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  1. indeed... and if they end up bringing the F-101B also, that will make three for me!
  2. a while ago, when i was doing the same kind of search, it was the Black box/avionix that provide the only "Navy" MB mk7 phantom seat. all the other mk7 i've found where based on the USAF version of the seat (green O2 bottle in the back cushion hole)
  3. i agree that sometime the hobby can get a bit more expensive than expected... not an expensive hobby, only limited resources to allocate to... also, this very project is what i'd call an "opportunistic" one... i got the kit at a model show last year... wanted to bring back a model done for this year event. also wanted to go forward as there is other projects to come... as for the HaHen decals, i don't think there will be much kind of aftersale service for me, as i bought the decals "second hand"... he told me that since 2014 his decals are printed with Eco solvent printing with no offsetting... and from what i can understand i'll have to spend another 20 some euros to figure out if the sets i wanted will be on par with what i expect from a decal sheet. honestly. from my own experience i would not recommend to any to buy those products. i'm a bit sad i can't live with the idea to toss such a great looking model (in regards of my modelling ability) a few months, the time i'll source appropriate decals. for the moment, i have scrapped those horrendous "no step" decals. since i have the genius idea to try to give the a coat of yellow...i have to use a bit of lacquer thinner to access the decal... use decal solvent and a file... with moderate damage to the model... will have to repaint the wings and stabs... men, i never experienced such pain with decals! i wish i could find a good black and white image of those German "no step" ...i'd print them by myself, it couldn't be worst than what i've experienced...
  4. as the oil paint takes 2 days to dry (that's what he said in the video... i personally wait a least twice longer to call it dried) you can smooth it without any solvent (all my tries with turpentine ends in total removal of the paint...) just be careful. and the oil paints i've used are rather smelly... outstanding video, thanks Els for the head-up!
  5. Hopefully there'll be plenty of AMK F-14 when this thread ends. this should be the appropriate cure to the addiction
  6. WOW \ my favorite poster is back! been years since we have been gratified with Random cat facts!
  7. desert sand is constituted by too round and too fine grains, which have a too smooth surface, unfavorable to their aggregation; it is not thus usable for the construction
  8. stunning! really nice model you have! is there some WIP thread anywhere? you scratchbuild the tails?
  9. Alf18 is a good guy i met personally once. i might have let someone else came up to the fence and spit at you otherwise. but in the end, most people build plastic models as a hobby. hobby time is precious for some of us. a time when you can exit from all the fusses of the life. being torn by unknown stranger for the sole purpose of entertainment in those sacred times(educational purpose require an more academic tone to be considered as is...) that's why i find utterly sad to "critique" a build done by someone which have actually fly the real thing (alf18 is a former Canadian Hornet driver. you, nothing) without inquiring... (wise thing to avoid using ARC stuff to feed your beast) on the other hand, i have absolutely no mercy for plastic model company... they are there to make money.... and some are taking it very easy... and btw, i've seen KH people involved in those muddy FB groups...
  10. the only builds that members of ARC forums have posted in hope (with the intention) of being critiqued are in the "Critique corner forum" ...all the rest should be considered as private conversations between ARC forum members... and if someone wanted to say something on what's being shown here, he only have to register here and post. thank you.
  11. i'll finally stick with what i already have, since there is finally no leftover wingman tornado sheet available. (it was what i was facing while gathering stuff for this project, and it's only after failling to find the wingman set that i decide to go the HaHen way for my project) it's a bit sad for me, but, at the same time, it will help me keep the cost down for this project...
  12. Karma will strike back at those A-holes....that's such a dishonorable attitude toward other modeler, it would be like a professional athlete mocking amateurs beginners...
  13. DXM = XMM? if you have the parts in your hands, you'll easily see the difference between the more "thick-lipped" kit intakes, the lower edges of the intakes are not as parallel to the wing alignment as the kit's ones (they are kind-of perpendicular to the fuselage front cross section), and the subtle curve all along the intakes more rectangular shape (not a reverse trapeze) to answer the OP, if the new Aires resin fits more easily than their older products (i've read that plenty of time about their new stuff... but have only experienced their older stuff...) you should have an enjoyable build.
  14. Old's use a "late" F-4C in the bolo mission. neither late F-4C nor early F-4D have the nosecone fairing installed.