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  1. We would NEVER do a terrible thing like that to a pretty lady. Darwin
  2. Is Captain Kirk or Mr Spock part of Clan Moai?
  3. Maybe the Moai communicate by mental telepathy! Darwin
  4. Darwin is hiding in the shadows, aka, lurking about.
  5. Tacos el Cabron are a suitable substitute. Darwin
  6. It would take a LOT of marinade to make a MOAI steak edible. Darwin
  7. Petrified Forest (State Park) in Arizona.
  8. Table Rock (State Park) in Missouri.
  9. Starved Rock (State Park) in Illinois
  10. Shucks, you are just a youngster. I re-enlisted in the US Air Force the first in January 1967. Born in March 1943. I am a certified "Old Phart"! Darwin
  11. Mysteries are the spice of life, especially the unsolved ones.
  12. An interesting video on the moai of Easter Island. The Mystery of the Easter Island Heads May Finally be Solved - The Vintage News
  13. Superior skill, cunning and sneakiness.
  14. All things come to he who stands and waits, even if it is several hundred years in the sun.
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