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  1. Hello This is the very nice little resin kit from SBS. The kit is a treat: well designed, nicely cast with a good fit. Paints are mainly from Mr Hobby. Yellow H27+H403, brown H17 and green... I dont remember, sorry. Primer Mr surfacer 1500 black, an Tamiya LP11 on it. GX114 varnish Weathering with oils. Thanks for watching Romain
  2. Hi, Looking for this one: Modeller 48-12 https://kma-modeller.com/product/iranian-air-force-mirage-f-1-1-48/?utm_source=scalemates&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=marketplace Located in France Thanks
  3. thanks guys! And yes Whiskey, same here. I did not like the yellow Naboo N1. But this "pimp my ride" version looks awesome 🙂
  4. Hello The new Revell 1/24 N1 Starfighter from the Star Wars The Mandalorian TV Show. The kit is quite fun and simple to build. Details are OK but there is some room for improvement. I scratch built some details in the open panels and engines. Paints are Mr Hobby SM01 super fine silver and Chrome from Greenstuff. Weathering with oils and waterpencil. This is the way!
  5. Thank you guys! Utley, the missiles are from the box
  6. Hello! So! finally finished! After an almost 3 years stand by. I used some aftermarket: - Eduard photoetch - Master barrels - Legend bays and folding sets - Werner wings stencil decals - Reedoak figure paints are Mr color laquer c308 and mrp 105. Weathering with oils, mostly mig oilbrushers. Again I felt
  7. Very nice! good job. Yep, hard to tell it is 1/72
  8. great work! i think I will buy it, details look amazing
  9. Hello A small and quick build from the box with the 3D Blitz Model kit, using FFSMC decal sheet for french air force. Most of the job was to deal with ultra smooth paint and decals. I used the great Mr Hobbyè GX112 gloss varnish, then polished with ultra fin abrasives sponges, micromesh and Tamiya compound. A very light coat of GX114 satin coat at the end, to cut the "toy like" effect. Cheers Romain
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