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  1. I love it x2. 1st Im doing this same kit now, but to be honest mine does not look nearly as good as yours. 2nd i have been trying to build up the guts to do a lighted airliner for sometime now. The use of fiberoptic cable inspired. I know when fiberoptic is used for data the ends need to be polished, do need to do the same for this application? I read in a model railroading magazine my brother had about grinding down LEDs to make them smaller, maybe a good way to do some of the lights. good work so far, im excited to see more.
  2. My wife and I foster cats for our local humane society, I am jealous of your possible clean room. I totally understand frustration of dust or cat fur on a fresh paint job. My suggestions would be watch how air flows into the room. Set up and your venting system and then test airflows with incense or a candle. Check for gaps around doors and check air ducts. If the air duct is a possible source of dust then you might be able to get a small filter for HVAC systems to but just upstream of the vent. Once you control quality of the air coming in the room then you just have to keep things clean ins
  3. Did anyone get to see the solar eclipse today? I'm just outside of the viewing area and onlexperienceded earlierir than usual dusk.
  4. Hi Bud, and welcome. I think you will find lots of good info here and nice people. Are you new to the hobby?
  5. It looks awesome! Inspiring. I will have to add this one to my "things to build" list.
  6. Love this kit, can't wait to see what you do to it.
  7. I am intrigued by your idea. I found this on you tube. It seems to be a similar system to what is used at DFW and ATL. Do you plan to do a moving model? The videos I found of SEA's people mover seem to be all underground.Here is what I found about SEA's system on Wikipedia Here is some info from the manufacture Hope to see what you come up with.
  8. There are also many types of trams used by airports. If you know which airport's system you want to model off of I bet you could get some of the guys at Airliners.net to get photos for you. I live near DFW airport and they use what are basically automated electric buses on guide-ways.
  9. This tip is so simple and such a good fix to an endless headache that I had to smile and laugh to myself a bit. Thanks for the tip!
  10. wow... really??? $380... really??? I'm still new to this hobby, but... really?
  11. I asked a friend with a Cricut to help me with some masks for a project and the problem we came across was limitations on how small of character it could make. Something to think about if you decide to buy any of those cutting machines.
  12. A free call to FSS would have prevented this issue. She makes the rest of us pilots that do it right look stupid.
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