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  1. Just saw the parts at their site
  2. Actually it was arrived to lhs on 6th August.
  3. http://www.hobbyboss.com/a/en/Preview/2012/0713/876.html Hope they will correct the nose profile.
  4. acad


    Great job ~~~ !!!!
  5. Out of printed Moderart JASDF Aggressor book for sale , 95% new, Ask for USD 30, buyer pay shipping cost, dispatch from Hong Kong, Accept Paypal only. http://www.hlj.com/product/MDA718 Please feel free to PM me if any questions, thanks for watching.
  6. About the canopy issue, did trumpy corrected the shape?? ~~
  7. It's awesome~~ Great job ~~
  8. Hi, I painted it according to the manual, upper: 319+321+340 bottom: 315 and I mixed the color by 20~30% white owing to scale effect.
  9. Forgot to say the J-15 is a 1/72 kit. And the trumpy insider also said that the J-11B will on sale in China within October~~ from ... http://lt.cjdby.net/thread-1164877-4-1.html
  10. That is beautiful. Wonderful job. Love your paint job very much!!!!
  11. About the yellow canopy frame, it is a masking work. After sprayed the camo color, mask the edge of frame and spray in yellow. But I'm lazy that didn't masked all the frame. Hi~~ Certainly I can, this one, http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10034170 PS: And thanks all of your appreciation. =D
  12. Just saw this j-15 photo in a Chinese site, by a trumpy staff ~~
  13. con't .... This bird, together with 902 and 904 had been disassembled in 2009. Some pictures was taken by this Japanese blogger during Hyakuri AFB open day that year. Thanks for watching =D
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