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  1. Hello At the beginning I was not very motivated by the build because the comparison with the armastangs I started in parallel was not fair... But well... At the end I am pretty happy with this rather simple build. I am not used to Braille scale so to say... But I enjoyed it. Mostly from the box with 3d printed hvar, arma mustang plastic wheels, kit decals. Painted in Tamiya Lp11/lp38 for the wings. Mr hobby super chrome silver on the fuselage, later coated with satin gx114 varnish to break the metallic shine. Oil weathering. Oh and I had to remove the
  2. Thanks πŸ™‚ Thanks you very much. As explained in the magazine, you cant really build a true -5 from the box. You will need Renaissance or Grand model specific cockpits. And many more other features such as antennas, pylon and missiles. πŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺ
  3. Hello Yufei I just cant find words... 🀯
  4. Thanks mirage3! Wow thank you ScottπŸ˜‰
  5. Hello The last 2 years, I was busy with this quite demanding project. And now I am pretty happy to finally share the result. I built side by side two Kittyhawk boxings, both in French Markings: a Mirage 2000-5F during Operation Harmattan (Lybia) in 2011, and a 2000D from Operation Chammal (Iraq/Syria) in 2015. The builds were far from "From the box" so to say... Kittyhawk... well is Kittyhawk you know. Interesting subject, quite nice details, but mistakes, lacks, or incomplete intructions. So I had to provide a lot of work to bring the models to a higher standar
  6. Thank you Guys! Collin, this how chipping was done: The whole model is primed with mr hobby 218, wich gives weak adhesion for paints applied on it. then the dark sea blue is painted, and after drying, chipped with toothpick and blade.
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