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  1. You are right, i spot the YF-strakes also the canopy frame, which is different, at least what i can tell from the picture...
  2. The No. 2 prototype was nearly identical to No. 1. It had a gun. That picture (Rome) shows an ordinary F-16. One can see the old paint, strakes are not like the YF-16.
  3. Cool, hehe...I will sew em on my pyjama. I wonder if Nimitz patches will ever be rare? When the ship gets scrapped, guess everyone forgets about it later. Especially when generation X retires and generation Z doesn't give a S**t about it.
  4. 103 years of age?? Incredible. A tough man Kirk Douglas, no wimp.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTNEZWTjOu8 09:23
  6. Did nr2 YF-16 (Cloud scheme) include an arresting hook? Note: the Otaki kit shows the same style gun as the YF-16 cloud scheme. Different then the nr.1 type.
  7. Which kit do i need for this part? The hasegawa IAF -f-16a?
  8. One has to detect the internet and thieve some..
  9. All my 3 F-16s have the later version and I need one for the YF-16 build. Anybody has a spare one? I will trade fair 😉 Duncan
  10. YF-16 panel lines: The main body access doors (10x) for maintenance seem not there?
  11. I am with you Dutch with the top line. But your previous post: WARNING HOOK RELEASE" or "DOOR RELEASE." The real YF-16 design build did not contain a hook? - I checked out all pictures of that japanese zenmaster that finished his YF-16 (My respect; he managed to get the cockpit frame work painting/shape correct) and left out the Otaki kit completely? My two cents is that the model looks great but measures the lenght size of the FSD. The YF-16 is a shorty
  12. Some investigation? http://zone-five.net/showthread.php?s=5f0cb6cbacd08c89337b3695841da78e&t=10918&page=5 Where is that YF-16 panel overview drawing? Is this image correct?
  13. May the Force be with You! 🧙‍♂️
  14. Best wishes to all the people at ARC, their loved ones and modelkits!
  15. The action in the next Topgun will be fine only the lovestory (<-reword bedscene). Tom Cruise (aged) with a much younger female? #MeToo Topgun 😄
  16. A very cool F-16B. I probably could do one with regular F-16 decals but the camo down the fuslage? How does it look like allaround? What is that on the sideway intake, btw? Now I have the ARII and Tamiya 1/48 kit...i could use a blog or a thread to start with? What are +/- to build a F-16 prototype? I have an aires engine exhaust, not of use of course? Is there any 101 engine out there 1/48?
  17. Nice detail of the exhaust cover there (see previous picture posted). Also the wheel hubs are white there instead of solid black.
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