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  1. This is truly awesome news... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-tba202209-avia-s-199-mezek-mule--1277502
  2. I was not expecting this.... Looking forward to seeing it in person! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-tba202206-grumman-f4f-3-wildcat-battle-midway--1379231
  3. The closest out there in two-tone grey is https://www.reidairpublishing.com/decals/usaf-slufs. It does not have the Sioux City but it has the Des Moines squadron.. Super Scale might have made the VA ANG ones, but I am not sure.
  4. Great job... You are clearly more patient than I am!!!
  5. I do the same thing... but kits like this keep me humble!!!!
  6. I have put it back on the shelf of doom... I have great Furball decals for it... and I want it to be done, but I have no interest in building it right now because it is fighting me...
  7. This kit is beating the crap out of me... What a turd for fit.... I got it from a friend and I fear it will send the rest of my life on the shelf of doom or thrown very hard into the nearest concrete wall...
  8. I got mine yesterday.... looking forward to diving in on one of the kits!
  9. I ordered mine the same day... still awaiting BUT truly excited for it.... Been wanting one for DECADES... tried kit bashing one years ago... never liked how it looked
  10. I ordered 2 from LM this morning... they are currently out of stock but have more on the way!!!
  11. I used to order a lot of stuff from there back in the day. I have not in the last five years or so because they had nothing I wanted in stock. And, I don't have archaic tastes in models. I looked for 1/48 Phantom, Corsair, Spitfire, and MIG stuff and there was never anything there. Kits or accessories..... sad
  12. Mine is usually 10-14 days from Hannants to my front door in Wisconsin
  13. It is listed in several sources that the IRIAF utilized some Farmers during and after the Iran-Iraq war. I have been looking for pics of them for a long time. As ARC grows, I am wondering if anyone has a pic or a place where I can find them. I really want to make and Iranian Farmer, and want to make sure I get it right... Thank you for looking!
  14. Me as well.... For ZM, Academy and Hasegawa!
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