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  1. Saturday not looking good right now either. Sunday supposed to be better. They have a very tight launch window.
  2. My dad was stationed at NAS So Weymouth back in the 50's to the mid 60's.
  3. I'm looking to sell my full meal deal Eduard F-4B. Comes with all the Eduard stuff that came with the limited edition as well as DMold intakes, AIRES wheel wells and Hypersonic corrected stabs, AC intakes, canopy detail set and early 370gal McDonnell drop tanks. Asking $120.00 not including shipping. PM me or email to: jonpkrol at gmail dot com. The Eduard accessory pack has resin exhausts, multi parts seats, nicely detailed wheels. Lots of color PE for the cockpit as well as regular brass detail stuff. Fabric seat belts and mask set.
  4. The Navy rarely flew with the wing tanks anyway, opting for the large centerline tank usually. Not to say they never did but usually, so the issues with the Academy wing tanks may not be a build issue.
  5. Not an expert but here are my observations. I have the Ginter book on the Bearcat so it helps. Tommy Thomason has some detail info as well on his blog, Tailhook Topics. The HB kit to me is the best of the three. A couple of things though. The most obvious is the cowl shape. It can be corrected with sanding the ring forward of the fore most panel line. The kit windscreen/canopy on both the -1 and -2 are the same and more correct for the -2. If you want to take the time to correct the canopy for the -1 you can use the front wind screen from the Hobby Craft Bearcat. Some filling of the indent in the fuselage for the HB windshield will be needed. Barracuda Details has correct wheels/disc brakes for both versions. The AIRES wheel bay set fills the void behind the engine and details up the wing wheel wells. You might consider using the prop from a Monogram A-1H Skyraider as it is more accurate or perhaps a resin one. Resin engines are also available. There are questions about the wing being too thick and the oil cooler intakes are too close to the fuselage but once built I think those are not very apparent. HB scaled down their 1/32 kit and they did not correct those things when they scaled it down. So several little things that are correctable but still builds into an ok kit OOB.
  6. I also pulled out my jar of Aeromaster FS36118 and it is slightly lighter than the MM example. I also compared my jar of Tamiya XF-53 Neutral Gray and it is somewhere between the two. I believe it may be a better choice of all three. It looks to have just an ever so slight blue component to it, just slightly lighter than the MM example. The Aeromaster appears to be pretty much a straight up black and white mix with no other colors involved.
  7. In looking at my collection of MM enamel paints I agree that Gunship Gray, FS36118 looks close enough for me for WWII Neutral Gray.
  8. Steve Ginter has a book on the Skyshark, vol. 43. Interestingly I received my copy in my Dynavector kit box when I bought it. Since I have a rather large collection of Ginter Naval Fighter books I decided to keep it and include it in my library after selling the kit. It is not a very thick book but still packed with a lot of info on the Skyshark. There is one still left. I'm surprised the Navy has not purchased it for their museum.
  9. The "ACTING" SoN was a political appointment, not approved by the Senate, like many now in the upper levels of government and subject tot he whims of the CiC. As soon as he found out about the situation on Roosevelt he ran off the CiC to get his orders. It doesn't take much to figure out what happened after that conversation.
  10. Crozier was screwed no matter which way he went. If his requests for help went unheeded and this never hit the press until later and if that one sailor that was found unresponsive had died, the "Door Knockers" would have blamed him in the press for negligence and relieved him of his command anyway. He would have been the scapegoat to make sure the stains didn't get on the white tunic and gold scrambled egg guys higher up.
  11. As soon as the crap hit the fan of the captain's departure and then the SoN's asinine speech to the crew, public opinion was overwhelmingly supportive of the captain. When the negative blowback hit the WH, I knew it was a matter of a few days before SoN was given the door. One thing the WH wants to always do is try to keep the stink off him. Modly was not qualified to be SoN, acting or not. So we have a 30 year command grade captain, aviator, who's splendid career is now over, fired by a business man that went to USNA on the taxpayer's dime and got out as soon as his obligation was over. As far as I am concerned, he isn't worthy enough to polish Crozier's shoes.
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