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  1. She's a bad girl, I'm taking my tanks and going home.
  2. Jon, the propellers did indeed arrive Friday.  I didn't clean out my mailbox until this morning.  I'd love to cover the out-of-pocket you incurred.  I'd be happy to send some funds  by PayPal.  At any rate, I'll hold that thought and try to help the next person I can. 


    And thanks again!

    1. jpk


      Hey, three and half bucks. It ain't gonna brake the bank. Pay it forward. Good luck with your mossie, my favorite plane. 

    2. peter havriluk

      peter havriluk

      I'll hold that thought.  Props are painted and ready to assemble.  And then the Mossie's done. 

    3. jpk


      Shoot off a photo. I bought my first monogram mossie back in 1966 after seeing 633 Sqdn. A surprise release back then as it wasn't released until some time after the movie was out. It obviously has been eclipsed by the later Airfix kit and then the Tamiya ones. I'd still like to get their 1/32 mossie but $200+ is a bit much. Take care. 

  3. I think sometimes those missing items go to the top of your first page if you have opened the item's description.
  4. I do have one thing I am looking for. A 1/48 Hasegawa F-4 Phantom front windscreen. If you might have one from a junk kit let me know. Thanks JK
  5. I have have what you need. Contact me via PM and I will get them to you.
  6. I talked with one of their reps at the Columbia Nationals where they first had the J on display. I asked about a B and the guy said there were no plans to do a B. However I would imagine if they felt there was a demand they would.
  7. When will we be able to either pre order or order the FJ-2 Fury sheets? Thanks.

  8. Looking for a windscreen from a Hasegawa F-4 Phantom in 1/48. Tnx
  9. For full GSB Trackers the wheel wells were probably GSB as well as was the practice then.
  10. I've ordered from them and had no issues. It seems even in pre covid days international shipping can arrive in a week or a month or longer. Depends on how shipped and where from. I'm currently waiting on a few things from China and it's been well over a month. I contacted one vendor in China and he told me the shipping issues are hurting his business badly. I asked for a refund and he said he would do but I'd have to wait until he sold some kits in China. I told him I'll go ahead and wait. Just need to be patient.
  11. I've owned nothing but Jeeps since 1994. Two Grands and two XJ's. My pride and joy is my 96 XJ Country in excellent condition. However I have always wanted a MB or GPW. Unfortunately ones in decent shape are way out of my ability to purchase. I'm sure you got a good price for it. I understand your pain.
  12. I toyed with the idea of getting either the Academy or the very old HAWK/Testors T-33 kit. I've had the HAWK kit years ago and for a very old kit at the time I thought it was pretty good albeit simple. I wanted to do one with US Navy markings. One thing I did not like about the Academy kit was the shape of the fin. It just didn't look right and that was before I found out about the other shape issues it has. I patiently waited for the right time to pick up a GWH kit when funds and price converged. A friend had one and I knew I would not be satisfied if I settled for one of the other choices. To each their own. I'm not saying get the GWH kit. All I'm saying is I'm happier I waited to get the item I wanted.
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