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VF-96 F-4J Phantom II

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That's why I hate Tamiya paints. They are too fragile.

Yeah I agree with you about Tamiya paints. I am slowly replacing the Tamiya acrylics with Gunze Aqueous range, but, downside is that I have to ship them in as they are not sold locally. Back home tonight and looked at plane again. Some of the bubbling has settled down so touch up work is a little better than first thought. Will get into it tomorrow.

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Photo's below show the damage to the paint work caused by Lacquer Glosscote. Looking for ideas on best way to fix it.


I should be able to do the repaint without damaging the decals, but, blending it in without showing it is a touch up will be a problem. Also not sure what I can do with the canopy. Anyone know what I can use to clean lacquer and paint off clear parts??


Paint under decal is ok, however, paint has bubbled up to the edge of decal. Same deal on the other side. Anyone have any tricks out there that will allow me to save decal?

I might have to consign this one to my sons bedroom ;)

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Ouch ...

That was looking so nice too ...

I hope you can salvage it ...


Ouch is right...but there have been a few other words used in the last few days. The only way to do it properly is to strip paint and decals and start again. It is almost impossible (my skill level that is) to match paints. But at least lines are straight now, there are no bubbles and I am hoping that paint will blend more once more layers go on and satin top coats are put down. I am toying with the idea of using a matt overcoat as that might further reduce contrast, but, I like a smoother finish on my models as they look a bit shinier and are easier to clean :cheers:

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Done B)

This is what I was aiming for (F-4J 155800 at Moffett Field NAS c1969)


I was going to add tanks and no ordinance, but, in the end went for what seemed to be a standard load out for these birds ( 4 Aim-9Ds, 4 Aim-7Es and 6 MK-82s)


Here's the other side


Top view


And from the back


Whew...all I can say in summing up is man am I glad to see the back of that one.

I was never able to fully recover from the paint mishap (you can can see the faint contrast between old and new paint), but, it looks ok if you don't look to hard. An aftermarket cockpit and seamless suckers are really needed if you want to open it up. I scratch built a lot of stuff but the complex shapes are difficult to duplicate...again it looks ok, but, don't look too hard. Definitely gonna buy some extra stuff before tackling the next one.

In the end my kids thinks it cool and looks like the picture, so gotta be happy with that :D

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