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  1. It is listed in several sources that the IRIAF utilized some Farmers during and after the Iran-Iraq war. I have been looking for pics of them for a long time. As ARC grows, I am wondering if anyone has a pic or a place where I can find them. I really want to make and Iranian Farmer, and want to make sure I get it right... Thank you for looking!
  2. Me as well.... For ZM, Academy and Hasegawa!
  3. I have two of the -2s... Looks like all the early -3 parts EXCEPT the wider intake are in the kit.... I could probably kit bash it with a -4 if necessary
  4. Trying to be patient... Still waiting for the FJ-3 Fury....
  5. It looks like all the trees are the same in both boxes...the only difference is the decals and select parts used to make either one! Thank you for your help!
  6. Does anybody know if the parts necessary to make an FB-111A out of a F-111C are in the box? I originally got the kit to do an F-111B with triple plow II intakes, but lately have been in the mood to make a FB-111A. I understand weapons loadouts will be different, but I am really interested in this version of the Aardvark...
  7. 90% of the people looking will never notice a shade difference and will not likely look at it with paint samples in their hand. I have 20 different aircraft in my office and no one has ever looked into the cockpits.. .I do strive for accuracy, but will not worry about a shade difference on the interior... The exterior is a different thing. Just my two cents
  8. I cannot wait to get that kit... Hopefully it will be a fun build
  9. That would be an awesome combo sheet!
  10. This is the one plane that I have been waiting for my adult life... I feel so close to getting it, yet so far away
  11. I cannot wait to get my hands on a couple of the FJ-3s
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