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Can anyone give me an idea of how to make 1/48 biplane struts? I want to build a Cody Flyer from scratch, but how to make the struts is eluding me.



I have used 1:48 brass strut sections of various sizes called "Strutz". They were sold in bundles by Aeroclub Models in the UK but they no longer have a web presence. You may be able to PM JohnAero on either this site or on Britmodeller and see if he has any left.

They are easy to use and you can make half depth saw cuts to bend them in order to form complete "N" profiles for biplane wings. They are much stronger in compression than struts made from plastic such as those by Contrail which comes in handy when tensioning the rigging.



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How are you flattening the tubing?

Somebody has a tool for flattening brass tubing in a controlled manner, but I cannot recall who. I tried my usual suspects for such things, like UMM, but I didn't see it. If I find it, I'll post it.

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Hi Vedran,

sorry this kit's brand is Evergreen for most parts ;)/>

The engine cooler is a reworked casting of the Flashback W.29 kit.

I should post a WIP someday, this W.12 has been on standby for monthes now.


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that's impressive.

I have the Sierra Vac W 29, as it was easier to find (and cheaper) than the Flashback kit, so I'll have to scratchbuild a master for the engine cooler since it has the same unusable plastic parts as their W 12.

If you're planning on building your W 12 with lozenge fabric covered wings, look for Doug Baumann on the old Aerodrome forum, he used to sell home made German naval hex decals that were regarded as very good.


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