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Hey all,

Got a couple of more bikes to identify...need some help... :wacko:/>/>

first one, no idea what this is or who made it


2nd one, not sure, Harley maybe?




3rd one, no idea, Cafe Racer? Already started to disassemble this one. Chrome was worn off..




and overall of the parts..


These are big bike kits. Any help would be appreciated....

Cheers, Ian

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Wow, thanks guys! That was quick!

I can tell already from the pictures that the two Revell bikes are missing parts.... ;)

resto of these babys is going to be tough....

Cheers, Ian

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The id's are correct as I can see. The race bike is one of a couple Revell did based on the Honda 305 Super Hawk kit.The Harley resto should be easy they are readily available.The triumph is ,again one of several Revell did based on their "Tiger" 100 kit. Sometimes these kits can be found in this sort of shape on ebay ,but not very often.

The Triumph can look good:


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