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Hasegawa F8E Crusader

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I decided on my F8E after Having purchased the cam Decals for VMFA-235 Death Angels ( F-8 VMFA-235 ). So i painted the ventral fins red and made like I was going to do that bird... The first thing that happened when I tried to put the nice red and white stars on the nose the decal fell to bits.. the so did the other side.. The whole sheet was crappy...

So I had a ordeal..

the only other crusader I wanted to build and had decals for was a US navy CVA-43 ´Hunters´ 1966/7 (VF162). However I had drilled holes to accommodate the dual Zuni Launcher rails and put under wing pylons on to hang some bombs from which only occur on Marine F8s.. so I searched the net for more decals I might like and could not find any. So I decided to modify to fit the VF162

1 - I decaled the aircraft with full stencils. will coat with klear to protect them.

2 - I then masked and paint the the panels around the gun bay zinc chromate yellow

3 - Repainted the nose black

4 - Painted the heat exchanger under the main wing gloss black

5 - I removed the under wing pylons , sanded back , filled, sanded, masked the whole wing section and sprayed again

6 - repainted the forward face of the variable incidence wing section yellow (its was red) and apply hunter logo.

Turned out nice in the end,, hope u like !









Thanks for looking, By the way the kit is a dream to build

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