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For those already at the Nationals

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I did not see spruebrothers. That doesn't mean they are not there. Vendors are strung out all over. Not just in one room. What I did see that caught my eye was Trumpy's test shots of the 1/32 Hornet and Tomcat. Nice is all I can say. Going to be pricy though. I will check out Academy table tomorrow.


Have you seen any new kits there?I am looking for Academys Merkava IV. Is Gordon from Sprue Brothers there.I'll be arriving tomorow.Hope to meet some ARC ers there.
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The Merk IV was not on the MRC table. the two 35th armor kits they had yesterday were the ROK K-1A1 and a Tiger. I think there was a 72 Stryker but honestly I don't pay much attention to small scale armor.

The Merkava IV has been out for a few months now so Missing Lynx or Perth Military Modelers (PMMS) wil have reviews if you have not seen one yet


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