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  1. Thank you guys for your kind words and appreciation of my build. Cheers! Alexander
  2. Hi HOLMES, Thank you so much for appreciation my build so high. Thank you for your nice words. You flattered my vanity. LOL Now I'm motivated to make another modeling exploit. 🙂 Cheers! Alexander
  3. Hi there, Here I go with one of my latest builds. This is my second prop. This one has been accomplished by December 2020. No aftermarket parts, only some scratch builds added. I used Mr.Color paints on it. And Mr. Color semi-gloss lacquer on top of it . BTW, nice stuff. As for the wash, I used black gouache, earth and natural rust powder. Well, some pics. I hope you'll like them. 🙂 Cheers! Alexander
  4. For those who want all six sets as a wholesale I offer a free shipping.
  5. Hi there, This is with Zactoman's permission that I post it here. 🙂 I've got 6 extra of the AIM-9X sets I can share with some fellow modelers, but not for free, sorry. The price is the same as listed at the Zactomodels.com. For those who are interested in the purchasing, pls, send me a PM. Cheers! Alexander
  6. Yes, it was. The first time I caught it last December. No symptoms but the test was positive. The second time I caught it this August. This time the symptoms have been shown. I lost sense of smell, got terrible cough and 30% lungs affection. I think it was DELTA strain. Cheers and keep safe.
  7. So you are one of those who justify their existence in the system? Or who fed up with the system? 🙂 (Chris, sorry for deviating from your thread path. )
  8. A bureaucratic regular goalkeeper? LOL
  9. Bureaucratic football. 🙂 I had no idea such things happened on your side.
  10. It's great to hear you are back into business. All those troubles are just a blip. Things will look up, that's for sure! Cheers! Alexander
  11. Hi Chris Thank you so much for appreciation of my build. I think the ultimate result worth all those years of my tinkering with it.
  12. Hi Oliver, Thanks for asking. Been through the fu...ng COVID twice. Now I'm well. 🙂 Eventually completed my Mig-29, my ever longest build. 🙂
  13. Oliver, I always said you were a freaking plastic addict! LOL Cheers and happy modeling! Alexander
  14. Hi Chris, Nice to hear from you. Very sorry on your troubles concerning the move. Moving to a new place is always huge disaster. I hope you will cope with all this stuff nicely and make a deep plunge into the business again. 🙂 Cheers! Alexander p.s. BTW, I eventually completed my Mig-29. 😉
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