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  1. someone's listening too much white house speeches... BTW thank you HomeBe for the head up
  2. mingwin

    Been phished tonight BEWARE .XYZ

    thanks for the head up! i've avoid a similar experience with "ronetshop.xyz" because i cannot find any info on the vendor, neither in the "about us" section...nor using Google!!!
  3. so sad to read this. he'll be missed.
  4. mingwin

    F-4b qustions..Phriends please help!

    that's indeed what it is.
  5. mingwin

    KittyHawk MIG-25 intake 1:48

    xmm does something for the ICM kit here .
  6. mingwin

    Rosie vs Radu death match

    PhotoEtched templates for airbrushing a wooden-like grain texture.
  7. mingwin

    Zoukei-Mura F-4D, corrected fuselage?

    the short nose and the long nose are not the same in that area. as Z-M got it (pretty close)right on their short nose phantoms, they'll have to change it on their long nose, because there is a difference in between both (like shown in that post here by MoFo) ...but i wouldn't call that "to correct", they'll need to tool new parts, because those parts are different.
  8. i'd rather wait for ICM to do theirs, or wait for a resin conversion for the ICM kits. boxart might be the best you have when buying some of the KittyHawk kits. if this one is like their early MiG-25PD kit, it'll be a dog of a kit to build...
  9. mingwin

    Zoukei-Mura F-4D, corrected fuselage?

    Thank you! exactly my thought... and the most ridiculous of all...is that Z-M WILL CORRECT the aft fuselage on their long nose phantoms...
  10. mingwin

    Zoukei-Mura F-4D, corrected fuselage?

    i don't know, but i'm absolutely sure that there was no change made to the fuselage tooling. i'm not even sure if Z-M have acknowledge yet the shape issue of the aft fuselage of theirs F-4 kits. let's hope they improve it for their long nose phantom series...
  11. mingwin

    Tarangus/Special Hobby updated Viggen kit

    the new sprue is from their SK-37E kit. so it has the JA-37 tail.... and AJ-37 canards.(but barely noticeable) but as i'm the owner of a few of those kits, i'll take two... when i'll find it!
  12. mingwin

    Some civilians for your dios by Reedoak

    awesome diorama ! thank you norbert
  13. mingwin

    Some civilians for your dios by Reedoak

    1/72 ! that's insane! ...just WoW! (but that's just too small for me! ...i'm a 1/48 guy) can't wait to see one day some 1/48 pin-up to join in, in order to do some "Pin-ups&Planes Calendar" photoshoot diorama with the photographer.
  14. Awesome show, thank you to share!
  15. mingwin

    German F-4F Phantom Question

    i can't remember my source, but i remember having read black on white "No Beyond Visual Range" AA missiles for West Germany, it was against their Doctrine, and a wise choice in such cluttered Airspace...