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  1. I do the same thing... but kits like this keep me humble!!!!
  2. I have put it back on the shelf of doom... I have great Furball decals for it... and I want it to be done, but I have no interest in building it right now because it is fighting me...
  3. This kit is beating the crap out of me... What a turd for fit.... I got it from a friend and I fear it will send the rest of my life on the shelf of doom or thrown very hard into the nearest concrete wall...
  4. I got mine yesterday.... looking forward to diving in on one of the kits!
  5. I ordered mine the same day... still awaiting BUT truly excited for it.... Been wanting one for DECADES... tried kit bashing one years ago... never liked how it looked
  6. I ordered 2 from LM this morning... they are currently out of stock but have more on the way!!!
  7. I used to order a lot of stuff from there back in the day. I have not in the last five years or so because they had nothing I wanted in stock. And, I don't have archaic tastes in models. I looked for 1/48 Phantom, Corsair, Spitfire, and MIG stuff and there was never anything there. Kits or accessories..... sad
  8. Mine is usually 10-14 days from Hannants to my front door in Wisconsin
  9. It is listed in several sources that the IRIAF utilized some Farmers during and after the Iran-Iraq war. I have been looking for pics of them for a long time. As ARC grows, I am wondering if anyone has a pic or a place where I can find them. I really want to make and Iranian Farmer, and want to make sure I get it right... Thank you for looking!
  10. Me as well.... For ZM, Academy and Hasegawa!
  11. I have two of the -2s... Looks like all the early -3 parts EXCEPT the wider intake are in the kit.... I could probably kit bash it with a -4 if necessary
  12. Trying to be patient... Still waiting for the FJ-3 Fury....
  13. It looks like all the trees are the same in both boxes...the only difference is the decals and select parts used to make either one! Thank you for your help!
  14. Does anybody know if the parts necessary to make an FB-111A out of a F-111C are in the box? I originally got the kit to do an F-111B with triple plow II intakes, but lately have been in the mood to make a FB-111A. I understand weapons loadouts will be different, but I am really interested in this version of the Aardvark...
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