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  1. FYI, the Bettys used on that mission were G4M1s, not the later G4M2s. Unfortunately the only early Betty in 1/72 is Hasegawa's rivet-encrusted relic from the 1960s. SN
  2. I'd love to see Tamiya "downscale" their P-38F/G to 1/72. At present, the best early model P-38 in Gentlemen's Scale is the RS models kit, which isn't bad, but is decidedly limited-run. SN
  3. "Think you will ever finish your stash?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 SN
  4. Fantastic museum! We visited in 2017, and I was surprised at the size of their collection. Most are indoors, but some of the larger aircraft are displayed outdoors. Sadly, I hear they're talking about scrapping the B-47 because it's in poor structural condition and there aren't any funds to rebuild it. SN
  5. Vegas, baby! And 2022 was awarded to Omaha. SN
  6. There was some speculation that Vegas might be bidding again. They put in an unsuccessful bid last year for 2020, but I heard they didn't really expect to win and basically submitted it as a "practice bid" with an eye on submitting a more polished bid this year for 2021. SN
  7. The bombs were carried in the forward bomb bay. I'm not sure what was in the aft bays..I assume either instrumentation and electronics, or possibly extra fuel tanks. SN
  8. I heard they found it docked in Alameda. 😎 Seriously though, this is really cool. I wonder if they're planning to send Petrel in search of the Japanese carriers lost at Midway. I don't think any of those have been located.
  9. You may have to cut down the B-17 props a bit. As I recall, the reason PV-1s used the paddle-blade props is because the engines were so close to the fuselage, but they still needed a lot of blade area to utilize the extra horsepower. The wings were basicallythe same as the Lodestar, which used 1200 hp R-1820s, but the Ventura was upgraded to 2000 hp R-2800s. SN
  10. I've got far more kits than I'll ever build, so per my request Santa brought me a paint shaker. That'll really come in handy, since I have a preference for 30+ year-old Humbrol, with several hundred tins in the stash. I'd give myself carpal tunnel trying to properly mix the stuff by hand. SN
  11. Intriguing. I've been considering building the B-26 Marauder "Flak Bait" in full invasion stripes for the 2019 IPMS Nationals, which are also having a D-Day Anniversary theme category. SN
  12. Yep..saves you having to attempt to install a couple of small windows, which can be difficult to do cleanly.
  13. I built their Rufe some years ago (got it for a buck.) Not a bad little kit, just rather basic. I made scratchbuilt a rudimentary cockpit and added a Squadron vacuform canopy, but I think those were the only embellishments. Jo-Han's boxes showed other a lineup of 1/72 aircraft which included a P-40B/C. Sadly it was never released. SN
  14. I wonder how this will compare to the forthcoming HK 1/32 Lanc? SN
  15. That "P-40" looks an awful lot like a Spitfire to me. SN
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