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  1. This should get everyone fired up. I've never seen video of the Yak-28P in service like this before.
  2. Lucky model has them for pre-order, and has posted photos of most if not all of the sprues. http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=BC-48001
  3. Gene, Did you take any photos of your initial tape together of the kit? There's only been grainy photos released showing what the model looks like assembled. How are the shapes and the look of the model?
  4. Yes, I remember seeing those somewhere too but can't find them now.there's not much mention of the kit on Meng website or on facebook. When their f-102 came out there were lots of nice photos of built test examples in various schemes.
  5. I know this kit has just been released but are there any build photos, shots of the instruction sheets or by chance shots of the completed model?
  6. More sprue shots as well as photos of the resin sets and marking options. http://www.moxdao.com/thread-11296-1-1.html
  7. Looks like a YouTube video kit review. It's all in Russian though.
  8. I can't wait, I'm looking forward to this one. One thing that looks like an improvement over the GWH kit is the slight slant and better shape of the AUX intakes as it meets the LERX.
  9. I was wondering if anyone that has the kit and ability can post a photo of the canopy and fuselage side profile on the kit. I haven't seen any photos of it yet on the actual plastic. It's hard to tell some of the shapes on the CAD's. Just curious of the overall look.
  10. I remember seeing all the hype about this kit a few years back and nothing materialized. Hippo's website has no updates I'm assuming this project was cancelled or the company is no longer producing kits?
  11. Omega Models already does a 1/72 resin Ye-8, although very expensive, if your waiting for an injection molded one you'll probably be waiting awhile as it was a prototype and never went into service. Omega Models Ye-8
  12. I knew there was something a little "off" about the MF nose as well. I just asked Gabor the other day about it, he agreed it wasn't a major error but he noticed it as well. The Eduard comment about not making a brassin set for the bis showed they are quite unhappy about all this outcry from the forums. Brett,
  13. I think Begemot's mig-25 sheet has white 37 on it plus a few more recce and BM markings.
  14. Chris over at Click2Detail.com is considering doing a 1/72 Mig-25BM conversion set for the Condor/ICM/Zvezda mig-25 kits. The set would include a new nose, his excellent mig-25 recce exhausts as well as KH-58's and their associated missile pylons. I believe this set would be very popular as I've heard of a lot of modelers being interested in the SEAD Mig-25BM. We still lack appropriate correct new wings for the Recce/Mig-25BM Foxbats as they had different chord and length then the interceptor versions which are included in the condor/icm/zvezda kits. Head over to his website and vote for a set
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