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Iranian 707 Re-Engine

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Wow... that's definitely some different engines on EP-AJD:


Quite a nice paint job too.

Here's the same airplane a couple years ago:


I wonder what anyone might know about these new engines. Also, that paint job has to be the hardest-to-airbrush one I can think of...

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These used to come to Brize Norton at least once a month 78 & 79. I ended up having to guard them on a couple of exercises. The original Imperial Iranian Air Force turned into the Islamic Iranian Air Force. Looking like a child had done the Islamic repaint. Not long after the revolution the flights stopped. The registrations weren't civvy. They were 5- followed by three digits then later changed to four digits. Green cheat line with Iranian flag on the fin.

On one of the TACEVALS guarding one of these -3J9Cs we were "attacked" by our own Rapid Response Team. We're lying on the deck with SLRs (empty mags) being attacked by these idiots with SMGs with empty mags and then had a massive argument who'd shot who. we'd "taken them out at 100 yards" getting off the trucks. Cant do that with a SMG. said the Umpire!! We won by killing our own Rapid Response Team. At least the weather was good.

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