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  1. i haven't often see photos of "loaded" Voodoo! and it look awesome! (and without any gas bag hanging! even nicer! ...this will certainly inspire one of my future build!) thank you Jari, for all those great finds you share with us! much appreciated!
  2. i agree, but as flaps and slats can be added at a later stage of the assembly, and can(should) only be placed a 20 degree (fully deployed) ...it is less of a problem than for movable wings.
  3. i've take a look to see what you where referring to... just:OUCH! ...they're willing to sell the KASL wings 8$USD more than the Tamiya kit itself!!!
  4. those look nice... but a bit expensive for me...
  5. those who know the aircraft well, tends to wish to get the shapes right... personnaly, i've make sure i have the Komplekt Zip resin replacements (front, intakes, nozzles) in hand, before even ordering the plastic kit!!! (that's what i did...) there is thread in another forum that might help you... LINK
  6. i've just take a look at the two kits in my stash, and indeed the monogram model seems to be longer (a whole 10mm) larger (another 10mm) ...and something like 2mm in height (not calculating the legs as thoses kits are not assembled) what surprise me is how fine is the engraving on my monogram kit (but not exactly accurate...) ...and smoothness of surface (one could easily do a BMF...but the frogfoot never had such...still it tell how smooth is the plastic surfaces of the fit) the KP kit surfaces engraving is rather soft, and the worst parts are the two fuselage halves.(in the matter of engraving softness) and there is not much details... i'd recommend: new (eduard) pylons, and new ordinances. new wheels, and metal pitots, new seat... and new pit if you wanted to open the canopy. in any case, a photoetched enhancement is a must! (wether its Eduard (with color IP...) or Part from Poland (cheaper) have a good modeling time! cheers Simon
  7. the revell/monogram kit depict an very early production aircraft, with some afghan war mods.IIRC. SMER is now reboxing the good-old KP kit, available at decent price. ...add some aftermarket and you'll get something like the Eduard offering. (master now does pitots for 1/48 Su-25, whichever you choose, they will greatly improve the look of the model!)
  8. you are indeed right, Sokol plan only produced half of the Soviet Fishbeds... and "bis" is only the latest variant... but they exist and...by the greatest coincidence i'm currently building one of these exotic jets... i agree that "rubber yellow" would have been a more suitable color for canopy glasses sealant.
  9. Great to see you reprinted “Bravo MiG Killers Part II” ... i've been looking for it for ages... (i miss your first print, as i was hoping for the promised Vagabond decals VF-111 that never materialized, even years fater... I WON'T MISS IT TWICE!!!)
  10. i think i've seen it at least on some of the Sokol factory's MiG-21 bis (some ex- algerians repainted in gray IIRC)
  11. Great! i'll get one for sure! ...hope we'll see their Il-28 soon, also...
  12. mine was shipped 12 Dec, and arrived 29 Dec. (but i'm located in Canada)
  13. i don't think that this funny-silly boxart is trying to offend Reagan's memory... he's there because he's a strong (republican)American symbol, like the(crying)Eagle...the American Flag...Ronald MacDonalds... it's just an humoristic answer to people that where offended to see a F-15 having a hard time, on the background of a Plastic Model Kit's Boxart! ...and putting that, aside with other international events, like if there was any connection between them!!!...like if KH boxart was in any way, an expression, of the "defiance" of chinese people toward american almighty king of the world!!! ...which is really silly IMHO...
  14. Awesome and very welcome idea! i'm rather ignorant when it comes to details that make a more accurate canadian hornet representation (from the kinetic kit, this time) but i'd be happy to learn! thank you to share your knowledge
  15. too bad it's been postpone to a undetermined date... you cannot just "tease" and then "switch" for nothing... it's kind of a major "Faux-Pas"