were accurate in 1/48th, and it was then folded in the correct fashion. I had to cut some bits off because of the difficulty of folding something so small that many times. Just need the dark blue coloring & some stars and we'll hopefully be good (if only it were that easy...) Also added some details to the ejection seat. The black sections on the C seats were a surprise to me so I had to hand paint them. Not that it wo
  10. Seems so, from the dry-fitting I did. I feel like modern kits are much better in this aspect. Fit is much better than kits from 20 years ago.
  11. It's finished! Just need to get some photos that'll do her justice. Waiting for sunny weather mostly. I have to build a little lightbox some day as well. Would make photos so much easier!
  12. Some progress this weekend. Gave the pilot his tan flight suit for the sandbox. Still needs a wash but I'll add that after a gloss coat. Not that happy with the detail, an aftermarket pilot would definitely do wonders here. Didn't bother cleaning up the legs either since it'll mostly be hidden in the cockpit. Applied the base colors for the cockpit as well. The decals for the instrument panels are quite nice so all the details will come after the gloss coat. I painted the ejection handles with a white to prepare for the yellow for better coverage. I'm missi
  13. Hey y'all! Time for another Hog. After almost a month, I finally got my hands on the Academy A-10C. Well... sort off. It's actually a Hobby 2000 boxing of the same molds with some much cooler decals - Hogs, that took part in Operation Inherent Resolve fighting against the Islamic State, 2017-ish. Local store said Academy aren't producing this set much for some reason. Don't know how true that is but I'm happy I got this one. There's some great pictures of the tail numbers in the decals with plenty of kill markings, unique weathering and of cour
  14. I think you could snatch a decal from another sheet (I don't know how big your stash is). The gray might be a bit off, but it's better than nothing. I wrestled with the same issue, it's a shame Zvezda decided to do the walkways as those huge decals. Are you gonna do any "no step" stencils or just the masked walkways?
  15. Briallint work with all the scratchbuilding... What are you going to do with those lights next to the Refueling receptacle? They getting primed as well?
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