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  1. I will crawl back under my rock for now. Maybe they will let me out again sometime next year.
  2. Hmmmmmmmm! THAT opens all kinds of possibilities. I had better not go any further with this subject or I will be banned. I just finished a sentence in Facebook jail.
  3. Your punishment for such behavior is 30 lashes with a wet lasagne noodle.
  4. Hey Gwen, pay attention. "Bald men make better lovers". Bald men don't waste their hormones growing hair".
  5. Moai, latest iteration, the PEZ dispenser. Darwin
  6. This thread has been running ever since Al Gore invented the internet back in the same year the Wright Brothers did their thing in North Carolina.
  7. We would NEVER do a terrible thing like that to a pretty lady. Darwin
  8. Is Captain Kirk or Mr Spock part of Clan Moai?
  9. Maybe the Moai communicate by mental telepathy! Darwin
  10. Darwin is hiding in the shadows, aka, lurking about.
  11. Tacos el Cabron are a suitable substitute. Darwin
  12. It would take a LOT of marinade to make a MOAI steak edible. Darwin
  13. Petrified Forest (State Park) in Arizona.
  14. Table Rock (State Park) in Missouri.
  15. Starved Rock (State Park) in Illinois
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