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  1. The kit is currently available via eBay.
  2. It appears the new Kitty Hawk Fury has been removed from the new release list over at Cybermodeler. That can mean one of two things, the release is imminent or delayed again. The kit was rescheduled to be released this month after its initial release for last April was pushed back to this month. Wonder what the issue is. I was really looking forward to the kit.
  3. According to "Slowhand" Gil Hodges over on HS, the Kitty Hawk FJ-2 is currently in production in China. He learned this from the Kitty Hawk rep that was at the recent Nationals in Chattanooga. He also said delivery may be delayed because of the current tariff issues.
  4. The photos posted by KH a year ago sure looked pretty good to me save for the apparent mix up of parts between versions ie: parts for a -3 on a -2 and vice versa. Their CADs looked pretty good as well. If KH cut the molds not understanding the differences between the versions and cut the molds incorrectly, like cutting parts for a -3 on trees for a -2, I could see a delay because of the time involved in correcting them. I find it curious that prior to releasing all the soviet fighter stuff and the Blackhawk, Little Bird kits and Huey kits, their FB page is full of daily up dates of CADS and shots of the kit parts on and on. Yet with this particular kit, crickets. You would think in order to ramp up interest they would be doing a lot of teases on the progress. That costs them nothing and it would at least populate their FB pages with something other than helos and Russian stuff.
  5. Hi Tommy. I think the OP was wondering about when it may be released as KH originally said last April, then changed it to this month last April. The artwork for both the -2 and -3 Fury's have been out for several months now. I was at the nats and saw the poster but still nothing from them this month re the kit after they last said it would be out around now. There are a lot of people anxious to get these two kits.
  6. jpk

    Best B-25 ?

    Wasn't there an issue with the canopy/ nose glass shape?
  7. It will be released after the late Banshee, Cutlass, Pirate and Tiger. And then after they run through the entire Soviet steam punk aircraft and military equipment inventory. LOL. At least the helo guys are seeing kits of every permutation the the H-60.
  8. I thought that was the case but you never know sometimes with the military. I thought the F-117 was gone completely. There were the very public photos of airframes being chewed up but then they've recently been shown that the airforce has kept some airframes flyable.
  9. I thought I read somewhere that there were still a couple of flyable Tomcats that were retained by the Navy.
  10. P-38. One pict is of the horizontal stab one other the lower forward nacelle where the outer wing intersects the nacelle.
  11. jpk

    1/48 FJ-2

    According to Kitty Hawk, coming next month but it has been quiet on their FB page regarding the actual release.
  12. I don't know if it applies but Dmold makes a set of 1/48 triple plow II intakes for the Academy F-111 kits.
  13. Looking for one each of these cheap. Box, decals, instructions are not needed so their condition is irrelevant. I just want the plastic.
  14. Yes Tommy, I saw those things you pointed out as well so that led me to think it was an actual test mule. Usually if something is a CAD image it is a lot smoother. The photo example is certainly not that. I sure hope they do it.
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