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  1. i'm now stacking my money in case they'll do a 1/48 Tu-95M or a 1/48 Tu-160 one day.... (even a 1/48 Tu-22M3 would be amazing...and would oblige me to buy one!)
  2. SU-35 BORT 902 - help needed

    have you try Google image with "Su-35 902"? seems like a good place to start from. KNAAPO has a small gallery as well. Link
  3. 1/48 ICM MiG-25PD and RBF coming in 2018!

    those are definitely the two variants that most were waiting for! i'll get them both for sure!
  4. hope this help you LINK
  5. the48ers.48 a new modelling project

    couldn't resist the Anniversary sale and ordered some small stuff Congrats Ilias for your first year in business! it's awesome how your webstore have grown in that year!
  6. ouch! that shipping charge isn't cheap... but it's "On Stock" on my side, HobbyEasy still list it "pre-order"...but since they requested me the payment of my pre-ordered kit this morning, my guess is that they have it in stock...but waited to see if all pre-ordered items are taken. mine is taken
  7. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    there is no shot of the canopy yet. (the canopy comments where burps from the past...not related with recent events)

  9. Revell/Monogram 1/48th scale A-10

    nice build! your hog looks great! thanks for sharing.
  10. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    some photos of the tooling and some wing parts test shots on their FB
  11. New decal from Begemot - 72-034 MiG-29SMT

    just after the stencils and weapons. there is one scheme there.
  12. Su-25 Frogfoot

    OK to prove my memory still works right afterall : LINK to the post of the representative of KP (where he wrote that the pit was by SBS)
  13. insulting fellow members just because they discuss/argue about a new kit on a Scale Modeling Forum is not very respectuous. and bring absolutely nothing new to the discussion. as a Grown-up, you should have known that! if it makes you feel unhappy (to read arguments over details, rivet counting or nit-picking...) maybe it's just because you don't belong here... the universe is infinite! you should find your place!
  14. Seeking Isradecals

    from what i can see on the new isradecal set, all the hebrew stencils are there. large colored ones are on the first sheet. and all the tiny ones are on the 3rd (shown) sheet of the set. also, i don' think that the new set covers all the Israeli Phantoms, as there is only one type of roundels, the famous Sharkmouth is missing... and early Israeli Phantoms had english stencils on them IIRC.
  15. Su-25 Frogfoot

    the SMER kit is the same tooling as the KP one linked in my previous post. sadly, i'm not aware of any other resin pit for the Su-25 UB in 1/48. (and i'm pretty sure that there is not other option. yet.) and i agree about Eduard's PE faults... but not all resin pits are "drop/fit" add-ons...