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Found 10 results

  1. My third build of the Academy kit...I backdated this one by omitting the towed decoy fairings & targeting pod and replacing the flush-mounted ECM fairing under the aft fuselage with the blade-type antennas seen in photos of this particular jet. Other mods were to plug the mounting holes in the mid & aft bomb bays to depict them empty and reposition the stabilizers. Paint is Model Master enamels with Tamiya TS-48 for the radome. Decals are a mix of Caracal 144003 & 144025 and a couple of custom-printed decals for the 37th Bomb Squadron "Tigers" markings. Oil paints
  2. This is my second build of the Academy kit, really enjoyed both. I filled the slot for the targeting pod and modified the mounting pins for the stabilizers to allow repositioning to a slight nose-down angle as often seen on parked B-1Bs. I left the bays empty on this one, but did cover the two mounting holes in each bay. Paint is Model Master FS 36118, and I used Tamiya TS-48 for the slightly darker radome. Decals are a mix of kit, Caracal 144003, CDB48007, spares box, and a few custom-printed decals for the 13th Bomb Squadron "Reapers" markings. Oil paints were used for weathering, espe
  3. Hi all, here is my 1/72 Revell BONE build in progress. I have done some scratch building on Main Wheel Bay and the Bomb Bays. Started this project a month ago and I hope I can finish it some time later... I did away all the raised panel lines and rebuilt them with 0.15 Tamiya panel engraver. Then added rivets to the panel line. Cut out the original bomb bay for scratch built bomb bay Used reference pix and blueprints found on the web as well as Willy Peeters' B-1B book to scratch build bomb bay and main wheel bay.
  4. Trying to better understand the different ECM antennas under the aft fuselage and in front of the main gear...I'd originally thought the blade antennas were completely replaced by the flush-mounted antennas, but it appears that both versions have been in the field for 20+ years...apparently the flush-mounted version was never fully installed fleet-wide? First & third jets have blades, second jet has flush-mount (dated 1995) 2021 photo showing blades: US Air Force wraps up planned retirement of 17 B-1 bombers | Defense Brief (defbrief.com) 1997
  5. With Caracal 144025 coming soon, I've been thinking about what's involved with backdating the Academy B-1B to the SAC era. Here's what I've got so far: - Omit targeting pod & fill opening - Omit towed decoy fairings and fill openings - Remove ALQ-161 DAS fairing from underside of aft fuselage, add original blade-type antennas - Replace late exhausts with original turkey-feather exhausts (any options yet? Didn't see any on Scalemates) - Nuc mission loadout: use kit bay tank, SRAMs from Crown/Minicraft B-52H...any 1/144 B61s or B83s out there? Would need to
  6. I started work on this build in 2020 and finished the final clear coat about 10 months ago. This is the Minicraft/Entex/G Mark B-1A kit in 1/144 scale. This kit and the smaller 1/280ish "Sky Giants" B-1 from Academy are the only proper B-1A kits done in any scale as far as I know with the supersonic cruise intakes, wing gloves and the escape capsule. This model represents B-1A #74-0159, which was the second B-1 built and flown after it was used as a static test airframe. When the B-1 program was restarted by the Reagan administration in 1981, this aircraft and #76-0174 (the fourth
  7. Really a nice kit, already planning my next one! If only Academy would scale this up to 1/72... I filled the slot for the targeting pod since this model predates Sniper, and took additional 500 lb bombs from a second kit to get enough for all three bays. Decals are a mix of kit, spares box, and custom-printed. I used 1/200 airliner windows for the OSO/DSO windows, which look about right to me. I tried some oil paint weathering on the engine cowlings and around the wing sweep/overwing fairing area. I used Tamiya TS-48 Gunship Gray on the radome; it looked
  8. Selling the last released detailing sets of Metallic Details: Jet nozzles for aircraft model B-1B Lancer (Revell) in scale 1/48 - $44.50 Set contains 26 resin parts (16 main parts of the nozzle and 10 sprues with rods) for detailing of jet nozzles. Air intakes for aircraft models MiG-25 (ICM) in scale 1/48 - $18.25 Set contains 4 resin parts and photoetched board (53*145 mm) for detailing of air intakes for aircraft models MiG-25 (ICM). Seat belts for aircraft models MiG-25 (ICM) in scale 1/48 - $6.85 Set contains photoetched board (25*
  9. Hello all, I have been digging and digging trying to find images of how conventional bombs are arranged in the bays of the B-1. I have found a few images, but the perspectives aren't great and I can't really tell how exactly everything is supposed to sit in each bay. Specifically, I am hoping to scratch-build a basic mount for a bay of GBU-54s, and a bay of CBU-105s. My understanding is that you would have twenty-eight of the -54s, and ten of the -105s. I figure the rack would not be overly visible with that many munitions packed in, but Id like to see how exactly they get arranged. Can
  10. I came across this photo and couldn't help but think of how cool this was and needed to share it. I figure this is an interesting chapter in aviation history being captured in it as it is two completely different types of aeronautical engineering separated by several generations looking right at home with each other. Maybe we could start making something like this a normal thing around here, putting up unusual, unique, and super interesting aviation photos just because that's what they are? https://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Upcoming/Photos/igphoto/2000549417/
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