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  1. Hi Chris, Good news! I'm exited to see your new website. Make your Website great again! πŸ˜„ Cheers and beers! Alexander
  2. Thanks for the response Mstor. When he last posted on ARC?
  3. Hi there, Does anybody know why Zactoman long time no see on ARC? I hope he is OK. Please, let us know if anyone is aware. Cheers! Alexander
  4. Very little words can say to show what I feel whatching the images. A true Master put his hands to the kit resulting a real masterpiece. My two thumbs up and hat off. Alexander
  5. Hi Chris, Congrats! You did it! Ihope the stuff will be a good seller. Cheers! Alexander
  6. Awesome. Just awesome. Every time I enter your thread I found myself being blown away with it. :) Cheers! Alexander
  7. Amazing, just amazing! Slow but steady you are approaching the home stretch. Still I hope to see her completed in all her glory before I retire. LOL Cheers! Alexander
  8. Superb! The way you opted her to be transported in some compact box is commendable. Cheers and happy modeling in 2018! Alexander
  9. Hello guys and gulls, Here I go with my 2017 input. Since September 2016 when I eventually completed my 1/35 Kiowa Warrior (you may kindly watch it here: And this one is the second sail ship I built since then. It took me 9 months to build her from the keel to the acorn with no rush. :) I hope you will like the images. Cheers and very happy modeling in 2018! Alexander
  10. Hi Oliver, Since you started the paint job I assume that the gap between where you are at the moment and the homestretch reached almost to zero taking into account the whole way you passed so far from the moment on you started this epic build. :) I hope to see this one completed long before I will have gotten too old. LOL Well...better slow but neatly. Cheers and happy modeling in 2018! Alexander
  11. Nice build Floyd. The first image plainly shows the perfect paint job. The kit itself is superb. Cheers and happy modeling in 2018. Alexander
  12. Oliver, This stuff is absolutely stunning. I'm sure you have to resin cast it! Yes, you must resin cast them to make other rotorheads happy, who fond of MH 60 much. Cheers! Alexander
  13. Hi Chris, Eventually you did it. Nice stuff as always. I hope the item will be asked for like hot pies. ;) Cheers! Alexander
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