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  1. a new F-14 from Tamiya 1.32

    couldn't agree more!
  2. ZM F-4 shape issue?

    Thank You REX one of the very valuable members here... thank you to come and give us some real facts. i miss the time that forum was the place for the modelling geeks, full of experts(first hand experience) where we could find something else than goodenuff trolls
  3. ZM F-4 shape issue?

    indeed, for years that member have make it personal to deny any kit's inaccuracies. it's not that he shows no interest in accuracy, he dislike those who wanted accurate kits (i mean "shapewise") and always come along in any thread in regards of a kit accuracies just to post something like " those intake are correct" and so on... luckily for US, there is other members than " dehowie" here, so, in the end, you might find valuable information...because he mostly, if not always, got it wrong in regard of accuracy... makes me begin to think that he might better stated a modeling club for blind people ...no one there will contradict him.
  4. WoW! Beautiful job Sabre Fan!
  5. Fiat G.91

    really nice! can't wait to see it being dressed up with the decals!
  6. Way off topic but,

    David, if you continue such mouthwatering posts, you'll end up with quite lot of people visiting you! ...even from the other end of the continent!
  7. A-4 Unusual Loads

    Thanks Finn, nice finds...as usual from the photo showing the TER loaded with 2 mk-82 and a Mk-81, it seems like there wouldn't have been much clearance for a bigger load on that side of the TER...
  8. Hasegawa 1/48 legacy hornet etch set

    i have bought the Amur F-18A/B set at the48ers.com... so it didn't come in the fancy package (which i've already experienced in the past with pleasure) ...but it was convenient for getting other stuff. i will use this set in my upcoming build for the Canada 150 GB
  9. Whatcha gonna build?

    i plan to build at least one 1/48 Voodoo, the "Lark One" retirement scheme. and also a 1/48 CF-188A, also from the 425th squadron.(most probably the 60th anniversary scheme)
  10. this week have been a more pleasant modelingwise... i haven't had much time to spend on my hobby, as i've started a new job (firsts weeks are always a bit more demanding) but the short times i could spend on my project where more fun... bringing back a bit of the lost mojo... here's some photos... this week i have "repaired" the nosecone... and repainted the green ring at its base (will need some weathering in order "blend" more seamlessly) it was fun to add the paint touch ups... some are base on photo evidences... some were lay down using a bit of artistic licence...but not much. i also have glued the thrust reverse panels... still some work to do on them... i'll also need to paint grey areas over the stabs pivots, as the decals i have where or wrong shape... i haven't glued back yet the clear parts... my weathering is as close as i can get, from the actual airplane, from my photos. i'm rather satisfied...still have lots of job to do before i can call it done! i have also failed to depict the thrust reverser mechanism sprockets... those were too tiny and the plastic i've handy, too brittle... so i've use punched plastic dots...to fill the void. so, again thank you all for your visit. your comments are, as always, welcome and appreciated! hope to see you soon! ...with some more progress! have a nice modeling time! greeting Simon
  11. F-4C

    my complain was not about the fact that there is watermark on the photos... but the fact that they are FLUORESCENT, inelegant, and as close as they can, if not "surrounding" the image subjects... if i was in hunt for some references for a build, i'd find this to be a gold mine! ...but as i was just watching for the pleasure... i would rather have like to see watermarks done with taste, like those of Steven Lewis/Far Photography... Oh, BTW, my work might not have been "stolen" on the internet... but many of the photos i've post on the internet where "shared"...
  12. F-4C

    thanks for the link... but agee on "the most annoying watermarks" EVER! ...i have stop looking after 4 pictures, because it was too grossly done...
  13. what are the 1/48 kits on which i could use them?
  14. Canada 150 Group Build?

    i hope it will make it, as i'd really like to follow such build, indeed, the Bluenose/Bluenose II is a Canadian Icon... and a very sleek boat!