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  1. About the over-pronounced bulges on the spine, here are some comparison with Tamiya, to my eye, yes there are some over-pronounced here and there, some little sanding should be useful. 20190806154427 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr 20190806154424 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr The merging area of the spine to the fuselage should be sanded too 20190806154539 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr Some re-scribe work should be done after the sanding, here is the result. 20190806154559 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr 20190806154554 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr Also there is some filling and sanding and re-scribing need to be done on the beaver tail. 20190806154535 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr 20190806154602 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr
  2. Some molding lines are visible due to the slider mold, a little sanding can easily move them 20190806154226 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr 20190806154229 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr Also the ejector-pin-holes should be filled and sanded 20190806154235 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr 20190806154402 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr You can see I'd also filled the holes for the pylon of the fuel tank, yes, which were in wrong position 20190806154358 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr The fitting of the kit is pretty good, you can see from the intakes attaching to the fuselage, not glued 20190806154249 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr
  3. It's been quite a while since the last time I touched any scale model many years ago. Feel good being back. Several kits on the shelf, all are 1/72, among them is the long waited G.W.H 1/72 F-14D, thanks to G.W.H for giving it as present. I will not review the kit separately, but will talk about some fix and change during the building. To give you a quick answer about the kit, from my perspective view, good enough but not flawless. The first thing came into my eye, is for a D model but no BOL and any bomb racks. The LANTIRN is missing either, but the kit does offer you the pylon for it... I don't know maybe G.W.H would consider to offer a weapon set separately soon? No idea. Anyway, they just do what HASEGAWA did 20 years ago with no weapons in the box of any aircraft. And the consequence is that I had to find the BOLs and bombs and racks in the after market, thank god, the evil HASEGAWA made some acceptable sets before... I can't say the BOL in 72nd scale of Hase is good in detail, but at least the size and shape is quite acceptable, well anyway I'd hang some Sidewinders on it. If you consider the BOL from HobbyBoss, I'd say get rid of the idea. The detail looks OK but the accuracy size and shape is offset. 20190806154142 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr 20190806154213 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr The cockpit tub looks fine, but the seats, looking good but I will still try some resin stuffs from Aires or so... 20190806154223 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr 20190806154216 by Brent Jin, 於 Flickr
  4. great detail and great painting! awesome!
  5. Have you ever sold a build? I'm in search of a F-15E for my office.

  6. Thank you guys, Yes, Don is correct. The thing is high-voltage-LED that could simulate gun flash when it fires, the gun will also recoil too, and gun-fire sound will play.
  7. Not long time, but you'll have the correct aft-speed-brake-fairing in the Alpha box Cheers
  8. L4815 is history now... you will see the A/B style of speed brake fairing in the coming product very soon...
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