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  1. I want to give a BIG shout out to Drifter Don who graciously donated the decals so I could finish this kit also all those who sent me pics and insight on the Props forum. I tried to replicate the vents on the top of the cowling with styrene and then scraps of photo etch but they turned out pretty bad so sanded and filled it back in as I wasn't happy with my effort. I had no issues with the kit except for the thick canopy but it is clear. The wings have to be thinned down for the Wolfpack wing folds but I think it is worth it for the added detail. All in all an enjoyable build and my first crac
  2. I wanted to leave the canopy open to better see some detail but this kit has the thickest canopy for 1/48 I have ever seen so I left it closed.
  3. I added some push rods and wiring to the engine, not totally accurate but you cant see much of it anyway
  4. My Latest build is Hobby Boss's 1/48 Bearcat. I used Eduards interior, Quick boosts engine and Wolfpacks wing fold.
  5. 1/32 Pacific Coast Models Macchi C.202 kit # 32002 looking to trade for the Special Hobby 1/32 MkV Tempest. Located in Canada
  6. An up to date 1/48 Eurofighter, the Revell is decent but just look at Hasegawa's 1/72 surface detail and imagine what they would do in 1/48
  7. Second this one, someone has to be looking at doing a new F-89
  8. Hi Richard I was pretty sure about getting AK3077 deep sky blu but this might be a backup as I can get it local and it looks pretty close but maybe a touch dark but I could experiment with a drop or two of white. Thanks Ray
  9. Hi Ken Much appreciate the help, I can get AK easier than Lifecolor which I have never used but your link also took me to Humbrol 48 and even though the lid doesn't look like a good match their paint swatch for that color looks like a pretty good match. The AK is probably a better match and I can get that in Canada from Sunward. Thanks for this. Cheers Ray
  10. Exactly! light blue is not much help :) I saw two of these jets at the end of the runway in Danang and they were freshly painted and Very clean. Pretty confident that an ARC member will have some good info on this color. Cheers Ray
  11. Looking to trade for a Airfix Spitfire Kit # AO5117. If you have one excess to your needs maybe I have something in my stash you would be interested in trading it for. Thanks Ray in Canada
  12. Looking for some help with a color match or FS number for the upper and lower color on this Vietnamese SU-22. Thanks Ray
  13. I might be able to help you but it would ship from Canada. Let me know.
  14. 1/32 Pacific Coast Models Macchi C.202 kit # 32002 for sale. 60 bucks US , sorry not set up for paypal. Located in Canada
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