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Vought Double build

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Here's the last two builds from my bench. Originally, I had intended to make this a triple build, but a made a bit of a mess of a Fujimi A-7E, so it's just the two. Firstly, the 1/72 Academy F4U-1 Corsair:









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Cheers for the kind words fellas, glad you like them :unsure:

That crusader looks like she is sitting extremely heavy. Was that just the effect you were going for?

Funnily enough, it was mentioned elsewhere that the sit wasn't quite low enough :whistle: The F-8 did indeed sit very low to the ground, (the exhaust was extremely close to scraping the ground at times), which, coupled with the fact she has a fairly substantial loadout, suggests to me that the sit is about right.

Question: on the F-8, kit or AM wings?

Ruud, the wings are from the kit. As the variable incidence wing is the most distinguishable feature of the Crusader, I wanted to pose it in the extended position. When it is extended, both the leading and trailing edge flaps droop automatically. The kit wing has the LE flaps moulded separately, so only a simple bit of filing was required to get the angle correct. The TE flaps were moulded as part of the mainplane in the retracted position, so these were carefully trimmed with a scalpel and repositioned in the extended position as shown. Certainly worth the extra bit of effort, and adds some additional interest to the model I think :)

Thanks again for the kind feedback, much appreciated


Shaun :)

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