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  1. i don't have the photo at hand, but the wing glove is slightly over the flat surface of fuselage. i did that search last week for my very own build... here's a photo : link
  2. yeah, forget about the airframe drawings. ...and the answer to bort number question: No, there might have been many (white outlined)Red 12 MiG-23M, even at the same time... just not operated on the same area of USSR.
  3. in the Airwar.ru MiG-23M page : link there is a photo of the splitter plate being bare metal on a grey MiG-23M. i havent found any other photo of that very subject, but two different artwork profile of the airframe mentionned the 787th IAP in DDR late 70's. i know it's not reliable source...
  4. ouch! this would require something like 2 mm sprockets... 4 of them! watch wheels i've seen so far are around 6$ a piece... a bit pricey. dunno if i'll be able to address this issue... i'll keep it in mind in the next days...in hope to find a cheaper/more immediate solution...
  5. thank you guys for your kind comments and support. i was aware of the paragon set for the italeri kit.(when doing my research for this build, i've learn about the existence of that set... but haven't been able to find it... and i guess i would have found it expensive for such little improvement , if it ever has fit...) i'm for sure no expert in the Toni... neither that great at interpreting shapes from photography, nor a great scratchbuilder... but it's smithing that one becomes a blacksmith. don't show me any photos of the mechanism you're writing about please!hopefully not see-able when thrust reverters aren't used? Lancer512, i think you're right on the exhaust thing (airdoc drawings) ...i have missed the little kink down at the rear of the line that separates the tail root from the spine. i guess i could be good to work at Hobby Boss now... correcting other's errors...while adding new ones of my own creation......anyway, i'll add some rivets and try to call it done... for now... if Quickboost or Wolfpack have offered something in that area (the whole tail) i would have buy it for sure...
  6. while giving a try at rescribing the lost details, using photos as a reference, i've realized that the bottom of the exhaust should have been lined up with the top of the spine. that little 1,5 mm difference change the LE angle of the tail below the intake... in short, if one wanted a 100% shapewize accurate tail, it better start from scratch and not use the kit's part as basis, like i did... that being said, the result is acceptable.
  7. thanks. i'm not a super great scratchbuilding guy, and i'm facing many challenge, even for such minor shape correction... been on that the last few model sessions. if you can live with the kit part as it is...and not feel too bothered, i'll recommend to leave it as it is... or maybe, just sand a little the cooling box to give it a slightly better shape. on my side, i just can't let the parts as they where... i had to... but it's my problem... (i'm not just whining about new kit's shape issues in the jet modelling forum... i try to correct them whenever i can when i build them...)
  8. thanks for posting that link! never heard of that guy before, but wow! what an amazing-awesome musician-entertainer! the video is really great...but there is way more...
  9. i have straighten the topside of the cooling box and flatten a little more the sides... getting closer to the "good enough" point...
  10. thanks for your comment, and appreciate. i did try to correct the slight curve at the LE of the wingroot. not as easy as it seems, as i have to make sure the symmetry of the shape. one of the thing that makes the whole thing look a bit strange, is that whole area is plain wrong on the kit. it's small shapes issue put together make the "APU cooling box"(?if it's that, not sure of the name) too big,thick,wide, also too rounded... for a Luftwaffe Tornado, at least! (because there might be differences on various variants and upgrades program)
  11. just because the kit itself didn't get me enough trouble... ...i decided to "correct" a minor shape issue at the roots of the tail... the kit's tail have some "pinching" at the tail root... where there shouldn't. (i also have thinned the top of the tail...but havent taken picture of that area) i have used the Tamiya "light-curing" putty to do so. (i had that stuff in my reserve for years... i decide to used it for the first time. it was a rather pleasant experience. even if i'm not a great sculptor!) it's not perfect, but it's going in the right direction... i'll have to smooth the surface and rescibe some details... getting the shape symmetrical on both sides have proven being more complicated than originally thought... i'm 90% there... still some fiddling to do... btw, the tail is not glued-on there yet, it is not completed... i was just trying to improve... my scratchbuilding skills! (which aren't that great, but i nonetheless find it more and more pleasurable!) thank you for stopping by, and leave a comment! have a nice modelling time! cheers Simon
  12. i've done some work on the intakes, to make them more "squarish" (sharp edges, straights lines...when it should...) i'm not experimented with the use of CA glue as seam filler... i'd give it a try, but wasn't all that comfortable with the technique, so i didn't do all the filling that way. (but on the larger gap, that's what i've used... i also used gel CA as filler in order to make intake lips straight) little use of tamiya putty also, when there was unwanted "steps". progress where also done in the fuselage assembly... but there's some major seams to fill... that should be done later this week...
  13. and it's still my all time favorite movie. (maybe not the "all time greatest movie ever"...but certainly the most pleasurable for me (that, and "le dinner de con" that i can't get tired of))
  14. i particularly like the Argentinean livery on the Su-33uB.
  15. Cool Stuff! thanks for sharing!