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AXM Paper Space Scale Models

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This is the site owned by my good friend, Mr. Alfonso X. Moreno

His goal is to provide us Shuttle modelers the opportunity to build EACH & EVERY shuttle mission since the first flight of Columbia.

And for that he provides, first of course, the 5 operational orbiters, and all of their configurations (external) that NASA has made since 1981, second, are the ET & SRBs with details that are specific to a particular shuttle mission, and third, and possibly the most valuable, is the cargo bay & payload. He will design ALL of the payloads & cargo bay configs that were flown, including the 4 DoD Classified missions (based on recent unclassified info)

Oh, and all are for FREE (except for the cargo bay & payload, in which, you have to pay, but for a very affordable price, in order to keep his site running and for the cost of the test builds, but some of them would be free, about 10 of them)

The site is still under construction, but 10 models are already online.

Please take some time to visit, and I'm sure it will prove to be a valuable reference site for your builds.

For me, this is my number 1 STS reference site

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Enterprise would be the only legit test orbiter anyway as all Pathfinder was during the program was a basic size stand in built by Marshall Spaceflight Center to see what work needed to be done before Enterprise was brought in for vibration testing. Later on, Pathfinder found use at KSC as a similar size guide. Pathfinder didn't begin to look like a real orbiter until the Cosmosphere modified it for use in a Japanese display. To my knowledge, there never were any other test orbiters, although STA-99 did become Challenger (it was never painted up like a flight orbiter during that testing though).

There are two Enterprise paintjobs. The first is the markings she wore for the ALT tests. Later, her paintjob was modified to more closely resemble the other orbiters in 1983.

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Thanks to this thread, I have a renewed interest in model building in general.

I've downloaded the templates for the last Columbia configuration. I still remember seeing her blast off (for the first time) all those years ago, and trying my best to hand draw a profile view of it in the launch tower.

This guys site is amazing, and through the links and internet searches, I've downloaded templates of the Cassini (sp?) space probe, the Soyuz and the N-1 rockets, and, thanks to a friend, I purchased plans to a Piaggio Avanti (one of the coolest looking birds ever, IMHO)

Thanks for posting the original link... I love this hobby! :redx:

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Hey guys, its been years since sir Alfonso's site was established... but now, it has grown more than just an STS card model site!!!



All 5 orbiters and some of the test orbiters have been modified to include better details, and the SRB connections were added to improve detail

there will be a new, more detailed, and bigger version of the shuttle later...

Besides the free orbiter models, ET and SRBs, new free models have been added


The Crawler Transporter (both in Apollo and STS configurations) and the MLP (STS configuration, its still missing the SRB hole pipes, but will be added later), again all for free!!!

The payware (and freeware) payload bay parts are now being released one by one

here are the available mission payloads (ISS related missions excluded in list)

payware: (the payload bay parts are available at $ 4.50 each)













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As of now, not much pre-ISS mission payloads are being designed, because he is focused right now on, you guessed it, the ISS!!!

His model of the space station is available at 2 scales, 1/144, and the much bigger 1/100. The Russian modules are still in-progress, because he's currently designing the ITS parts

The ISS model will also be payware except for some that's already made as freeware, same cost as a non-ISS mission payload bay file, but unlike the non-ISS files, the payload bay parts include:

- the payload bay configuration of the modules/components

- the space station configuration of the same modules/components

- the 1/100 scale version of the ISS configuration version of the modules/components

here are the available missions from his website:


STS-88 (Node 1~Unity, PMA 1,2)

STS-92 (Z-1, PMA 3)

STS-97 (P-6)

STS-98 (US Lab~Destiny)

STS-102 (MPLM Leonardo, ESP-1)

STS-100 (SSRMS~Canadarm2 (fully articulating), MPLM Rafaello)

STS-104 (US Airlock~Quest)

STS-105 (MPLM Leonardo, EAS tank)

STS-110 (S-0, MT)

STS-111 (MBS, MPLM Leonardo)

*STS-112 (S-1)

*STS-113 (P-1)

STS-122 (Columbus Orbital Facility)

STS-123 (SPDM~Dextre (fully articulating~1/100 scale only), JEM ELM PS)

*STS-112-113 are included in a single file, since the trusses are almost identical (with detail variations in some places), and is priced at $5.50 for both mission payload models


STS-114 (ESP-2, MPLM Rafaello)

STS-121 (MPLM Leonardo, ORUs)

STS-120 (Node 2~Harmony)

STS-124 (JEM, JEM RMS(fully articulating))

STS-126 (MPLM Leonardo)

also for free - ESP-2 ORU configurations and current appearances of the MPLMs

The entire Russian section (Zarya, Zvezda, Pirs, Soyuz and Progress) will be released later since they are still in the design stage, as well as the other resupply missions and much of the remaining ITS sections (with the S/P-3/4 trusses now on trial assembly by sir Alfonso, and will be the next one to be released

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aside from the ISS, he will also release the ff in the future:

Mir Space Station (1/144 and 1/100 scales)

STS Pegasus barge

SLC-6 launch site

the test orbiter Explorer

Soyuz Launch Pad


Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

He had made extensive research for every single component, and he needs all the help he can get. Please let us support this outstanding project!!!

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STS-119 finally flew, and for that, sir Alfonso Moreno released his replica for the mission!


you can get it from the website on the first post (just like everything else in his models and references)

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I'v been to the AXM Paper Space Scale Models site a few times and it still amazes me that these are paper models. It's an excellent source of info on the different details of the shuttle missions.

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