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1/48 SAAF P-40 Tomahawk Mk.IIB

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Hehe will do! The kit is the Acedemy P-40C. Decals are from MAV. But I think I'll make my own roundels next time. These have stripes in the orange bits. I'll see if the camera can capture it. I want it to be a solid colour.

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Not bad. Might I offer a couple of very simple tips that give a subtle improvement?

First, on the many model kits that have solid exhausts like this, if you can't or don't want to try hollowing them out, you can just put a bit of black paint over the ends. It gives the illusion that these are hollow (the black being shadows).

Second, the tip of the pitot tube on the left wing should be silver, I believe.

My vote would be that you should attempt some weathering. The decals look a bit faded (no fault of your own, just how they were printed) and slightly dull. Now, this is an SAAF bird, flying in sandy, hot, desert-like conditions. If you faded the paint or weathered it to indicate it has baked in the sun a little, then the decals would fit even better.

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Better? This was my best effort. I used the Humbrol acrylic flat coat. For some reason it didn't dry to a matt finish. Also didn't seal the deacals and when I started with the weathering the Ramovky decal almost disintegrated. Anyway I'll see how I can fix it.




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