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1/72 Airfix HS 125 Merpati

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This will be be 2nd build for this GB, and oldie from Airfix, my frind Mr B passed this kit to me with a condition that I must build it, I do lost the side clear window parts along the way , I will see what is the best way to replace those windows later


Work startd on sealing the gaps on the doors, there are some sink marks that need to be deal with too...


more later.

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Thanks guys,

I do not have access to Micro Crystal Klear , So I do it the hard way, I cut some clear plastic from a bottle, then fill the gaps with super glue.


The results is not very good, still pending sanding and polishing..


more to that later...

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If ya have a decent hardware store that sells loctite products... See if ya can find GO2 Glue..... I have used with great success..... Worked real well on my A-4. Apply as you would Crystal Clear.




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Thanks guys..the GO2 Glue result look great, I will seek it out for my future attempt

Anyway, finally found the time to have the painting done..




Next , decal... to be complete before Malaysia National Day on Aug 31..:)

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