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  1. Now that we are more than halfway through August... Has anyone heard any news on a release of the FJ-2?
  2. I usually made a mistake that I cannot get past or I lose interest... Ironically, usually the mistake is not even noticeable the next time I look at the build and start working on it again.
  3. Haters be damned... I am excited about this kit!!
  4. But Ackbar....... Poor Ackbar couldn't Mary Poppins his way back into the ship.... Huge plot hole.....
  5. Update on Wisconsin hosting the F-35A https://www.channel3000.com/news/madisons-truax-field-chosen-by-us-air-force-to-house-f-35-fighter-jets/675945451
  6. Welcome the F-35 to Wisconsin... https://walker.wi.gov/press-releases/wisconsins-115th-fighter-wing-chosen-preferred-candidate-base-f-35a-lightning-ii
  7. I am still mourning the loss of Admiral Ackbar... That was CRAP.... I thought I was ok, but then IT WAS A TRAP... and I miss him again... Long Live his memory.... and the movie sucked in many ways... But still better than Episode 1 or 2
  8. I know it would... instead, we get another (yawn) Bf-109, P(yawn)-51, and more Flankers...
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