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  1. F104 decal placement guide

    This is the link I use: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/plamo/ I use this site quite a bit, so to make things a little easier, I bookmark links that I use on a regular basis with search terms like "1/48 Airfix" or "1/48 Hasegawa…" This site works incredibly slowly (if at all) on my tablet, but works well on my desk top. Your mileage may vary, though.
  2. 1/48 SH-2G Polish Navy

    Did you have any construction issues? Anything we need to look out for if we decide to build this one?
  3. 1/72 Cessna 208B Grand Caravan

    I agree 100%. I like GA Aircraft, especially in military markings.
  4. 1/48 SH-2G Polish Navy

    Beautiful work.
  5. USAF HH-2D RescueSprite

    Photobucket strikes again.
  6. Color of the inside of the F-14 radome

    I think it was just a natural fiberglass look. But it's been so long that I couldn't swear to it.
  7. FJ Fury

    It really depends on which version you want. The FJ-1 and FJ-3 (or lack thereof) have been discussed above. You've got a fair selection for the FJ-4/-4B series as well. The old Matchbox kit, the Grand Phoenix and Hobbyboss in 1/48 and I think the Emhar kit is one of your few (only?) mainstream FJ-4 choices in 1/72.
  8. Italeri (Esci) Bell 206 JetRanger?

    Very nice, Chris!
  9. Grumman OV-1D Mohawk

    I don't think they're tinted. While not exhaustive, take a look here: http://www.airfighters.com/photosearch.php?cra=2498&lim=5&dis=thumbs Also do a Google Image search for OV-1D and see what you can see. Try to pick active duty (or NG, etc), vice restorations.
  10. Belcher Bits

    Mike said the site doesn't work well with Android devices (specifically the pulldown menus), so if that's what you're using, you my have issues… His products are top notch. I've got his early model Lynx conversion with decals and it's VERY well done. Those Lancaster nacelles are next on my list.
  11. UH60A

    I think in1/48 Revell and Academy did A models. Not sure about other scales or manufacturers...
  12. Photobucket sucks

    If you need to download your PB pics, this is well worth using: https://sharecoding.wordpress.com/photobucket-downloader/ Very quick and easy. The only issue that I see that may be a problem is the limitation in the number of photos you can download at one time (100). This was not a problem for me, I think I had one or two albums with over 100 photos.
  13. Brother Bits

    I ordered an early Lynx help conversion a few months ago. BB is a one man operation, so Mike may take some time to get back to you.
  14. Italeri 1/48 veltro decals

    I wouldn't think so, but I could be wrong. This may be worth a look: http://mikegrantdecals.com/shop/product/italian-smoke-ring-camouflage/ I keep meaning to order some, I just haven't been able to get to it. When I think about it, I don't have the spare cash, when I've got the spare cash I don't think about it.
  15. Photobucket sucks

    I'm working on it, I've got too many albums to get done all at one sitting.