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  1. Thank you, the troley is included Italeri's F-35B kit
  2. 1/48 Go Tamiya, 1/72 Go Academy. Both easy and accurate. Of course you can choose GWH in 1/72 as well, highly recommand thier limited versions, VF-41 A model with nose art and VF-31 D model with last flight decal and new parts.
  3. Wow! Superb! And it's even much harder to get despite of all those issues the kit has. Truly master piece!
  4. Infinity from Korea, also you can get them from Reedoak too
  5. Thank you sir for all those first-hand info for us modellers to study, back what we made or what we about to make. Those stories sometimes show why and how somethings we would notice when we check from some reference photos. I'm so flattered that someone like you who work on or fly the real thing like the work I've done, especially the exact one that my model was try to replicate, to be honest, I'm so happy right now, and I guess that is joy for me to make the scale model, as best as I can do, to scribe the real feel of the real thing. Thank you sir for your numerous w
  6. Thank you sir. Yes, some chains are too loose, especially on the main gears. About the rear weapon rails, thank you so much, I had some info about the TARPS pod was carried by the squadron but I didn't know the rails were never there even when the pod was loaded, great info. I'm always curious about the mission marks, did you paint them between combat missions? I know this was real in WWII, but current time? Or they were not painted until the deployment was about to finish? Thank you~ Best regards,
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