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  1. Monogram/Revell Monogram F-14A

    Hello Juan. These additional photos should help you: What I did: Also:
  2. F-18 ATARS questions 1:48

    There are good photos of the antenna on page 166 of "The Modern Hornet Guide," by Jake Melampy. Hasegawa part M5 has the correct shape.
  3. F-18 ATARS questions 1:48

    Like I said, part M5 (AN/ALQ-126 mounted on drag brace door). Also included on Sprue M are the chaff/flare dispensers, GPS dome for the spine, IFF antennae, and new centerline pylon.
  4. F-18 ATARS questions 1:48

    Larry, That nose gear door antenna will be found only in later Hasegawa Hornet kits containing sprue M. It is part M5.
  5. Monogram/Revell Monogram F-14A

    Fuselage stiffeners were also removed. I added them back with sheet styrene as well as added the vertical tail stiffeners too. Also rescribed the exhaust shrouds.
  6. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    True. Plus a visit from Moai Vincent would be excellent.
  7. Does anyone know what happened to James Eberling?

    Yes, James (TomcatFanatic123) passed away early Saturday morning. I received a text from his mom.
  8. F-15E 4FW 335FS AF89-0487

    That's the underside of the airbrake which you're seeing along the left wing. :)
  9. Blue Angels A-4F Cockpit

    Yes no HUD, actually gunsight, but the TA-4 the Blues had still had the gunsight. It can be seen in the videos.
  10. Blue Angels A-4F Cockpit

  11. Missing Post

  12. New 1/48 Kinetic Hornet Kits

    If referring to my comment, I meant the revised Monogram F/A-18C kit which I thought Monogram had corrected in the early 1990s. It does not have the rounded off tails though, which the original (undersized) 1980s release did have. LOL
  13. New 1/48 Kinetic Hornet Kits

    Kinetic also left out the intake splitter brace... Hasegawa instructions (part K28): Kinetic:
  14. Top Gun Hits 30

    Ah, 30 years ago. My how time flies...
  15. New 1/48 Kinetic Hornet Kits

    Decals and markings guide designed by Fightertown Decals.