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  1. Were you looking for a 61 or 51? Ray
  2. Trade with confidence with Kerry, fast, efficient and as advertised. Cheers Ray
  3. I've got two 1/32 Kits, Pacific Coasts Models Macchi 202 and Fiat G55. I haven't built either but looking in the box they look very nice for short run kits. Looking at it right now I would say the 55 looks more refined but I do like the looks of the 202.
  4. Glad to see this kit come out and I'll be getting this one for sure. I picked up a WNW Barkers Snipe at HLJ when the rumors started just in case they were true and sadly they are.
  5. 2 months and a few days for my last one from Hannants
  6. Hang in there, same thing happened to me, the second package I ordered arrived before the first one I ordered.
  7. Just received my package from HLJ today, shipped on the 15th so 10 days to BC Canada I say is pretty good.
  8. I have a package on its way from Hobby Link Japan that shipped June 19th, I get great service from them and since it ships to Vancouver first I expect that it will get to me in BC pretty fast. Totally agree on shipping costs from the US, they have gone up significantly. I really like Victory Models and others but my last shipping cost made it pretty expensive. This also affects our friends in the States and I don't blame them when they don't want to ship outside of the US because of the extra work and cost. I'm sure trades online are way down since my first trade back in the 90s.
  9. I ordered a package from Hannants that was shipped Apr 06, I just got it last week in perfect condition so just over 2 months. I'm not blaming Hannants as Canada post told me they have a backlog and how long did this package sit in the UK post I'm not sure. I wasn't to worried as everyone is seeing delays, I am just glad to get the new Fly Bristol Freighter and Eduard Mustang.
  10. Hi Ed Not looking at a specific serial number yet but considering that they were there till 68 I believe that both wing styles would have deployed there, from what i've read so far the Case X wings were never modified to Case XX wings. Looking at other threads on ARC i'm not the only one who has tried to figure out the different wings. Cheers Ray
  11. Did they use the 102 with both the case X and Case XX wing in Vietnam. Also any rumours that Meng will upscale their excellent F-102A to 1/48 :)
  12. Hi Darren You are correct, Caracal makes a sheet and Victory models has 5 in stock. I was looking into this as the Hasegawa boxing of this is available on Ebay right now but I don't do Ebay. . I'm no expert on the F-15 but looking to see if the Hasegawa C model I have can be back dated or if the F-15J boxing would work better. There is a thread on Brit modeller where a guy has done an extensive list on what is needed to make a Streak Eagle so using that right now. Half the fun is researching a new project because clearly my stash isn't large enough yet :) Cheers Ray
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