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  1. Had my first Pfizer jab last Thursday. Zero side effects. Second shot on the 22nd. Hopefully that one will be just as uneventful. SN
  2. Here are some photos of the nosewheel well of the sole surviving B-24D, the "Strawberry B***h" at the USAF Museum (taken by Karl Hauffe, I believe sometime in the early 1980s.) The first shows the open nosegear door at the bottom of the photo (the object with two rows of holes.) The doors lifted up and then moved over to the side, rather than being a simple hinge. The whole area appears to be painted mostly Zinc Chromate Yellow, but I suspect this may have been sprayed on during her 1959 refurbishment. I suspect the area was originally mostly unpainted aluminum with some parts
  3. Short answer: D-model opened inward, H-model and later opened outward. As I recall, they had to redesign the nosewheel doors to accommodate the ammo feeds for the nose turret. As is normal with all things B-24, it's not quite that simple. There was a "transitional phase" when there were some turret-nose Liberators that still had inward-opening doors. SN
  4. Metal, but painted red-brown.
  5. My wife (nursing home nurse) got her second shot last week, and had nasty reactions to both. Her doc figures it's because of her fibromyalgia, which is an autoimmune disorder. We both had Covid last summer. I just had a nasty cough for a couple weeks and extreme fatigue for a few days, but she ended up in the hospital for over a week. SN
  6. I've now watched the first four episodes, and frankly I didn't realize they could make tge early days of the space race so boring. We get snippets of astronaut stuff, sprinkled among hours of generic soap opera melodrama. We get it..they had troubled marriages. Get to the darn rockets, already! It's been many years since I read the book, but I don't recall anywhere near this much focus on domestic strife, which completely dominates the TV series. SN
  7. Totally off-topic story about this movie. I saw it in the theater with my then-recently-divorced uncle (his third marriage had recently imploded after barely a month.) In one scene, the female lead pretends to be injured in order to trick the male lead into professing his love for her, then smiles and says "gotcha!" My uncle shouted (in a crowded theater) "<expletive> women always gotta play their <expletive> head games!" I slunk down in my seat and pretended not to know him.. 😆 (postscript - he eventually found the right woman, wife number five. They were together
  8. I've had that happen occasionally with Testor's paints since the 1970s. SN
  9. Made my first trip in months to ModelCave in Ypsilanti last week. They're still only doing phone-in orders with curbside pickup, but we needed to get out of the house. SN
  10. Fw-200 Condor. That complex latticework with the wheels sticking way out front looks overcomplicated and just plain wacky. Seems like it wouldn't hold up, but of course the real weak point of the aircraft was the fuselage. Many Condors broke their backs on hard landings. That's what happens when you try to turn an airliner into a bomber. SN
  11. The one real issues I've seen or heard about the Ocidental/Italeri kit are the cowling, which isn't shaped quite right (too round and not tapered properly) and the windscreen, which appears too sloped to my eye. Neither of those issues are really deal-breakers, and other than that it's a very nice kit. SN
  12. We're both 56. Interestingly, I heard recently that it hits Blood Type A people harder than Type O. I'm O+ and had relatively mild symptoms (meaning I was confined to the couch for a few days) and she's Type A, and required hospitalization. In her case, the symptoms were mostly GI-related (vomiting and..you know.) The main reason she went to the hospital was to get some IV fluids and meds, because she was extremely dehydrated and couldn't keep anything down. SN
  13. Quick update. My wife spent six days in the hospital with Covid-19. I've managed to ride it out at home. It's been rough, but she's back home and we're both on the mend. Trust me, you do NOT want this bug! SN
  14. My wife and I had already cancelled our plans to attend this year out of concerns for the pandemic. A moot point now, as we both have Covid-19 and are quarantined until at least early July. AN
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