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  1. what are the 1/48 kits on which i could use them?
  2. i hope it will make it, as i'd really like to follow such build, indeed, the Bluenose/Bluenose II is a Canadian Icon... and a very sleek boat!
  3. That's rather funny!
  4. yeah... the whole world got it wrong but Kitty Hawk? let me laught! the less-than-stellar track record of Kitty Hawk on accuracy prove you wrong already...
  5. i've removed the canopy and the windshield. without breaking anything! here's the crazed windshield the IP coaming i begin with the sanding down of the coaming. making sure that it won't touch the inner side of windshield i didn't documented the work on the inner side of the windshield. but serious efforts where done to repair/restore the part. i sanded away most of the crazed areas (3) been sanding down smooth from 180 to 6000 gritt. nonetheless, some craze hame manage to find its way inside the plastic, leaving some small clouds... but i'd say i'm satisfied. the windshield is glued on, but not the canopy... i'll have some cosmetic job to hide the seam around the windshield. that will be all for today! thank you to come by! hope it was a bit entertaining! have a nice modeling time! cheers Simon
  6. i've cleaned the nosecone, i had to sand down some area...prior to a repainting. to do so (the cleaning) i've use some tamiya masking tape, to protect the surrounding paint and decals... even under one gloss coat ant two flat cote layer... the decal didn't stick to the model... a few decals have lifted with the masking tape... they where all HaHen...(the was some revell and some home made decals there too...and they keep on the model) i even manage to remove this large one from the tamiya masking tape without breaking the decal! (3 clear layer over the decal) ...those decals where very shitty to the least!
  7. it's a while since the last update... been taking vacations, and doing other stuff around the house! it's summertime! nonetheless i've done some work on the model... first of all, i must thank member JayBee, without your kind help, i think that i would have been turn off from this project by the HaHen decal experience... happily, the few stencils provided by this helpful fellow member where enough to help me to dress a little more my build. that, with a few stencils from the kit's decal sheet...and a few more salvaged from the HaHen set. (and few more yellow items from other nato jets) since last update, i've lay most of the decals, matt cote, add some wash, matt cote... i've removed the paint masks on the canopy... once the masks remove... i've discovered the horror that had happened underneath... for some reason, there was so little space between the windshield and the IP coaming that there was some capillarity action on the extra thin glue... but since my masks where already on, i didn't see it happen... and... like if this was not enough painful... i remove the masking over my nosecone... just to discover that the "ultra low tack" tape used have leave a very sticky glue residue...that have reacted with the gloss coat of the cone... i was quite disgusted... but i'm not the kind of man that let down so easily! I WILL FIGHT!!! last pic is just to show the lead wire that i've added inside the canopy. more to follow... soon!
  8. so, KH is the step-nephew of Hobby Boss then? (as it's always call "sister" company of Trumpeter) about the design "inspiration" of KH models, i wasn't aware that they had copied or ripping off existing kits... who did the F-35B prior to them? is their F-101A/C some kind of rip-off of a vacform conversion? where does come from their MiG-25, Jaguars? mirages F.1?...
  9. i'll be there saturday , hope the weather will be fine!
  10. No, just because they have the wrong tails type. the Old Sol set was intended to fit the Academy kit. so, no again, it won't be usable. if you wanted to use your Sol set, you better stick to an academy flanker, whatever you wanted to do with... if you wanted to go the HobbyBoss route, you'll have to wait they come with a proper Su-27Ub instead of the Su-30Mkk...that should happen pretty soon...
  11. if the yellow of your decal is of a mustard color... please don't waste your time with it... as for the BA blue color, it's Krylon True Blue. that's what they use for touch ups on the real thing. it's available in spray cans, so you have to decanted it before using it with your airbrush. that's what i've use on mine, and it's spot on.
  12. maybe you should contact the outlet that sold you the kit? they might have , parts or info for your query.
  13. when the model is on "full side view" it is barely noticeable... (like on photo number 3) and again, your model look stunning... and i plan to cover the very same subject than you with my Trumpeter MiG-23M...when i'll be there! i appreciate that you haven't put (yet) any missiles, it let the viewer appreciate the lines of the jet...and all the care you've put it that model!
  14. your model look stunning. but i don't know if it's a camera lenses thing, but on photo 2, 4, 6 it looks like the nose is somewhat too much upward (not just the cone, but the whole resin portion)
  15. never heard of that aircraft before! i was wondering what plane was depicting those CAD shown by KH on FB... not exactly thrilled by the subject, i must admit...