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I don't have an online photo to reference, but my library includes The Modern Phantom Guide  by Jake Melampy which has at least 17 photos of the Mk 7 seat, including one from directly above and several from angles above (pgs. 108 -111).  I don't have the equipment to scan, but maybe another board member could scan and post a photo or two.  You may also want to buy or borrow a copy of this book;    it is one of the treasures of my F-4 library!    

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54 minutes ago, Julien (UK) said:

Any of these any help?




Hey Julien,


Nice shots of a RAF F-4 Phantom II Type 7 A1 Ejection Seat. Don't know if the drogue chute container on the RAF seat is any different from the Mk. H-7 AF but the harness and main chute container are quite different. 


For the OP here is a shot of the top of a Mk. H-7 AF.




This is a good top down shot of a USN Mk. H-7. The details in this area are generally the same as the USAF seat.


USN Mk. H-7






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