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  1. as the kit with the GWH windscreen is from a more frontal view than the aircraft on the photo, it should show clearly a more pronounced curvature in its shape than the one on the photo...but it didn't. its top rim is just flatter.(but the fairy hobby windshield has a closer curve to the real thing) that photo tells just the opposite than what you claimed.
  2. pretty sure it's the fujimi. waste of time and money.
  3. thank you for the update Ran
  4. SOURCE: OhMe OhMy Blog thanks for posting uncredited borrowed quotes...
  5. the ordinance set 1 is IN STOCK at Hobbyeasy. ..the F-14 is still in pre-order...
  6. where did you buy it? if it's from a business, contact them first, they might be able to help you, via their distributor.
  7. that's a really nice project. i'll follow with interest.
  8. indeed, great box art! ...a stellar progress over their first two kits in that area...
  9. no you didn't. but other members have join in and stir up the situation... some member have then find me rude because i was pointing you to do some homework prior asking on forums. but don't worry, people on the internet don't hurt me. :-) and i'm not even remotely involved in the events that lead you out back then. then again, welcome back CWILL1117!
  10. i remember you young man (wasn't it: Google is your friend), welcome back!
  11. 1/48 Su-47 1/48 Super Mirage 4000 1/48 SR-71 1/48 Su-25 for the rest, i've been blessed with latests years releases...(MiG-31,MiG-25, Su-33, Su-35, Su-34, Yak-28...almost endless!)
  12. HGW is doing the Fabric seatbelts for Eduard (the fabric part of the set) Eduard's one have the colored PE instead of the plain ones of HGW.
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