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  1. hi ! nice work! i like the replacement of the oleo
  2. Hi! very nice camo and exhausts! Are you sure that those stencils are visible on worn and wahsed paint? Will you fade and blend them? bye Romain
  3. rom

    1/32 F-16I SUFA

    Hello Nice Start! I built this nice kit few years ago. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234935270-f-16-i-sufa-132-academy/& Have fun with yours! romain
  4. Nice work! We dont see so many of these beasts.
  5. Awesome! You can be proud of it. I just find that the airbrake breaks the profile. Anyway. Very good job!
  6. rom

    1/32 CF-18

    Nice project!
  7. Hi! This old model was recently shot wirh my smartphone in my brand 'ew Amazon basics led photo box. Few pictures added in first post 🙂 cheers
  8. Hi I added 3 new pictures in first post shot in the amazon basics led photobox using my smartphone Bye Romain
  9. Great news! M? B? C? Special scheme? Thanks
  10. You are right dear Ken! 🙂 but on the 04 we can see an antena on his top fuselage. As on the mkm... so im a bit lost between mki mkm... 🙂 cheers
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