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  1. Nice work. I like that you didn't go overboard with the weathering. The PH strike aircraft were fairly new, clean and very well-maintained, but many modelers insist on making them filthy and beaten up. how did you do the folded aft canopy sections? SN
  2. I hope the C-46 flies..I've never seen one in the air. SN
  3. That cool kid who played guitar at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance in 1955, thus enabling George McFly to get together with his true love Lorraine. OK, so maybe the joke was a bit obscure, being from a 1985 movie...
  4. And just think, if it hadn't been for Calvin Klein, we'd have never heard of him. SN
  5. Saturday I was musing to myself that the entire core cast of "Apollo 13" was still alive and working over 20 years later. News came of Paxton's passing the next day. SN
  6. He also orbited the moon, and visited a shipwreck three miles deep....dude got around! SN
  7. They've also got a B-17, B-29, and a horribly inaccuratly painted B-24. SN
  8. Great info, everybody! I never knew Gs were modified with J gun noses (I added a qualifier to my post because I figured it was possible that it happened, because about the only thing "standard" about B-25s in the PTO was the fact that almost all seem to have been modified to some degree!) SN
  9. I don't think the G-model ever had an 8-gun nose. It was based on the C/D airframe, some of which were modified with four guns in the nose with the glass painted over. I don't think the actual solid 8-gun nose was introduced until the J-model. That's not to say a B-25G wasn't modified in the field with one at some point..Mitchell noses were all interchangeable. SN
  10. Maybe they couldn't get Leah Thompson?
  11. I finally ran across my Holy Grail kit a couple years ago: the old Revell "box scale" (1/135) Convair 990 Coronado. I'd been looking for a 990 for decades..the only other options are a 1/144 solid desktop model produced by Microscale, and a 1/107 kit by Aurora. All are long out of production, and when they do turn up they're usually prohibitively expensive (particularly the Aurora kit, which was only produced for one year back around 1960 and has never been re-popped.) So imagine my shock when I spotted the Revell kit on a vendor table at a small model show..for the princely sum of 40 Yankee dollars! A bit of online research revealed that the kit's engines are incorrect for a production aircraft, as Revell based their kit on the prototype. However that doesn't really matter to me, as I wanted it for a very specific project.. This is a restaurant that I worked at in the early 80s, located in Erie, Colorado, just east of Boulder. I've always wanted to build a diorama of the place. The plane was an ex-charter airline bird (Ports Of Call Denver) that was a stripped hulk pulled out of a scrapyard. It was completely stripped inside and out..the interior was just a long, skinny dining room, and the cockpit a wraparound booth that would seat six (but with a nice view of the Rocky Mountians.) The restaurant closed up in the late 80s, after I moved back east. I understand it sat abandoned for a decade or so before the plane was hauled back to the junkyard and the building remodeled as office space. Whether I ever get around to building the diorama is another story. References are next to non-existent, other than a few exterior photos (the one above I took myself) so I'll have to eyeball a lot of it and go from memory on the rest. Biggest problem would be all the HVAC ducting and utilities on the roof. SN
  12. I always find it amusing to hear someone say they've got "stomach flu." As DutyCat says, there's no such thing..Influenza is respiratory. Most of the time what people call "stomach flu" is actually a foodborne bug of some sort. SN
  13. I got a flu shot, but I still got some kind of upper respiratory bug that took me out of commission for a full week back in October. My right ear has been plugged up and full of fluid ever since. Aftet trying several different meds, I finally saw an ENT doc last week..he's gonna put a tube in and drain it in a couple weeks. It'll be good to have my hearing back..I've been about 50% deaf on the right side for three months..feels like half my head is underwater! SN