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  1. I'm not aware of a resin replacement fighter nose for the Monogram photo Panther. However, it would probably cost the same if there was one available as buying a complete kit. They are usually pretty cheap and fairly common.
  2. Get vaxed and wear a mask. Hopefully Darwin will take care of cleansing the gene pool. Whenever I go to a public place I double mask, carry my own hand sanitizer with me. For me, when I go into a public building the masks are an identifier of those that are just a bit smarter than those that aren't wearing one. Identifiers like some bumper stickers I see when I'm driving.
  3. Jeff, if the previous responder backs out I have a Tamiya A-1H open box all bags factory sealed. Box has a little shelf wear but not bad. I can sweeten the deal. I can include a Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18E or a Hasegawa F-14A for the Fury. 

  4. I have a Tamiya Navy A-1H as well to trade if the first one backs out.
  5. On ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324754562625
  6. I bought a kit from them a few years ago. No problems with the transaction.
  7. I have the above kit for sale on Ebay. Box has a little shelf wear. Kit is sealed in original factory bag with instruction sheet and original decals in perfect condition. The kit also comes with a Hypersonic corrected nose gear door and a resin Escapac ejection seat. If interested PM me. Thanks for looking.
  8. I have for sale the above kit on Ebay. Open box, see photos. If you have any questions PM me.Thanks for looking.
  9. I have what you are looking for. PM me.
  10. If Tamiya does a C/D Phantom it is a pretty easy jump to a J. The C/D had the thick wing. Add the wing and a new sprue for the longer burner cans and you are pretty much there. Maybe some cockpit bits too.
  11. I've waited decades for Fury's, Cougars and Banshees. Now they're gone. Aside from one or two manufacturers, almost all kits have some sort of build issue. Complainers complain. I was pretty darned happy with Kitty Hawk.
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