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  1. I know these are included in the RoG Zvezda repop - that may help your hunt. Cheers, Andre
  2. AFAIK they impact performance. Presumably in the hot Syrian climate the Hinds need all the oomph they can get. HTH, Andre
  3. Does this help? http://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/t-38/t-38_profile02.shtml Cheers, Andre
  4. F-15A (Peace Fox II), 133 Squadron (Hatzerim AB). HTH, Andre
  5. Alas - even the current "Made in Britain" Humbrol tins are shockingly bad. Luckily my LHS has begun to stock Gunze half a year ago... Cheers, Andre
  6. FS 34258 was only used on Syhawks, AFAIK, as delivered by McDonnell Douglas. Mirages used FS 34227, which does translate to Humbrol 120. When repainted in Israel, Skyhawks received the standard FS 34227 as well. OTOH, you could also use a brand whose quality hasn't gone totally down the drain in recent years, like the once great Humbrol... Xtracolor X148 or Gunze H312 would be my preferred option. HTH, Andre
  7. What better place to start than IPMS Sweden: http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/colorcharts/stuff_eng_colorcharts_sweden.htm HTH, Andre
  8. Then again, here in the Netherlands Heineken is generally considered cheap swill you only drink when there's no proper beer around. ;-) Cheers, Andre
  9. Tiger and Giger, it's only a small difference: http://www.letajicihrosi.cz/2742/alien-tiger-mi-24/ We so need decals for this... Cheers, Andre
  10. Republic of China and South Korea, for starters - and Austria, if you want to be pedantic, since they leased a number of Swiss F-5E's as a stopgap between the Draken and the Eurofighter. Cheers, Andre
  11. By the look of it, she now has the enlarged LERXs as per the F-5E Swiss Tiger changes: http://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2549&idCategoria=1&idSottocategoria=3 Cheers, Andre
  12. SHAR F/A.2's were fitted with AN/ALE-40 aft of the airbrake, AFAIK. Over Bosnia, AIM-9's, AIM-120's and 1000 lb pig iron were common loads. Cheers, Andre
  13. It first came out in the mid-90's. Apart from a too short nose which can be fixed with a plug aft of the radome, it's quite accurate. Detailingswise it's not up to Zvezda's current standards, though - panel lines are raised, molding is a bit crude and the cockpit is spartan at best. However, it can be turned into this: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=103112&view=findpost&p=893524 Cheers, Andre
  14. Also: Magnolia. Cheers, Andre
  15. There's an old Superscale set with these markings as well - full Norm 72 splinter, white GA tailcodes and US style serial / full color star 'n'bars. Cheers, Andre
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