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  1. Hasegawa's Super Hornet with the addition of Pavla Resin seats in the cockpit and weapon loads from Academy's F/A-18C and Hasegawa's weapon sets...
  2. Academy's F-8 built OOB, airbrushed with Gunze's acrylics...
  3. Hasegawa's Skyraider with an adition of Eduard parts in cockpit. Painted with Gunze acrylics...
  4. Get these LANTIRN pods off your model as the 617 airframe belongs to the 343sqn wich is not LANTIRN equiped. Its misiion is SEAD(Supression of Enemy Air Defence) so you can load it with a pair of AGM-88s. Keep it up...
  5. Thanks guys... :o Three more photos of the bombs loadout:
  6. This is my first build after almost a year. Academy's new F/A-18C kit built straight from the box. I only added a Verlinden's resin seat and a JDAM from Hasegawa's weapon set. Painted with Gunze acrylics and decals come from Eagle Strike Productions' range.
  7. And some more: In progress shots here...
  8. Finished a few hours ago. Hasegawa's B-26 with a "Big Ed" detail set added.
  9. Archangel 2005: HAF Open days 2007, Souda AB:
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