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  1. Jerry, Total w/shipping to 46552, if it's still ava. Cheers Bob Bbinder1453@att.net
  2. As title says, need a canopy and windscreen for a mono f-8 crusader. Contact me at: Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  3. Looking to buy or trade for the above kits. Contact me off board at: Bbinder1453@att.net Cheers Bob
  4. The ladder from the ta-4, right? Send me your address. I'll get it out asap before leaving for the nats😉 Cheers Bob Bbinder1453@att.net. notifications dont seem to work.
  5. I still have the sh-60f conversion and the hh-60h conversion , if anyone is interested
  6. Right back at you , my friend! HAPPY FOURTH
  7. Rob, Found the sh60f and the hh-60h conversions. Also have the instructions for the b. Cheers Bob Bbinder1453@att.net
  8. I'm pretty sure I do. Cheers Bob Bbinder1453@att.net
  9. I'll keep looking. I think they are the same kits with the exception on the sonar. But I will keep you posted. Cheers Bob
  10. Would the hh-60h conversion work? I'm still looking for the sh-60. I'm pretty sure I have it also, just moved and CFS. Cheers Bob
  11. Reasonable offers considered or trades for 1/48 modern a/c. Please contact me off board. Cheers Bbinder1453@att.net
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