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which Johnsons Pledge in holland ?

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here in holland, at the Albert Hein store there are 2 products for sale.

One says Pledge floorwax and some other (blue cap). I checked both and each contain a dirty looking fluid..

nothing like the old Johnsons ParketPlus (brown cap) which contained clear fluid.

I got the blue cap and it must be crap, its not like the one I used to had. It looks like drain or suds..

Now I do know there is Johnsons Pledge Klear aswell, and its not in the A&H stores.

That must be the magic stuff but where to get it in the dutch stores?

Any advice is welcome.



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I got tired of the crappy result with the so called european version of future, so I ordered a few bottles from the US. My conclusion: don't believe a thing you read in the previous link on modelbrouwers or other sites. Parket plus, sols plus or whatever is not the same product. It doesn't even have the same colour, viscosity, smell... and most important, not the same result. Not even close.

Edit: it did cost me an arm and both legs to get it here, 56€ for 3 bottles.

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