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  1. Jeffrey at Hypersonic is working on a few things for the new FJ-3. As for the cockpit, he will essentially be combining the turtle deck from his -2 set with a new antenna array native to the -3. He will also do an update on the seat for the -3 as well. He will also be doing the same treatment to the intake that he did to the -2 however he will not be doing a complete intake trunk as of now.(possibly subject to change knowing Jeffrey). That set may have the same exhaust parts as well. The nose gear leg is applicable to both kits so nothing will change there. If you do not want to fill in the ri
  2. I have only started to assemble the two seat Coug. I do have both the two seat and single seat Cougs. I'm not very far along as I have other kits I would rather be doing right now. However, I did test assemble the aft fuselage halves. I then assembled the mid fuselage part to the aft assembly. Take care to align the seams. I used shim plastic inside the seam to give more surface reinforcement to the joint. If you take your time, test fit you will have a pretty good joint. The fillet along the mid fuselage part will need a little filler but nothing drastic. If I recall you will need to trim a c
  3. Yes, their sprues were quite thick. If IRC the Cougs were their second and third 1/48 kits released after their F-94 Starfire. I recall having a conversation with the then Kitty Hawk rep at the Orlando Nationals in 2012. The Starfire was their only kit out then. He told me they were going to release two USN 50's jet kits. I asked if one was going to be a Tiger and he said no. I was disappointed but glad they didn't in retrospect. I think their kits have improved quite a bit since. The Coug sprues are very thick but I think the kits are fairly accurate if somewhat overly complex. However in the
  4. Does Kitty Hawk even have a domestic distributor here in the US? I would imagine that since the kit was just released last month in China any kits coming into the US aside from the individuals that ordered from a vendor in China, would be on a container ship driving slowly across the Pacific. Add to that sitting at the docks before being unloaded from their container then for who knows how long before customs gets to them to release them. It could be another month or two before someone like Sprue Bothers gets them in stock in any quantity.
  5. I have a doner Panther so I will use that part. I personally really like their Cougars. They are not perfect but they are pretty much correct overall. I may be an outlier but I even like their Banshee. The Michael Rieth correction set pretty much takes care of the most glaring issues with the kit being the intakes.
  6. The one real issue with the Cougar is the nose gear strut. The oleo is too short. An easy fix or use a strut from the Monogram F9F Panther.
  7. Look at Zoukei Mura, their Phantom is beautiful save for one mistake. They even had actual airframes to examine locally in country and still made a rather large mistake. The rest of the kit is amazing. How can you explain that? I'm sure they went over and over their plans before cutting metal. As they say, poo happens.
  8. Photos can be pretty much self explanatory in and if themselves. Interpretation and translation of material other than photos can be difficult to understand correctly from the fact that there may not be an exact word or words in chinese that corresponds with ones from english. I'm sure you've seen this when other languages have tried to convert english into a native tongue. The meaning and understanding can be imprecise.
  9. Aside from the firewall the Chinese government imposes on their people, there is I would imagine, a huge cultural difference in understanding and interpreting things from the west, even if there are photos and publications.
  10. Kitty Hawk has a tendency to over engineer their kits. Combine that with some interesting solutions to a build like the wing fold on the Cougars. Just strange. However, I find their kits a bit of a challenge but overall can produce a really nice looking kit with modeling skills applied. They get a lot of props for their 1/35 and 1/48 helicopter kits. I haven't heard too many complaints on their military vehicle kits either. They are certainly not Tamiya. KH designs their kits with details that Tamiya just would not include or just simplify as much as possible.
  11. One thing I believe is absolutely true with regards to the Chinese kit manufacturers. Their internet firewall can probably limit their access to quality information to accurately model a particular subject. Their designers are unable to travel to examine the real articles so they must rely on either the available net or publications that are allowed into the country. The designers may not understand which publications are more accurate than others.
  12. I have the above kit for sale. Fuselage halves have been removed from the tree everything else attached. All in the resealable factory bag. Box has shelf wear. Why Kinetic put this particular kit in an end flap box is beyond me. Anyway, $50.00 shipped to lower 48. I accept and prefer Paypal but will also take cash, personal or cashier checks. PM me here. Tnx.
  13. Some people are just selfish. Or paranoid. Or both. I got my second vax a week ago, Moderna. It kicked my butt. I was in bed for a day with a fever, chills, severe headache, joint pain. Passed after a day. Others I know just breezed through with no affects or very little. Depends on your immune system. Even though I have had the vax I still wear a mask when I get into social situations. My wife has respiratory issues but is not quite there age wise to get the vax. I need to be careful because of her health. The arrogance and ignorance of some is just appalling. Primitive minds are hard to educ
  14. Is this the version that comes in the black case with extra tip, cup and needle? Ooops, answered my own question. I have the same brush. Haven't used it yet, just got it from Midwest. It was $124.00 w/free shipping. Yours is a really good deal. Wish I'd have know before buying this one.
  15. Unfortunately I do not have a CA Black Widow. If I did I would sell it to you. I prefer USN post war subjects so the BW is outside of my build interests but it is certainly an interesting airplane. From what I have read the BW was a better aircraft over the F-22 but the USAF essentially chose the F-22 over it because Northup/Grumman was well funded with other projects and LM needed the business. That seems like BS to me as LM has their hands in all sorts of secret stuff. The BW just looks like it would be hard to see on radar, more so than the F-22.
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