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  1. Steve N

    Aftermarket 1/144 B-36 decals?

    Looking forward to it. I need replacement decals for my B-36D (It's already assembled and painted so unfortunately I don't have a kit to loan you 😉 ) SN
  2. Steve N

    Aftermarket 1/144 B-36 decals?

    Would you be including all the wing walkways? The thought of trying to paint those is what really put me off on the idea of stripping and repainting my B-36. SN
  3. Steve N

    Aftermarket 1/144 B-36 decals?

    I would be down for a 1/144 B-36 sheet. I've got the Hobbycraft kit about 80% complete, but it was a rush job and I'm not really happy with how the paint and decals turned out. Since there aren't really any aftermarket options, I'm reluctant to strip it. SN
  4. Steve N

    Monogram 1/48 B-29 Enola Gay exterior finish questions

    Like most WWII B-29s, the Enola Gay was overall bare metal, other than the fabric-covered control surfaces, which were aluminum dope. Some parts of the airframe (notably the middle parts of the wings and fuselage) appear to have a different finish, because a different alloy/thickness skin was used in those areas. Of course, the first few B-29s were Olive Drab over Neutral Gray, and late in the war many had their bellies painted black for night raids. SN
  5. Steve N

    Ultimate B-24 Reference

    Wow! I guess I'm lucky I scored my copy for 50 bucks three years ago. SN
  6. Steve N

    How does a firebomber tank work?

    DC-9? I never knew they were used as air tankers. SN
  7. I'm assuming he'll be leading the defense of earth against the onslaught of the Dark Lord Xenu and his squadrons of evil Thetans.
  8. Steve N

    Top Gun 2 Production begins

    Will this one include a shirtless shuffleboard tournament at Maverick's assisted-living facility? SN
  9. Steve N

    How does a firebomber tank work?

    One of the earliest attempts at aerial firefighting were these "rollover" tanks, seen here on a DHC Beaver. A simple pipe would allow the tanks to be filled while taxiing on water. They had open tops, and could simply be rotated to spill over the side. Obviously a fairly primitive system and not much of a load, but it was a start. Again, at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre. SN
  10. Steve N

    How does a firebomber tank work?

    CL-215 dump doors. Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre, 2012. The museum is a must-see if you're ever in the area of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This photo is looking forward..the objects aft of the doors are the retractable scoops that allow the plane to fill the tanks while skimming a lake. Of course there have been countless different types of dump doors used on the various modified warbird tankers over the decades. If you're doing one of those, you'd really need to find a photo of the exact plane you're building. SN
  11. The kit is a B-26B/C..those two were identical, just built at different plants. The B-26A (and earlier B-26 with no letter) had shorter wings and tail surfaces and different engine cowls. You would have to make major modifications to the Monogram kit for that, or buy an aftermarket conversion set (I believe Lone Star models has one.) The B-26G had increased wing incidence..that is, the wings were angled up slightly from the earlier models to improve low-speed handling on takeoff and landing. Again, to make an accurate G-model you'd need to do some major surgery where the wings meet the fuselage. At one point the Monogram kit was released labeled as a "G," but as far as I know the plastic was unchanged, just new decals. SN
  12. Steve N

    2018 Thunder over Michigan Air Show, Aug 25-26

    Now I'm hearing that Doc the B-29 may not be coming to Thunder after all. It's not listed on the tour schedule on Doc's website. SN
  13. I just tried to access my old PB account. It let me log in, but refused to load any of my pictures..just the usual blizzard of ads and pop-ups. Fortunately I don't have anything on there that wasn't already backed up on (multiple) hard drives. SN
  14. Steve N

    New Airfix B-26

    Umm..we did. Hasegawa released both the B-26B/C and F/G ten years ago. Both are excellent kits. SN
  15. Steve N

    Last flight of the Vulcan

    Caught it last week. I'm not even a jet guy, and I thought it was awseome! 😎 SN