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  1. Thanks but I'm looking for the heritage vipers sheet. Mainly the swamp fox markings with the weasel on the tail. Cheers Bob
  2. Brad, Contact me off board I have one. Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  3. Looking for speed hunter graphics 1/48 heritage Vipers sheet. If you have one or pieces, the dayton bird and the blue fox weasel mainly. please contact me off board. Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  4. Looking for afterburner sheet desert storm intruders. Mainly the brown camo scheme. Please contact me off board: Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  5. I'm looking for a neomage, Pavla or cobra company resin pit for a 1/48 italeri/esci mirage f.1 If you have one or two. Please contact me off board. Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  6. Contact me off board. I can help you out. Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  7. drooped wing and the engine bay is close enough, captain cheers Bob
  8. Looking for the kmc update set for the monogram f-8. If you have one to trade/sell please contact me off boards. Tia Bob Bbinder1453@att.net
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