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  1. check your FB messages ๐Ÿ™‚ Tony
  2. Disclaimer; not a SeaKing expert here; But'........... well, accurate here is a relative term. Yes, you can build a SH-3D from the old Airfix kit but be prepared for some horrible fit issues with the cockpit glass. Any other SeaKing kit (except the Lindberg) is way better in all respects to the ancient Airfix offering. The best researched decals I have seen for 'Old 66' is the 2010 release by Apollo Decals; it covers the choppers gradual livery changes from Apollo 8,10,11 & 12. But if your concerned with accuracy, you won't be using the old Airfix kit, right. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. the canopy frame is out-to-lunch horrible, landing gear is way too thin, gun bay is ill fitting, horizontal stabilizer shape is off; to add to previous comments but nobody will mistake it for a Sopwith Camel Tony
  4. Well, I wouldnโ€™t go that far, the Airfix kitโ€™s shape is waaaaaaay more accurate than the Monogramโ€™s Tony
  5. What makes the situation more frustrating is that Airfix enlisted the help of a Sabre Mk4 expert, then ultimately ignored him, his work, and advice. They did do a 3D scan of a Sabre but of a Norwegian F-86F machine, similar in many respects but enough differences to be noticed.
  6. https://uk.airfix.com/community/blog-and-news/workbench/raf-sabre-a-stopgap-stunner Call me underwhelmed, even disappointed; from what I can see from the build photos, this is NOT better than the HasAcademy Sabres. Yes, the nose landing gear has a proper curved shape instead of the angled mess of the Hasegawa or Academy versions, but, there are several disappointing features glaringly obvious. The wing pylons are too far outboard for this version of Sabre, the speedbrake arms looking thin just as the 1/72 versions are, the wing fences appear to be massive 2x12 pieces of
  7. .......and I was about to give you the link.......just got home and was away from the computer for a day ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. From Flightline Engineering; a detail set for the Cf-100 Mk5D with cockpit, landing gear and assorted ECM antenna; major happiness here. Cheers, Tony
  9. yes, even early F-86F-1s received the 6-3 wing. Check your pics carefully and go with photo confirmation which wing it had. (or ask here)
  10. The Hasegawa and the Academy kits are equal in buildability for a Korean Sabre, keeping in mind that they only depict a F-86F that has the 6-3 wing installed. The Hasegawa kit also comes in a F-86F-40 box that does not represent a Korean era Sabre. Tony
  11. I guess it's too late to move your tank pylon mountings a bit more inboard to the proper Sta 99.5 or 79mm in 1/32 Tony
  12. this may help; the pylon location for RCAF Sabres is the Sta 99.5 position only. The positions moved outboard with later serial numbers for F-86Fs because of the fighter/bomber role all measurements are in inches. those inboard holes you opened are for post-war missile rails, I believe.
  13. Just Google 'AETE CT-114 Tutor' and a few more images show up. J-BOT did have decals but he has retired due to health reasons. Tony
  14. the images were of a F-86F with a -40 wing.
  15. Moose Jaw's flying weather has gotta be the best in the country. More hours of sunshine per year on the prairies than the rest of Canada, resulting in not many 'washout' days. Even in the bitter cold of winter, it's usually clear as a bell. Cheers, Tony
  16. ex-Snowbirds when rotated back to the school in Moose Jaw, would be painted Aluminum. All other jets on the line were bare metal. Starting in the mid-80s when the FIP scheme was introduced then one by one they started to receive the Aluminum Lacquer paint job(as Gary mentioned). But the majority of the fleet stayed in bare metal til retirement. So it all depends on what serial number you are doing and the time frame. I have a bit of experience on the CT-114, so don't be shy in asking any and all questions in a PM or here on the forum Cheers, Tony
  17. there are some teeny tiny parts that are close to impossible to remove from the sprue without damaging the part. The instructions are somewhat vague in the orientation of certain parts(eg. the two part wheel rime and windshield to frame). The optional parts to use for the different position of the rocket elevation could be better explained in the instructions. The tiny mirrors and other miniscule bits on the Hanomag are easily broken while handling the kit for painting. good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Tony
  18. just enough of a aerospace vehicle to make it into this forum; A Takom 1/72 V2, Meillerwagon, and Hanomag S100. The kit was given to me, to be built, from a friend whose father worked on the project at Peenemunde. A few classic mistakes but Mike was happy with the result.
  19. It's actually FS16515 Canadian Voodoo Grey and Xtracolor makes a Boeing Gray which is the same. True North Precision Paints has a Voodoo grey in it's range. Cheers, Tony
  20. is that a question or a statement ??
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