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  1. Mark Reus and Maxwell Wee
  2. Jay,

    I have a meng e.

    Contact me at:






  3. Jay, ent you a pm on hyperscale. Contact me at bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  4. i'm in need of a cockpit from a hobbycraft a-4. if you have one please contact me off board. Cheers Bob Bbinder1453@att.net
  5. Looking to buy the kmc set. I'll take the whole set or just the pit in order to cast it. Tia Bob Bbinder1453@att.net
  6. Jeff, do you still need the pit? what parts exactly? contact me off board, cheers Bob bbinder1453@att.net
  7. Send me your address, if you still need it. Cheers Bob Bbinder1453@att.net
  8. ZM f-e early model. I'll never build it. 65.00 plus shipping. Contact me off board @bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  9. I may have it. I'll let you know tomorrow night when I return home.
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