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  1. Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    I am compelled to ask: has anyone actually heard any of these supposed complaints? The reviewer simply said "some pople" probably won't like it due to the predominantly white male cast. All I've been able to find online are rants about "whiney SJWs and their PC crap," but I have yet to see any actual complaints about the ethnicity or gender of the cast (except a few who felt the French and Germans were under-represented.) The only actual complaints I've seen are just some people complaining about the complaints they assume other people are making. For the record, I consider myself a liberal, and I thought the film was excellent. SN
  2. Old Revell Bf 109

    I'm no 109 expert (nor do I play one on TV), but I believe the F used the same lighter-framed canopy as the late Es, and the Revell kit has the heavier-framed G canopy.
  3. Photobucket

    Same here..when I tried downloading my albums, I got to a box saying "preparing your download," which just sat there spinning its wheels. I let it go for a couple hours and gave up. Fortunately all I used PB for was forum posting, and everything I had there was already safely already on multiple storage devices (and in better resolution.) SN
  4. Calling all Colorado modellers

    I saw the F-4 and Huey when we visited Royal Gorge a couple weeks ago. Was gonna stop and take a pic on the way back, but it was pouring rain. There's a very nice memorial with an A-6 and Blue Angels F11F on poles at Grand Junction airport as well. And earlier in our road trip I spotted an F-14 in a park just off I-70 in the west Kansas town of Wakeeney. I'd post pics, but haven't set up a new photo hosting site yet since the PhotoBucket clusterflop. SN
  5. so where is 2020 nats

    I believe the model was called something like "direct ascent lunar rocket." I thought it was a Saturn V myself until I heard the announcement during the awards ceremony. SN
  6. so where is 2020 nats

    Duplicate Post. 😶
  7. Nats was great

    The wife and I are chilling in our hotel room after the awards banquet and model room stampede as everyone packs up. Had a fantastic time as always. Saw lots of great models..too many to remember! The 1/48 PB4Y-2 (using the unobtainium Cutting Edge Resin Conversion Set) was absolutely spectacular. In the sci-fi categories, this seemed to be the Year Of The Y-Wing. I saw at least a half-dozen..which was cool, as it's my favorite Star Wars ship. I didn't enter anything, just enjoyed drooling over everybody's awesome work, caught up with some folks I usually only see once a year, and picked up a few goodies in the vendor rooms. Of course tomorrow we have to pack up and drive 11 hours back to Michigan, but the Nats was the culmination of a two-week vacation road trip for us, so it'll be good to get home. SN
  8. 2017 Thunder Over Michigan

    They got a B-47 at Yankee?
  9. anyone excited for Nats?

    At the last Omaha Nats, there was a guy who built a ship model in the hotel common area. I think he entered it in the show on Saturday. SN
  10. Thunderbird rollover in Dayton

    ...and the news reports insist on calling it a "crash."
  11. Selfridge ANG base open house and airshow

    Since Lewis will have his A-20G at Oshkosh (it's already there, actually) I wonder if he'll make the short hop to Selfridge. I'd be there in a heartbeat if there's a chance to see a Havoc fly. SN
  12. Matchbox Douglas A20 (Boston)

    It's actually a shame, because other than the oversize nacelles, the old Matchbox A-20G/J is about the best of the early era 1/72 Havoc/Boston kits in terms of shape. If you're not completely committed to the G-model, and don't want to mess with the somewhat "fiddly" MPM/Special Hobby/Revell kit, the old-school (1960s vintage) Revell A-20C is actually pretty nice and can be found fairly cheap on the secondary market. SN
  13. Matchbox Douglas A20 (Boston)

    I have the current Revell A-20J (won it in a raffle) and can confirm it is a re-boxing of the MPM/Special Hobby kit. While I hear they are a bit "fiddly" to build, the MPM A-20 series are by far the best Havoc/Bostons in 1/72. The old Matchbox kit is pretty awful. Grossly oversized engine nacelles, extremely simplistic detail, and an odd combination of raised panel lines on the fuselage and infamous Matchbox "trenches" on the wings. SN
  14. Stupidest kit features competition

    ..and the windscreen as well. Hasegawa's 70s vintage 1/72 Mustangs and even Monogram's 60s-vintage 1/32 kit molded the windscreen and adjoining panels as a single piece..makes for a much cleaner join, since you don't have to try gluing the edges of the unpainted glass. And speaking of clear bits, what genius at Academy came up with boneheaded idea to mold the B-17 tail gunner's canopies in right and left halves, leaving an impossible-to-eliminate seam down the middle? But hands down, the one that drives me the furthest up the wall is the insistence of some manufacturers to mold the propeller blades separately from the hub. It's a huge pain to get them aligned properly, especially three-bladers. I bought UMM Models' prop alignment jig a few years ago, which really helps, but it's a problem we shouldn't have to deal with in the first place. In fact, it's a major step backwards, considering tgat model companies had been molding prefectly nice one-piece props since the 50s, and the seperate blades didn't really seemed to come into vogue until tge 90s. SN
  15. Interior P-40B green

    I don't think Curtiss used DDG or BG. They used their own variation of Tinted Zinc Chromate in cockpits..any of the off-the-shelf U.S. Interior Greens would probably suffice for modeling purposes. SN