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  1. i agree on the F-15A being a sleek jet, and doesn't look bad at all... anyway, all of the teen fighter have their own nice feature... when you take them alltogether to make another plane, you got the Sukhoi Flanker!
  2. indeed, not to mention single piece missiles... and it's called "choose what you liked more about the hobby, avoid what will turn you off or away from hobby"...to each its own... i like the idea buying finished ordinance...but not sure i'd be a customer...(more eager to pay for super detailed resin missiles that assembled/finished "kit" missiles...)
  3. that one, and their 1/48 La-15 will make great addition to my soviet jet collection! can't wait! thanks HomeBe for the (constant) heads-up it has proven to be very useful! ...and appreciated.
  4. thank you shion, that explain why you receive your order that fast! ...now, let's see how long it will take to cross the ocean...
  5. i also did receive a partial refund too... that have been put to good use... by ordering a third order to the48ers.com... before the "opening Sale" ends...(with the 20% discout, no one have matched such low price!... i'll sure buy again, without the sale discount, as the regular pricing is already just below competition on most items.) where are you located in the world shion?
  6. for those who haven't been reading the posts, Flyboyf18 case is not related to hobbyeasy. so, don't fear any crushing. everything i've got from them through the years where always secure-nicely packed.
  7. the only thing that leaves me doubtful is the color itself... turquoise or "kind-of" jade green... or any tint in between... (here's my colorblindness at work again...)
  8. never seen a grey cockpit in a MiG-23.
  9. Awesome build swimmer25k i've seen it in the jet modelling forum.
  10. Thank You Ilias! your efforts are highly appreciated. hopefully will pay you back! i've taken the opportunity and done another order. (i haven't put items like Eduard's Brassins in my order, as i know how they are packaged (rather large packing),and i wouldn't stretch too far my luck with a letter...or stretch too much that very letter... ) Cheers. Simon.
  11. slightly bent could be acceptable for me.... as metal has the "plasticity" to be bent back without risk... but i totally agree with you on the fact that items should reach the customers in good shape (critical for a new business). i must say that none of your (well established UK) concurrents ever does neither. (only ebay sellers have send me resin bits in padded envelopes.) and on the "weight and size" of the potential order i did, i'm rather "expert" on size and weight. so i was not BShitting you. that's why i ordered the decals, because the "letter" pricing was much closer to what i'd expected. that being said, i highly encourage everybody here to take a look at the "the48ers" webstore. with the opening sale, the prices are hard to beat (and regular pricing is more than fair!) ...and the prices on some decal sheets where the best/lowest i've seen. (quality stuff here!)
  12. Bombardier is certainly in need of some (more) financial support for it's survival. sure, it has to comply with all international agreements (WTO) and that's may be why the federal government goes with a loan. (yeah, the kind of load we would all just dreamed of, for sure! so, indeed, the word loan might be stretched a little...(i haven't had the chance to see the details...)) Bombardier would have "needed" something like 1.3bn Canadian dollars from the federal government. so they are 1 billion short. that being said, i understand Trudeau not being keen to satisfy Bombardier's financial requests entirely, as the leadership of the Bombardier-Beaudoin family is highly problematic.
  13. thanks for the move, Alvis 3.1 that kind of move should be done more often. sometime it can be annoying not to find the proper thing at the proper place... and seeing that happening more than often can be irritating for a more structured and rigorous mind. (sometime, i also have a hard time to cope with the fact there's 50% "functional illiterate" people in the western world t ...which mean they can make the sound they are reading...but hardly understand the meaning of a single sentence when reading! ) forums titles are like book's Index. why bother create them, if it's not to find in, what they are made for? if you can find words beginning with the letter "A" anywhere randomly in the dictionary, you wouldn't use it. rules are not just obstacles in one's liberty... they are also the foundation of civilization...