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  1. Sunward hobbies is where i now buy my alclad.
  2. maybe you should read again, from the very begining the thread i've started, more than 3 years ago, about AMK's MiG-31. LINK and maybe you'll realize soon enough how silly are your "accusations" on berkut's being some sort of wheeler dealer for AMK because he helped them graciously! ...and if you keep reading the thread, you might find what you search for... and do the listing by yourself! (if that matters that much for you) for me, it's already done. i'm an AMK fan, because i like the way they have acted through that very project. my HB appreciation is way lower... till i see the HB MiG-31 being build, and compared to the AMK one... i know one thing for sure: the AMK has the right overall shapes, and the engineering of the kit is one of the best i've seen. dry fit is flawless.etc. so, maybe a better choice for a less trickier build? if, in the end, what you wanted to read, is that both kits equals, because each can chose by himself what matters for him freely... so, be it! both kits equals!...so, if both kits equals, and nothing in one kit makes you wish to choose it over the other, search for other factors? price, availability, appreciation of the brand...
  3. i did see some footage of their flight over Greenland in the news today. Awesome! (from the same camera) ...can wait to see them in my hometown!
  4. but their "attempt" at creating their own indigenous fighter have proven to be harder than they though! (just remembering the "monkey scale" moke up makes me giggle alone)...giving the hard time Iran got in the last 37 years, i'll say they're proving to be ingenious. building a fighter aircraft requires cutting edge industries. kind of like building a formula one team from the scratch... not an easy task. that being said, Ukraine have one chance that Iran doesn't have, in their desire to create a fighter aircraft: they can buy Israeli sensors/weapon systems...which certainly gives an edge over many opponents. still, i think that developing a 5th generation fighter-capable engine (if they have such great engine company) would be a wiser move, as China still struggle developing theirs. (that, and rocket/missiles engines)
  5. i don't know the size of the weld beads, but they sure look as large as AMK's MiG-31 panel lines. (the real aircraft panel lines are way thinner than the weld lines.) i've look at my kit, and, as it seems AMK decided to put engraved panel lines also where there should be weld lines, i have planned to insert some 0,3mm(0,01") platic rod (it fits) into those area. (and work them a little, to create the welding effect) i did a test, and it was looking OK (in regards to surrounding panel lines, it was a match...) if i have more welding lines to add, i have planned to use either Archer's fine transfers, or create my own (painting thin gray lines on decal film shouldn't be that hard)
  6. thank you for showing me the welds lines. i plan to add them myself. not a deal breaker...to each his own! and agree with Janman that, for me, what miss the most about the AMK MiG-31 are the hinges (for me, on the front part of the fuselage)
  7. could someone point me a photo that shows those weld lines clearly? i have yet to see those (even more as a deal breaker...) and would like to see if i can replicate them on my AMK kits.
  8. indeed, they have some (lefts of the USSR) aeronautical industry... an Antonov fighter would sound a bit strange tough... i think that, if they're doing a good fighter engine, chinese might be interested...
  9. That's some unexpected news! ...a rather questionable decision(if i was Ukraine i'd choose something better for stopping the "so-called russian invasion"...something with more "deterrance" power), unless it is for export purpose(military arms sales are a great way to bring money in...)...and try to compete against the Russian-UAE one, for the sake of searching trouble with Russia modeling wise, it's a very good news! the more designs, the merrier!
  10. you better wait, at least, that HB bring its other MiG-31 versions. agreed on the side-by-side comparison... even if i already own the 2 AMK kits of the MiG-31! (if they bring the MiG-31M, i might consider buying it)
  11. so you wanted to be offended because i was asking the OP to take a few seconds to correct the thread title because it was barely readable? everybody can make typo. it's even more common with those smartphones being used everywhere. even if English is not my native language, and that nearly no one use it around me, i try my best not doing too much mistakes. and if it's happening, i'll edit to correct. someone can even point out my "bad english" i won't be offended. it might have something to do with my education... (in this case, 3 out of 7 words are wrong...in a rather dyslexic fashion...) BTW Dean, disregard my comment if you have any dyslexia/writing troubles/health issues, that could affect your ability to write. didn't wanted to be arsh on you...(nothing personal there!, if i could have edited the thread title myself, i would have done it without bothering you!)
  12. using another modeler's idea certainly not wrong... but something that would be great is to edit this thread title, and correct all those typo... man it's such a pain, just to see that while scrolling the general discussion forum!
  13. i should take a look there from time to time...(it's not in my habits)
  14. 1/48 Huey Cobra would have been awesome... but Hueys 'll be OK! good move.