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  1. mingwin

    Kitty Hawk 1:48 Su-34

    coldwar studio also does a nosecone+corrective paint masks and an APU/tailboom set ...link
  2. mingwin

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

  3. mingwin

    Volcanic Aggressor

    from that photo, it looks more like the usual thing... and that photo was taken before the paint job (but retain the same fuel tanks) shows the "light" color of the engine area. the photos come from "flyteam.jp" and they have a few photos of 32-8082 airframe.
  4. Wow! thank you o much to share all of that with us!
  5. mingwin

    F-101B soon from Kitty Hawk

    release date is now May 30th. (for the AMK F-14D) ...and May 20th for the KH F-101B.
  6. mingwin

    F-4EJ Stencils in 1/48 Blue on Blue scheme

    long ago, but now discontinued, there was the HobbyDecal "dry transfer" & decals set, in the three main scales.
  7. mingwin

    F-4EJ Stencils in 1/48 Blue on Blue scheme

    if you're using the kit's decals you won't have to overlay stencils over the light gray background, as it's already there with the stencils. on the "plus" side, on the Oceanic scheme EJ that i did, the stencils where often "bundled" in such fashion it wasn't that tedious to add all the stencils.
  8. mingwin

    F-4EJ Stencils in 1/48 Blue on Blue scheme

    if you look closely to the stencils provided with the kit, you should see the light grey "outline" on many of them.
  9. mingwin

    What's up with Academy and Hasegawa?

    what justifies the DACO upgrade sets? ...some people knows the aircraft, some even have flew it or have worked on...and some others have just better sight than others! the DACO set is for them! for example : the wings and tailplanes of the hasegawa 1/48 F-104 are covered with rivets... which don't show on the real thing!
  10. mingwin

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    sorry wasn't intended that way... i was just answering because it was too obvious. in no way i was daring to tell you to be patient. i'm now of those who have been burned by AMK's announcements that weren't realistic... my main interest in AMK's Tomcat was for seeing them doing something else after...
  11. mingwin

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    must be "patience Grasshopper"
  12. mingwin

    Modelsvit 1:72 Mirage 4000

    the only cons i see is that's a 1/72 kit! i just hope someday someone come up with a 1/48 one!
  13. mingwin

    F-4 White Stencil Decal

    hi SebastianP, in that precise hasegawa boxing there was the decal option you're looking for LINK (561st TFS, 35th TFW, George AFB California) 69208 crashed march 1st, 1995 "city of Victorville" F-4G on google image LINK
  14. mingwin

    F-4 White Stencil Decal

    even if they are designed for f-4E , icarus makes a white stencil decal sheet, most should be usable. and are easily available . like at the48ers.com (i have no share in that business, just a very satisfied customer)
  15. mingwin

    ALQ-71 1/48 Scale

    hasegawa weapon set B monogram F-4C/D (IIRC) since i'm not an expert on that kind of hardware i might be wrong. hope this help.