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  1. Revell 1/48 B-17G

    It'll always be a Monogram kit to me. SN
  2. Star Trek: Discovery

    I thought it was OK, but like others here I didn't think it was worth paying to see more. I'm a bit baffled..does this show take place in the original Trek universe or the Abrams reboot timeline? For a show that takes place a decade before TOS, the tech is vastly more advanced. I realize today's audiences aren't gonna put up with 60s-vintage low-budget sets and effects, but as mentioned above there was no effort at all to make this show appear remotely connected to the others. I'm not sure what's up with the complaints about "social justice." Did anybody watch the original series? That broke all kinds of 60s gender and race barriers, and tackled all manner of then-current social issues. SN
  3. any decals with noseart for 1/48 P-61C

    Keep in mind, the real "Moonlight Serenade" was actually a P-61B. The USAF Museum painted their postwar C-model in as a wartime B. SN
  4. 2017 Thunder Over Michigan

    I went today (Sunday) and it was a complete swing-and-a-miss for me. The two aircraft I specifically went to see fly...didn't. The P-40 apparently developed a cooling system issue after yesterday's show and was grounded today, and the C-46 started up, taxied out, then taxied back and shut down. One of the crew told me they suspect a mag issue. And to top it off, the mass WWII paratroop drop was scrubbed because it was too windy. Mind you, none of these issues are anyone's fault..old airplanes occasionally break and the weather is always a roll of the dice. I'm just kicking myself for not going on Saturday. The lack of contemporary military hardware was no biggie for me, as I'm mainly interested in the vintage stuff (although I gotta say, that A-400M is a pretty awesome beast.) Overall, this year's lineup seemed rather anemic compared to past years, particularly considering the price (20 bucks for parking, and another 40 to get in the gate.) Hopefully they just had an "off year," and next year's show will be back to the big warbird extravaganza we've come to know and love. SN
  5. any decals with noseart for 1/48 P-61C

    I doubt it. The C-model was strictly a postwar variant, and flamboyant nose art pretty much disappeared in peacetime. There were some colorful P-61Cs with read and yellow trim assigned to the All Weather Flying Center. SN
  6. Hurricane Harvey

    A freind in and fellow modeler who recently moved to Dickinson, Texas posted on Facebook that he and his wife have lost everything to the floodwaters. They escaped with the cats, and are safe at a Good Samaritan's home. SN
  7. Eclipse Chasers?

    And now for the main event...BOOM, TOTALITY! IMG_8727a by Steve Nelson, on Flickr I was surprised at how light the sky stayed..just a few planets and stars were visible. IMG_8729a by Steve Nelson, on Flickr A couple quick, blurry shots of the general area during totality. A friend who was in Missouri described it as a 360-degree sunset. IMG_8719 by Steve Nelson, on Flickr IMG_8720 by Steve Nelson, on Flickr ..And coming out of totality, the fabled Diamond Ring. IMG_8744a by Steve Nelson, on Flickr IMG_8745a by Steve Nelson, on Flickr As I said, this was the most incredible natural phenomenon I've ever witnessed. Hopefully the 2024 show will be just as spectacular. SN
  8. Eclipse Chasers?

    Well OK then..here are the best of what I was able to get. First, just a normal sun, with no idea what's about to happen... IMG_8636a by Steve Nelson, on Flickr The first little nibble... IMG_8640a by Steve Nelson, on Flickr IMG_8657a by Steve Nelson, on Flickr This was the only time clouds moved in, and they were gone a within a minute or two. IMG_8663a by Steve Nelson, on Flickr The last little sliver before the big show.. IMG_8707a by Steve Nelson, on Flickr
  9. Eclipse Chasers?

    Let's see if this works..flickr test. 20170821_131126 by Steve Nelson, on Flickr
  10. Eclipse Chasers?

    Hey, I saw you! I considered Gander Mtn, but ended up in the mall parking lot outside Dillard's about a half-mile away, mosty becacuse there were a few trees that provided a bit of shade. We had a perfect view..hope yours was too! SN
  11. Eclipse Chasers?

    Fantastic shots! I got some decent pics myself, but nothing that good. I drove down to Marion, Illinois for the show..about 500 miles. Fortunately fellow ARCer Supertom let me crash at he and his wife's place in Indianapolis, about the halfway point. I headed out Monday morning before sunrise. Google Maps said it was only 3 1/2 hours to Marion, but I had no idea what traffic would be like. Turned out getting in was easy. Traffic on southbound Interstate 57 was heavy, but moving well..I only hit a couple of slowdowns, and got there with hours to spare. Getting back out was another story. Every northbound road was choked solid. I waited a couple hours before starting back, and even then spent a couple of hours in bumper-to-bumper stop-and-go traffic, covering only about 20 miles before I got fed up and struck out east across the back roads. I eventually found a northbound road that was relatively clear, only to stumble into the worst thunderstorm I've ever driven through. It took me over six hours to get back to Indianapolis. Still, it was absolutely worth it. What an incredible experience! It was the most fantastic astronomical event I've ever seen..and that includes Comet Hale-Bopp and a few spectacular auroras. The day before, I heard someone claim that once you've experienced totality, partial eclipses won't even interest you. I can now confidently say they're right. The 2024 show will only be a couple hours from me. I really hope the weather cooperates. April in the midwest is pretty iffy. That's why I made the trek for this one..didn't know if I'd ever get another chance. Fortunately I couldn't have ask for better weather (well, OK, the super-muggy 95 degrees was a bit much.) The big puffy cumulus clouds started building just as the eclipse started, but they mostly stayed away. We had a perfect view of totality. I was amazed at how quickly we were plunged into darkness. There were a few stars out, but the sky stayed surprisingly light. One freind described it as a 360-degree sunset. I was in a suburban shopping mall parking lot..next time I want to find a more rural, open location. I'll post a few of my pics as soon as I find a replacement for the late, unlamented PhotoBucket. SN
  12. Eclipse Chasers?

    I'm tentatively planning on a road trip to southern Illinois, about 500 miles south-southwest. I'll make a go/no-go decision in the next 24 hours based on the weather forecast. The problem right now is eclipse glasses..there isn't a pair to be found around here..the library, local science museum, and Wal Mart are all sold out. And we're only supposed to get about 81% totality. SN
  13. Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    I am compelled to ask: has anyone actually heard any of these supposed complaints? The reviewer simply said "some pople" probably won't like it due to the predominantly white male cast. All I've been able to find online are rants about "whiney SJWs and their PC crap," but I have yet to see any actual complaints about the ethnicity or gender of the cast (except a few who felt the French and Germans were under-represented.) The only actual complaints I've seen are just some people complaining about the complaints they assume other people are making. For the record, I consider myself a liberal, and I thought the film was excellent. SN
  14. Old Revell Bf 109

    I'm no 109 expert (nor do I play one on TV), but I believe the F used the same lighter-framed canopy as the late Es, and the Revell kit has the heavier-framed G canopy.
  15. Photobucket

    Same here..when I tried downloading my albums, I got to a box saying "preparing your download," which just sat there spinning its wheels. I let it go for a couple hours and gave up. Fortunately all I used PB for was forum posting, and everything I had there was already safely already on multiple storage devices (and in better resolution.) SN