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Hi guys.

After 11 years waiting to see the work bench it finally is going to be shown to the world.

If i new that this kit was so "big" (i thought that it was smaller) and beautiful i guess that it would be a "veteran" now between the others i already finish.

For now i can tell you that this kit is a pleasant surprise for me. Big and beautiful! There are some issues but nothing that a extra work doesn't fix, i'm talking about the part of the front well bay and the one of the dorsal fin(?).

On the middle parts (the lower) of the fuselage as a error (probably something go wrong during the transport of the kit) and it don't allow a perfect fit (i will show pictures latter).

For now i will show you the cockpit area. I add some scratch (cockpit sides structure) but it barely will be visible... i use the p.e. zoon (the one available i think) and lots of hours searching for some good cockpit pics... that i didn't find, and the ones i find show different details and colors.

Ok here are the pics, im still trying to get the best of the new camera, so i would like to know what do you think about it.

thank you for looking.











Regards from Portugal

Vitor Costa

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Hi guys.

Thank for your nice words

Jari, thank you for the picture, i was looking for some that show some cockpit details, but this is a great picture

I will post some more pics today or tomorrow. I just joint the two half of the fuselage so there is nothing much more to show.


Vitor Costa

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Hi Friends.

An update, this time "movable" flaps.

I did this "by accident" but at least they are going to be in the right place.

With the scriber i only toke some of the plastic i didn't cut all, i dont intend to "play" with the flaps put them up or down but the plastic of this kit is so soft that allow this to happen i did it for fun!

I did the holes that allow the entrance of the flaps inside the wing given them an "perfect" position without cutting nothing else on the flaps.

Well not to much to show but at least we already can see that this is a Rafale!

Thank you for looking.








Regards from Portugal.

Vitor Costa

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