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  1. Every kit that I would have bought is out of stock.
  2. Looking to trade the above sheet for the Microscale sheet for the GSB sheet for FJ-3's. It had VF-33 and another GSB sqdn too. Contact vis PM. Tnx.
  3. I have another FJ-2 coming. Should be here by next tuesday if the tracking is correct. The vendor that I have bought this kit from has a place holder page on ebay for the FJ-3 Fury. I just emailed them to see if they have anymore info on a release date. If I hear back I will post here.
  4. I read several months ago that it would be released this November. We shall see it that is the case.
  5. Jeffrey at Hypersonic has USN seats that are great with the correct lumbar pad. USAF ones as well. I have a few sets and they are great. Unfortunately with the current airmail situation in Japan, Jeffrey has to wait until that situation improves to get his products out to his customers.
  6. Looking for the taildragger version in particular. I have the float version. If anyone has one that is surplus to their needs please contact me. Thanks.
  7. So is this a Cessna 182 v a 180?
  8. I agree with your comments Larry. I am surprised no one mentioned Kitty Hawk in all of this. Aside from their Banshee issues most of their kits are fairly accurate if a bit too fiddly. I think their interest in making their kits with so many individual parts the engineering of their kits fall a little short. Things like doors not fitting completely into opening if you desire them to be closed.
  9. I got a 10-12 pack of stainless steel restaurant condiment cups in the food service area of Sam's Club. I use them as mixing cups then clean with thinner. I also have a stack of smaller plastic cups with lids, again the kind you get with take out food. I also use those too but mainly the steel cups.
  10. Why did the USAF opt for the flying boom v the drogue? It seems the drogue is much simpler and more widely compatible with our allies.
  11. I ordered a second kit from a vendor in China last May, (actually it was April 14th), and it still has not arrived. It was sent via China Post and once it entered their system the trail goes cold. It could be anywhere. The vendor was complaining that he had lost a lot of business internationally because of the covid. Several packages had suffered the same fate as mine. He offered to repay me but it had to wait until he could sell some kits in China to get the funds. I told him I would wait to see if the kit would eventually arrive. After communicating with him recently , he said he would send
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