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Hi guys 'n' gals,

Here is an occasional diversion from my F-14 model. It is one of a number of 1/32nd scale ground support equipment sets offered in the Flightpath range by David Parkins. Mr Parkins also offers some US equipment in his Gunsmoke line including some US Navy weapons trolleys, something I might consider as a backdrop for the Tomcat eventually.

Although I've yet to begin construction, here is what you get in the kit:

One A4 sheet of written instructions accompanying three further A4 sheets of diagrams and a colour A4 sheet of seven photos of a full sized Power unit. There is also a sheet of general tips to help with the soldering and construction.

The kit itself consists of a roughly 6" (140mm) square sheet of etched brass for the body and details of the unit with a small bag full of white metal components. (Anyone who builds 'O' guage railway stock would be familiar with this style). There are also two short (approx 3/4", 18mm) brass rods, a length of pvc chord and small sheet of acetate for the dials.

Here's a look at the goodies......

The whole etched fret.


Close up of some of the details.




The white metal bits 'n' bobs


From the instructions I gather that soldering is the suggested method for construction but my skills are poor when it comes to wielding a hot iron so I might try CA and see how that works.With the aid of some additional internal ribbing and/or strengthening I hope to engineer robust joins without the need for solder.

Truth be told, I'm itching to get started on construction so I'll see you next time.

Cheers for now......


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Dave certainly offers top of the line stuff. Received his full on Tornado Gr 1 set last week and I was impressed. I'm kinda on agian off again build a metal locomotive my dad gave in 1979. I have been mostly useing BSI 2 part epoxy. Seems to do the trick. Can't wait to see you get started on this. You turn out some masterpiece's.

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Hi Paul,

Many thanks for your kind and generous words, much appreciated ;)

Your suggestion of two part epoxy is a good one. I'd forgotten all about that stuff to be honest :doh:

Now that you mention it I think a bead of epoxy inside the joints will work perfectly, thanks. :blink:

Here's the beginning of the construction. The instructions suggest the builder starts with the main body.

After cutting the brass from the fret and filing away the resultant tabs, I used a steel rule and metal straight edge to bend the body along the pre-etched bends.


At this early stage, the floor is left open to allow for access to the innards. This will be closed toward the end of construction process.


I don't know much about the real things but I'm guessing that they are just glorified diesel generators? If that is the case, one end of the unit appears to have a large opening for a radiator.

In the kit instructions the builder is required to add the grille to the exterior which is fine but, it does allow a view into the bowels of the machine (empty space) which is not so good.

The reference pictures show more depth to the recess so I used plastic extrusion and glued it to the rear of the opening....


By allowing the plastic to overlap a little at the top and on both sides, the result looks similar to the piccies.


The grille is made up of two separate laminations but before they can be glued together there are some rivets to push through from behind using a sharp tool.



I used a metal spring clip to hold the two bits of etch together and then ran a bead of CA around the edge to glue them, hoping that capilliary action would draw some of the glue into the gaps.....


With more depth to the recess and the grille in place things looked better but it was still possible to see inside the unit easily. To avoid this, I took a scrap of black sheet plastic from some left over packaging and used a thin saw to cut parallel grooves in the sheet. I then drew the back of an Xacto blade across the grooves at a perendicular angle to try to represent a radiator of some description.


When glued to the rear of the recess it covers up the hole and stops the viewer seeing the open space behind.

The reference pics show the overall condition of the GPU to be good with glossy paintwork and very little weathering. However, this particular grille does look quite rusty so I used a couple of different brown shades to paint the etch after first priming the bare brass.


I'll mask this off so that I can concentrate on the green colour later. Next up, the control panel at the other end of the unit. :)


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Hi Guy

This looks good and it's something a little different to see in the forum. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully I'll also pick up some tips on how to use photo-etch by subscribing to your thread!

I see you just passed the 46 years mark too. Sadly, I'll be joining you there in September!! ;)

All the best


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Hi Ian, thanks for stopping by. I hope some of this might prove informative.

Yep, 46 yrs young. Don't worry, there's nothing to fear.......I don't feel any different to when I was 45 'cept older,....... wrinklier,.......... balder.........with more aches and pains, poorer eyesight, weaker bladder,...erectile disfunction.......oops! (slip of the pen) :wub:


Anyhoo, here's a little progress.

The addition of the louvred doors and release catches.


and the side cable stowage bin modelled with the flap open


Lastly, the instrument panel.


Still a few knobs and switches to add at this stage but they'll be a bit fragile to handle so I'll add them later.

More soon............?


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This has been an interesting excercise and illustrates to me why there is very little ground support equipment available from the manufacturers.

For those who stopped by to look, thank you and here are a couple of shots of the finished article (except for a number plate which I'll have to sort out in the future......)







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Wow! Guy, it's really cool! I think this build is just like a nice promenade after you've been working hard on your Tomcat. :worship: Switching over to some builds like that is a nice opportunity to recover your modeling mojo and start "making eye" at the build that made you feel bored (maybe) before.

Sure your Cat looks jealously at your new favorite while collecting dust on the shelf. :D




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Hi HOLMES, thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.

Hi Alexander, you're very kind, thanks. Yes, I plan to re-start the Tomcat after this short interlude.

I've just finished tidying the work bench and making a bit of space to pick up where I left off on the gear bays.

Hopefully, if all goes according to plan I'll be able to post an update before long.



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Hi Helidoris,

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it.

Feel free to use whatever image you like. Glad to be of service. :salute:

It'd be nice to see a link to your site too. :salute:



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