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  1. Eric, Send me a total to 15239 Email me off board, bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  2. Vs-28, uss independence
  3. Trade a complete unstarted 1/48 tamiya f-14a for the same tamiya f-14a late model. We each pay our own shipping. Contact me off board: Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  4. Any interest In trading the f-16c/n for either a hobby boss or italeri a-10c or a hasegawa ea-18g? All complete and unstarted. Cheers Bob Contact me off board: bbinder1453@att.net
  5. 1/48 italeri a-10c 1/48 hobby boss a-10c 1/48 hasegaw ea-18g Kits complete and unstarted. 45.00 each, buyer pays shipping. Shipping via pirate ship. Will trade For tamiya f-16c/n or kinetic gold f-16c, one for one. Contact me off board, please Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  6. Looking for the CAM 1/48 viking Valhalla decal sheet, mainly for the es-3 portion. Please contact me off board. Cheers Bob Bbinder1453@att.net
  7. Looking mainly for the vf-43 option from twobobs or from the special hobby kit. Cherrbob
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