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  1. the Su-37 used different engines/nozzles than Su-35S. take a closer look at the "sleeve" in which the nozzles are inserted in.
  2. it's because the J has a lot of common with the "C" and the "D". other than that, Blue Angels flew the J...
  3. good to read that Ciro will be back with some new stuff! it's been a while, since health issues.
  4. most models are done "gear down" ...and some even do it with "open canopies"... Maybe they're the target customers??? maybe you don't "need" resin pilot to have them "mask on/visor down"...those in plastic are mostly that way...
  5. about time Zvezda decided to jump in the real men league, by finally doing 1/48 scale subjects. it's more than 60% of the market of aircraft plastic models. Can't wait to get their Hind and Su-57! ...hope they'll cover most hind variants!
  6. it DOES the trick! and it's greatly appreciated. because, most of the time, you're the only game in town in a lot of subjects/areas...(so, if i haven't done it previously, Thank you for your dedication to the hobby!)
  7. i do also. i'm planning to do my GWH MiG-29SMT with that livery. i own the Begemot decal set 48014 for that purpose.
  8. this is the unique livery used on the 9.19 demonstrator. bort 777.
  9. i'm not there yet...but very interesting subject(s) nonetheless! i'll bookmark your website!
  10. showing this 3d print model with hard wing doesn't mean it will be the first released out necessarily. they already have the tooling for the non-slated wing (C/D) which should work fine, modeling wise.
  11. 04958 seems to be the right kit number.,, sure, it would be cool to have a CCCP era An-225 boxing, i'd buy it... but i have my doubts...
  12. as the kit with the GWH windscreen is from a more frontal view than the aircraft on the photo, it should show clearly a more pronounced curvature in its shape than the one on the photo...but it didn't. its top rim is just flatter.(but the fairy hobby windshield has a closer curve to the real thing) that photo tells just the opposite than what you claimed.
  13. pretty sure it's the fujimi. waste of time and money.
  14. thank you for the update Ran
  15. SOURCE: OhMe OhMy Blog thanks for posting uncredited borrowed quotes...
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