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the wing is longer and a different shape. you would pretty much need to scratch build new wings outboard of the engine. the leading edge profile appears to be about the same. you could probobly use most of the PV1 wings. could be quite challenging.

Another significant difference is the tail. the PV1 had eliptical vertical fins located inboard of the round tips of the horizontal stabilizer. the PV2 had larger somewhat squarish fins located at the outboard ends of the stabilizer.

edit to add this nice drawing

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You'd have to build completely new vertical and horizontal tails, and the canopy is different as well. Oil cooler housings under the engines are deeper too. Way back in the days of the old "Scale Modeller" magazine somebody did a "sort of" conversion of a Hudson to a PV-2 in 1/72, using B-25 tail parts with some reshaping..it didn't look particularly accurate though.

Basically, you're in for a ton of modification, kitbashing and scratchbuilding. Not technically impossible, but a heck of a lot of work.


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