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F-104 decals

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Does anybody have any information on the impending release dates for the Astra decals set for the German F-104s, please? I've tried e-mailing Daco Productions, but had no success. I'm desperate to start my 1/32 scale Luftwaffe F-104, so if anyone can help i would be eternally grateful.

:coolio: :blink:

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I am convinced that he's not actually going to release the decals, but is merely tormenting us with the promise of the ultimate set of F-104G decals. Keep talking them up, with bigger and better features, to make all our mouths water and buy stacks and stacks of kits in anticipation, leaking a little information here, a preview there when things start getting quiet... and then laugh sadistically knowing that they'll never actually see the light of day. :cheers:

But hopefully, it'll be soon.

I honestly don't care if it doesn't have EVERY single zap ever applied to an F-104G, or some bit of scribbling from some random, esoteric NATO meet. A simple, straightforward set of markings to cover all the various paint scheme, stencil and insignia iterations would be fantastic. And then do the same for Italy's Zippers. I fear at this point the sheet is into wildly diminishing returns, focusing on details that, in the big picture, really don't matter.

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Had a word with Danny at Telford, and he was hoping to release them late this year or early next year. I do share your impression Mike that there's enough detail on that sheet already to satisfy every German Starfighter nut on the planet.


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Actually, they are at the printer... but the printer and I have decided to do a test print of a few decals first to see if they can print such fine & detailed decals straight from my artwork. I will know it soon.

If possitive, they can push the "P" button for my concern.

If negative, the artwork will need some alternations...

It's quite a big investment at the end, as the bag will contain 5 sheets, and the printer nor me want to take the risk of having to trash a whole run.

I'll put the final layouts later this week or so on my website.


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Hope that someone releases a German F-104G conversion in 1/32 to go along with the decals. Right now all you have is the resin wide wheels in the World Starfighter boxing. The same boxing has resin gear doors with bulges, but the doors are too short (shorter than the kit flat gear doors). Also, unless you want to do an early F-104G, you are still out a MB seat. The CAM one is useless as it's the wrong mark, being a -5 instead of a -7. Finally, if you want to do a late one with the -S type exhaust petals, you're on your own there too.

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