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  1. Yeah... "Paste-eating" special....
  2. Pretty sure I have been here since almost the beginning...
  3. FB post says the -2 is close to shipping and Cybermodel has the -3 listed for Decemberish.............it is my emphasis on the ish......
  4. Thanks... I ordered a new o rings and I will take it apart and install them. I did take it apart again tonight... put it back together, and I was able to spray with it at a lower pressure. BUT, I can still hear it hissing, albeit, much less! Thanks for the suggestion, I will post if it works!
  5. To all, My Badger took a proverbial dump as it no longer draws paint unless I have the air pressure at an absurdly high setting. I have cleaned it, the nozzle is clean, the needle is straight, looking for some help. As an aside, I can hear it leaking air when it is up to pressure. I have not isolated the leak. Creepy Guy
  6. I am desperately hoping it is still going to be released. It has been on and off and on again the Cybermodeler list for a while now.
  7. The N has the thin wing of the B model, so no... You could make an EARLY version of the S, without the wing slats, BUT you would need to add the slime lights, and the additional strengthening pieces that were added under the main fuselage/wing area. Honestly, most people would not notice the difference between a J and an early S
  8. They have a lot of similar parts, and you can do different versions from one box... HOWEVER, there are only Navy style pylons in the box.... and USN style gauges. The C boxing has the inside parts for a C or a D.
  9. Now that we are more than halfway through August... Has anyone heard any news on a release of the FJ-2?
  10. I usually made a mistake that I cannot get past or I lose interest... Ironically, usually the mistake is not even noticeable the next time I look at the build and start working on it again.
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