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  1. looking for a shelf of doom kinetic t-45 OR either the lowered or raised flap actuaters, which ever you didn't use. Please contact me off board. Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  2. Aaron, I have a growler. Kit is complete. Let me know off board. Bob Bbinder1453@att.net
  3. let me check. im pretty sure i have that set. i will be using the fight's on sheet. BTW, i think mike pister still has some of his decals. i can check if you want me to. Cheers bob bbinder1453@att.net
  4. thank you!!! wish i was in Austin, san antonio or port A actually. i'll be there next year!!
  5. if anyone has the sand shark option they are going to use, i'd like to buy them off of you. this is 48th scale for the monogram kit. last of the army cobras, 48-01 contact me off board: bbinder1453@att.net tia Bob
  6. No joy at squadron. Found one on ebay 25.00. I'll scrap the kit first.
  7. Thanks dutch! Just saw your post, didnt even know they had one. I'll check it out. Thanks again. Bob
  8. Looking for this sheet 48064. Full partial. Could use color scan of profile. Contact me off board if you have one to get rid of. Bbinder1453@att.net
  9. Jerry, Total w/shipping to 46552, if it's still ava. Cheers Bob Bbinder1453@att.net
  10. As title says, need a canopy and windscreen for a mono f-8 crusader. Contact me at: Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  11. Looking to buy or trade for the above kits. Contact me off board at: Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  12. The ladder from the ta-4, right? Send me your address. I'll get it out asap before leaving for the nats😉 Cheers Bob Bbinder1453@att.net. notifications dont seem to work.
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