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  1. True. Plus a visit from Moai Vincent would be excellent.
  2. Yes, James (TomcatFanatic123) passed away early Saturday morning. I received a text from his mom.
  3. That's the underside of the airbrake which you're seeing along the left wing. :)
  4. Yes no HUD, actually gunsight, but the TA-4 the Blues had still had the gunsight. It can be seen in the videos.
  5. Hodor.
  6. If referring to my comment, I meant the revised Monogram F/A-18C kit which I thought Monogram had corrected in the early 1990s. It does not have the rounded off tails though, which the original (undersized) 1980s release did have. LOL
  7. Kinetic also left out the intake splitter brace... Hasegawa instructions (part K28): Kinetic:
  8. Ah, 30 years ago. My how time flies...
  9. Decals and markings guide designed by Fightertown Decals.
  10. Surface detail is smooth. The vertical tail fin tops aren't rounded but easy to fix. Hasegawa's tails are taller. The Kinetic tails match the height of the Monogram Hornet tails but slightly wider (chord). The fuel tanks are a tiny bit longer than the Hasegawa fuel tanks.
  11. Tamiya won't release a new tooled Tomcat. Ever. Oh wait.
  12. I bought a "few" :) of the remaining enamels and a smaller lot of acrylics. March 2013 was when I purchased the paint and all are still in great shape (unopened).
  13. Yes, that's where I purchased my bottles from. He doesn't seem to have a lot of inventory left. Just a few color choices to choose from now.
  14. There used to be this, Aeromaster Warbird Colors (made by Floquil) acrylic F.S. 36251: Or using Tamiya paints as an alternative: 3 parts XF-83 "Medium Sea Gray 2 (RAF)" 1 part XF-2 "Flat White"