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The obligatory starter post:



It's a little rough around the edges - bit of flash - needs some sanding. But the resin parts look nice and should be a fast build barring major fit issues.

Couldn't resist it though - Squadron had it on sale for $6 (!!!!)

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Obsessed though Julien might be with the colour red (ask to see some of his many red MiGs...), he is right - this would look fantastic if you did it in red. Not that you should be influenced by the fact that both the mods think that, of course... <_<

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Have no fear: The red livery is the only one that fits in the GB rules anyway. The others are regular airforce, not demo team.

But there was really no doubt that I would go red with the build

C'mon! That's the coolest!

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I would put a coat of silver down before the red, as this is waht happended on most soviet aerobatic airframes, it gives the red a certain "look"

I was planning on using a Tamiya rattle can - do you think that a silver undercoat would even show through all that laquery goodness?

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