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  1. AMK 1/48 Kfir New Tool

    Avantgardemodel kits team has posted a message on FB about the misshapen mk 82 a few minutes ago. from their FB: (for the non-FB members) ***IMPORTANT MESSAGE*** It has been brought to our attention (thanks Ryan Fernandez) that some of the slide molded bombs contained in our latest release 1/48 Kfir are misshapen. We have investigated and it seems that some of the first batch of kits were shipped with these errors. Whilst we try to get everything right first time, all the time, we recognise that it’s important to do the right thing and replace them all. We will be re molding the bombs and sending these out to our distributors very soon. Our quality is our highest priority and we are just as sad about this. The issue lay with one of the tools so we have taken the tool out of service. We use a camera to test each part as it comes out of the tool and this was also found to be faulty and missed the side of the bomb. This is also now changed. We use a camera because this is usually more accurate than the Mk.1 "eyeball". Perhaps not in this instance. It's not so easy to see by eye but the issue can be seen when shown in "macro" and that's enough for us to rectfiy. We all appreciate your support very much and we are sure you’ll allow some leeway in this. After all, it’s not necessarily the mistake but how it’s handled. You have our unreserved apologies if this causes you any delay or inconvenience in building our kit. Thanks for the ongoing support. Sio, Martin, Vicky and the team.
  2. AMK 1/48 Kfir New Tool

    Ouch! those new issues on the kit saddens me a lot. i was hoping to get that new issue of the kit as soon as it shows in stock in my favorites vendors. now i'll think i'll wait till AMK acknowledge these new issues, and certify that the sent kits are now free of any defects... unless that i'll pass my turn.
  3. Swiss Air Force

    looks like someone missed the Photobucket policy change...
  4. Trumpeter mig-27 loadout help

    those are from airwar.ru diagrams shows that wing fuel tanks can be installed at the same time than some weapon loads...
  5. Trumpeter mig-27 loadout help

    i never seen any MiG-27 with fuel tanks anywhere else than on the wings stations (and a flatter/thinner one in the fuselage centerline station) i also have never seen anything else than fuel tanks (or nothing), installed on stations on the "movable" part of the wing. fuel tanks are usually installed for ferry flights as they prevent the swing wing to operate. rarely seen the wing tanks being installed at the same time as any weapon load.
  6. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    at last! great to see that some tooling have been cut!
  7. as the academy kit has a length problem, the whole tail shape is slightly wrong. so it shouldn't fit anyway. it has also nothing to do with the MKK type, the rudder is too short...and many more.
  8. Red Star Scale Models

    crap! it has gone below my radar... i also wonder what could have happened. their line was interesting...and the future was looking promising last time i had seen their FB page... almost 6 months ago...
  9. chinese J-15 T two seater

    indeed, after looking back, i was dubious about the blurred zone of the hump
  10. chinese J-15 T two seater

    maybe search for J-15S instead? maybe there is not much picture available because there is very few flying airframes yet?
  11. 1/48 HASEGAWA MiG-25RBT Foxbat `Russian Air Force`

    certainly, as it's definitely for the Japanese domestic market only. i've been told that there was some rather high tax for plastic kits imports in japan. maybe repacking ends up being a cheaper solution. Hasegawa has a long history of repacking other brands kits for the domestic market. i own a couple of their monogram reboxings.
  12. Viggen AJS-37 "Show Must Go On"

    that youtube video shows it being very glossy... at one time. LINK it may have turn dull rather fast, as other videos i've seen shows it being "satin" finish while still flying. hope this helps cheers Simon
  13. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    i've chuckled when i've seen the name of the member who posted that on BM...
  14. F-35 news roundup

    yeah... but those a way less interesting/valuable jobs than those of Bombardier.(just think of the R&D)... BTW, Bombardier also hires workers in the USA...maybe more than Boeing does in Canada...(about 22 700 US jobs are tied with the Bombardier's Cseries only) Sorry it's a bit Off Topic, but couldn't just let it go...