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  1. F-35 news roundup

    yeah... but those a way less interesting/valuable jobs than those of Bombardier.(just think of the R&D)... BTW, Bombardier also hires workers in the USA...maybe more than Boeing does in Canada...(about 22 700 US jobs are tied with the Bombardier's Cseries only) Sorry it's a bit Off Topic, but couldn't just let it go...
  2. I was a bit shocked when i saw that news last night. his music was a part of the soundtrack of my younger years.
  3. haneto provide facts, you provide your own opinion. that's a fact. haneto is right. KH provide resin parts to correct poorly engineered and inaccurate plastic ones ... and those "corrected" parts...are still wrong! ...accuracy wise! (if any plastic ring that fits is OK for you, then, lucky you!) it's a little thing, barely noticeable for some... lucky them! they'll be able to "enjoy" this kit.
  4. maybe get a try through the FaceBook ARC group?
  5. Oh! that's cool! i'll surely get one as well! i alway liked their blue angel inspired scheme. wonder if they'll include the 2 intakes variations in the kit.
  6. The Paradise of Phantoms

    yeah! awesome videos! thank you for the links JackMan
  7. Tragedy in Terracina, Rome

    very sad indeed.
  8. you also have to relocate and change the gun. add some devices at the rear end of the tail.
  9. Great Wall Hobby 1/48 T-33A "Late Type"

    looks like a recon aircraft with the camera glasses... maybe RT-33A, since it's a former Yugoslavian airforce plane.
  10. hi sorry for the long time without any update been beginning a new job... that prevent me from posting update... that... and the fact that i'm in search for a new photo hosting solution... the model itself is 99.9% done... it only misses its canons...
  11. Great news then... but i have yet to grab their La-15... (a thing i'll only do when builds will be seen, and reviews being done... because its not the cheapest kit around for such a small and simple jet)
  12. a new F-14 from Tamiya 1.32

    couldn't agree more!
  13. ZM F-4 shape issue?

    Thank You REX one of the very valuable members here... thank you to come and give us some real facts. i miss the time that forum was the place for the modelling geeks, full of experts(first hand experience) where we could find something else than goodenuff trolls